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Updated On June 30, 2022
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Dutch YouTuber Kwebbelkop is well-known for his Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay videos. Kwebbelkop has amassed a sizable following and a lot of Play Buttons.

Kwebbelkop’s Bio, Age

His parents didn’t choose the name Kwebbelkop for him. The man was born Jordi Van Den Bussche. He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on June 1st, 1995. He is now 25 years old, and he was born under the sign of the Geminin.

He is a citizen of the Netherlands. His mother’s name is Brigittela, and he has a sister who is older than him called Lauren. Additionally, his mother, KwebbelMom, sometimes records vlogs for his Momvlogs channel. Orange is his favorite color.

He had a divorce when he was two years old. His sister has always been a rock of support for him and has been there for him when things became tough.

She is much loved and respected by him. Due to his parent’s divorce, he spent some time with his mother and other days with his father.

He also enjoyed riding; but, when he was only seven years old, he was involved in an accident that permanently injured his brain. When not filming films, he enjoys spending time with his sister and friends. He also enjoys technology, particularly that which is related to gaming.


His mother then remarried, but his mother and his stepfather continued to argue and drink, thus the marriage failed. Jordi disliked visiting either of his parents’ homes since his mother was an alcoholic and his father was violent.

After discovering her husband’s disloyalty, his mother finally got a divorce and made peace with Jordi’s stepfather. As a result, his father kept telling Jordi and his sister that they were worthless.

So, both siblings made the decision that they would achieve great success and would not allow anybody to destroy them in life.

Jordi also finished high school because he understood the value of education, but he chose to forgo attending college in favor of YouTube. At first, his mother didn’t agree with his choice, but then she saw how many subscribers he had. His life so came into focus at last.

Kwebbelkop’s Career

Kwebbelkop started his YouTube account in 2008 when he was mostly a video viewer. In 2011, he released his first video of the “Call of Duty” gameplay. However, after a few months, he stopped posting movies.

He needed some time to set up his new computer since the new one he had saved up for had been delivered with broken components.

Finally, in 2012, he started posting videos once again, but this time on a daily basis. Some of his films gained massive amounts of subscribers overnight after becoming viral. Since then, the channel has mostly focused on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 series and Minecraft.

Even a Prank Call Video was formerly available. He reached 10,000 subscribers on June 1, 2013, his 18th birthday. Around this time, he also received his degree and began working full-time on YouTube.

In February 2017, he published a YouTube video titled “RIP DAD” in which he announced that his father had died due to a neurological condition.


Aside from Happy Wheels, Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, The Legend of Zelda, Skyrim, and many more games, his channel also has footage of them. Additionally, Jelle Van Vucht, a friend of his, often appears on his channel. His fans are known as “KOPS.”

He began concentrating solely on this series when “Grand Theft Auto V” was released in September 2013. He seldom ever produced a video from any other game for over a year. He really received the ideal fan base for the future with GTA V.

One of the earliest GTA 5 inventions was “GTA V Myths,” which he worked on with Swedish YouTuber Hazardous and was inspired by the popularity of the comparable Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 series.

He, his buddy Jelle van Vucht (a.k.a. Jelly), and Australian YouTuber Kodi Brown participated in the 2013 event Additionally, he hasn’t really revealed that his pal BJK BraJaaKrew founded the YouTube team Robust.

Grand Theft Auto Online races were played by the group. A few months later, Slogo and his younger brother Swagglicious from the United Kingdom took the position of “Kodi Brown”@Kodi@ He was replaced by Crainer in the same way that Kodi Brown was replaced by Josh.

He has produced several solo GTA 5 series in addition to the videos with Robust Team. The most well-known episode is undoubtedly Hit a Stunt, in which Jordi plays with his buddies Jelly, Slogoman, and _SABER while trying to pull off incredible feats across the GTA 5 universe.

Additionally, he created the game Impossible Runner!, which was made available on February 13, 2018, for Android, iOS, and Steam.

Kwebbelkop’s Awards

Over 12.8 million people subscribe to Kwebbelkop’s primary channel, “Swebbelkop,” and from that channel, 5,220,007,730 videos will be seen until 2020. This is a remarkable accomplishment in his professional career.

The Dutch professional wrestler achieves a lot of respect in his brief career. Along with Instagram, he is active on Twitter, another well-known social media platform. This assists him in becoming one of the most popular and wealthy Dutch celebrities.

He took part in the program “Achtzeen van TukV” in 2017. Despite the fact that he has no records of wins in his collection, it is believed that he will be the winner of several awards in his future career.

The Orange YouTube Play Button has been awarded to him for reaching 7,000,000 subscribers. Similar to that, he was awarded the Golden Play Button on April 25, 2019, for reaching 1,000,000 subscribers.

Diamond Play Button was awarded to Jordi for reaching 10,000,000 subscribers.

Source: Thrill NG

Kwebbelkop’s Marital Status

The relationship between this teenage YouTuber and fellow gamer Azzyland ended in 2020. The pair often featured one another on their own YouTube channels and other social media platforms.

Source: YouTube

He publicly declared his breakup on Twitter around February 29th (yearly), and a few days after he said he was returning to Amsterdam and could make videos with Robust and Crainer.

Additionally, Kwebbelkop has dated Jamie in the past. On Jamie, not much is known. She appeared in previous videos by Kwebbelkop.

They split up in 2016 and Kwebbelkop revealed their split in the video “I BROKE UP WITH MY GIRLFRIEND” on his YouTube account. He is now enjoying himself and concentrating on his work, nevertheless.

Kwebbelkop’s Net Worth

His talented entrepreneur gaming has an estimated net worth of over $18 million as of June 2022. Most of his earnings come from the subscription fees for his YouTube channel and games. Some of his earnings come from promotional videos for products.