Madison Elizabeth McMahon

Madison Elizabeth McMahon

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Updated On July 4, 2022
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American volleyball player and student Madison Elizabeth McMahon are from California. Madison Elizabeth McMahon is also well-known for being the daughter of American actress Brooke Burns and Australian actor Julian McMahon.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s Bio, Age

On June 10, 2000, Madison Elizabeth McMahon was born in California, America. The volleyball player is a Gemini, and as of 2021, she will be 21 years old.

Julian McMahon is her father, and Brooke Elizabeth Burns is her mother. Her mother is an actress, model, and television actress well-known for her roles in shows like “Baywatch,” and her father is an actor and producer.

But a year after the volleyball player’s September 2001 birth, her mother and father were divorced. Following that, her mother wed the filmmaker Gavin O’Connor, and her father wed Kelly Paniagua.

The volleyball athlete also lives in Manhattan Beach, California, with her father and stepmother. She is also the granddaughter of Sir William McMahon, a former prime minister, and Sonia McMahon.

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Madison Elizabeth McMahon attended Marymount High School in California, where she graduated from high school in 2012. She chose to continue her education after finishing high school and enrolled at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon is 5 feet 11 inches tall, with dark hair and green eyes. She plays volleyball professionally and works out to keep her 63 kg weight under control. There is no more information available on the volleyball player’s other physical measurements.

In terms of social media activity, Madison Elizabeth McMahon is rather active on Instagram. 5440 people follow her Instagram account @madison.em. The volleyball player is not present on any other social networking sites other than that.

Celebrity couple Julian McMahon and Brooke Burns, who were married in 1999, divorced in 2001 when her father, Julian, cheated on her mother with Shannon Doherty. Her parents both had second marriages and are content with their new spouses.

Two years after their engagement, her mother Burns wed the well-known director and screenwriter Gavin O’Connor in 2013. Declan Welles, THE COUPLE’s daughter, was born to them in 2017.

In 2014, her father married Kelly Paniagua, and the three of them now share a home. Madison McMahon enjoys getting along with her stepmother, and on May 13, 2019, she even took to Instagram to wish her a happy first formal Mother’s Day as a way of showing her how much she is loved.

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Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s Career

Young lady with athletic ability Madison Elizabeth McMahon enjoys playing volleyball. She was a member of the volleyball team and the Elite Beach team throughout her time in high school.

She also placed third in the US throughout her high school career. In high school, she averaged over 300 hits each season and twice earned a spot on the First Team All-Greater Miami Conference.

She missed most of the season due to an elbow injury, but she returned to play last month. At Lakota West High School, the volleyball player also has the 1086th-highest number.

She had to play 37 games as a freshman from the right side, although starting 34 of them. She put up a commanding showing in 2011 with a number of outstanding games, earning a spot on the Big Ten All-Freshman team.

She led the team in blocks during her 2nd season of 2012 and led the second team with the greatest score of 400 runs of her graduate career.

She was 21st overall and 124th overall among the players at the conclusion of the season when she was younger. She also achieved the 1000th elimination in her career in the Northwest.

Each match she played as a senior was a hit, and she finished the season with a total of 396 hits and 110 volumes. She was given the Senior Class Award in recognition of her outstanding performance on the school’s volleyball court.

She was also a member of the All-Big Ten Academic Team up to her standout senior year.

With the American women’s volleyball team, she made her professional debut in the 2017 Pan American Cup, where she won a gold medal.

Then, from 2014 to 2017 and from 2016 to 2018, she competed for the Sunshine Volleyball Club and the Southern California Volleyball Club (SCVC).

After graduating from high school, this dedicated volleyball player finished fourth in the Pacific Qualifiers for 2018 and went on to play for USA High Performance 2. She is now a volleyball player at Wake Forest.

Madison First Team All-Greater Miami Conference Artist was given to Elizabeth McMahon twice. For her performance on the volleyball court, while playing for the school’s community, she was also given the senior class award.

She also took home a gold medal with the American women’s volleyball team in the 2017 Pan American Cup.


Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s Marital Status

Madison Nate Hays, a football player for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, was dating Elizabeth McMahon. However, there is no more information available on their meeting or breakup dates.

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There is no more information available on the volleyball player’s present romantic situation.

She hasn’t been involved in Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s rumors or controversy up to this point. The volleyball star, meanwhile, is concentrating on her personal and professional lives. The volleyball player also prefers to stay away from gossip and controversies.

Madison Elizabeth McMahon’s Net Worth

As a volleyball player, Madison Elizabeth McMahon has earned a sizable sum of money. The volleyball player’s net worth is said to be approximately $100,000 USD as of 2022, according to internet sources.

Additionally, the combined net worth of her mother Brooke and father Julian is believed to be $3 million and $16 million as of 2022, respectively.