Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley

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Updated On June 30, 2022

Shailene Woodley is a well-known producer in addition to an actor. In addition, Shailene Woodley is an activist. Among many others, she has appeared in a number of famous films, including “The Divergent Series,” “The Fault in Our Stars,” “The Spectacular Now,” and “Adrift.”

Shailene Woodley’s Bio, Age

On November 15, 1991, Shailene Diann Woodley became Shailene Woodley. She is now 28 years old and a Scorpio. Her parents are Lonnie and Lori (née Victor), and she was born in San Bernardino, California, in the United States.

Her father is a school administrator, while her mother works as a school counsellor. She and her younger brother, Tanner Woodley, also lived in Simi Valley, California, where they were raised. Woodley started doing commercial modeling when she was four years old.


Scoliosis was identified in her at the age of 15. She needed to put on a plastic brace that went from her chest to her hips to stop her spine from curving much further.

She began modeling when she was only four years old and graduated from Simi Valley High School. Woodley studied acting with Anthony Meindl as well.

For further information about her family, her grandmother Dovie Oralee Sims (born in Texas, of English ancestry) and paternal grandfather Virgil James Woodley (born in Oklahoma) are both mentioned (daughter of Omer Epsy Sims and wife Eva Ellen Payne, paternal granddaughter of Denton Otto Sims and wife Clara Florence Allen and maternal granddaughter of Hiram Walker Payne and wife Verdenia Maude Ellis).

Woodley has Swiss-German, English, African American, and Creole ancestors.

Shailene Woodley’s Career

Shailene Woodley, an actress, and activist were born in Simi Valley, California, to Lonnie Woodley, a school administrator, and Lori (Victor), a middle school guidance counsellor. Tanner is her only brother. She attended Simi Valley High School in California for her education.

Woodley has decided to leave acting if she ever loses her passion for it or starts to feel uneasy about her famous status. Shailene has come uncomfortably close to leaving her acting nanny at least twice.

She wasn’t wooed back until she fell in love with the writing. Those were the screenplays for Big Little Lies and The Spectacular Now.

Woodley made her television debut in 1999 at the age of eight with the program Replacing Dad. After a while, she had brief appearances in TV series including Crossing Jordan and The District.

After receiving praise for her performance, she was offered the main part in the 2004 television movie A Place Called Home. When she represented Kaitlin Cooper on The O.C., her fame as a young artist grew.

She then got the opportunity for Pleasure: An American Girl Adventure’s lead television role. She has made guest appearances in a number of episodes between 2004 and 2008.

Her appearances on Everybody Loves Raymond, My Name is Earl, CSI: NY, and Close to Home increased her recognition and helped her develop as an actress.

Woodley played Amy Juergens, the lead character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, in 2008. Her career was enhanced by the series. She played a pregnant girl in this series, and she did an excellent job representing the trials that her character went through.

Her career changed dramatically once she saw The Descendants. She plays the pampered daughter of George Clooney’s Matt King in 2011. She got experience working on the movie’s sets and received praise for the role she played.

She featured on several magazine front covers after her role in The Descendants. In 2012, she was listed as one of the “Most Beautiful at Every Age” by People magazine, and Nylon dubbed her “The Future of Hollywood.”

In the 2013 film The Spectacular Now, she played Aimee Finicky, a geek who dates a high school senior played by Miles Teller. Her acting in the movie was powerful and mature, according to the Los Angeles Times and The Guardian.

She signed on to star in the movie White Bird in a Blizzard in 2012. Her acting in the movie was praised despite the film’s mixed reception. Critics praised her for her natural performance in the film.

She also performed as Mary Jane Watson in “The Amazing Spiderman 2” in 2012. However, the film’s production team decided against including her because they felt that it would divert attention from the primary narrative.

According to Orlando Weekly, her portrayal as Beatrice Prior in The Divergent saved the movie from becoming a box office flop in 2014. It was also said that her performance drove the movie to the number one slot in its first week, turning it into a smash hit.

Her performance of cancer patient Hazel Grace in the movie version of John Green’s book The Fault in Our Stars is one of her most recognizable performances to date.

Her performance as the character, according to the author John Green, was stunning. Shailene’s performance in The Fault in Our Stars was suggested for an Oscar award by the Chicago Sun-Times. According to the article, her performance was the film’s most memorable moment.

In the follow-up to The Divergent, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, she played Beatrice Prior once again. Additionally, she appeared in The Divergent Series: Allegiant, the third book in the series.

She played Lindsay Mills alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the biographical thriller Snowden, which was released in theaters on September 22, 2016, in the year 2016.

She began concentrating on acting in television roles after establishing herself in the film business. She was chosen in 2017 to star in the HBO series Big Little Lies in the key role of Jane Chapman, opposite Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon.

With the release of Baltasar Kormákur’s romantic drama film Adrift in 2018, she moved into a full-time producer. Many people praised her performance, however, reviewers had conflicting feelings about the film.


She starred in the 2019 romantic drama film Endings, Beginnings, directed by Drake Doremus. She also appeared as Jennifer Stirling in the romantic drama movie The Last Letter from Your Lover that same year. In the same year, she also appeared as Teri Duncan in the drama movie Prisoner 760.

Bigger Works Of Shailene Woodley

She was acclaimed for her role in The Fault in Our Stars by Rolling Stone, which called her “a wonderful performer.” She was said to be incapable of making a wrong move on camera, according to the magazine.

At the box office, the film brought in more than 307 million dollars. She became a bankable celebrity in the American cinema industry thanks to her role in The Divergent Series.

Source: Landscape Insight

The film series brought in hundreds of millions of dollars throughout the globe, with the third episode earning 179.2 million.

Shailene Woodley’s Awards

For her work in the 2004 television movie “A Place Called Home,” actress Shailene Woodley got her first acting nomination for the “Young Artist Award” for “Best Leading Young Actress in a TV Movie.”

She received the “Special Jury Award for Acting” at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival for her work in “The Spectacular Now.”

Likewise, Woodley was honored for her work in the movie at the 2014 “Independent Spirit Awards.” She took up the ‘Breakout Performance – Actress’ prize at ‘The Hollywood Film Awards’ in 2014 for her work in ‘The Fault in Our Stars.

She received nominations for her work in “Big Little Lies” for the “Golden Globes” and the “Primetime Emmy Awards.”

Shailene Woodley’s Net Worth

The actress is said to be worth $9 million. She makes money from her work as a producer and performer. She has starred in multiple box office hits, which has helped her to become quite wealthy.