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Angry Grandma

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Updated On July 4, 2022
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American YouTuber Angry Grandma is known for posting responses, rants, and prank videos to her ‘Angry Grandma’ channel. On her YouTube channel, Angry Grandma has thousands of followers. She has earned thousands of fans on other social media sites as well, where she is quite well-known.

Angry Grandma’s Bio, Age

On February 18, 1944, in the United States, Angry Grandma was born. Judy is her true name. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius, and she is presently 77 years old. She is a citizen of the United States.

She had previously lived alone in an apartment. She later relocated to a new home in December 2015 to live with her grandson, Jacob. In addition, her family relocated to different residences once again in November 2016 and once more in September 2018.

Her parents’ identities are unknown; regrettably, they died when she was a little child. Jacob, a grandchild of hers, assisted her in starting the YouTube channel. Shelby and Carolina are the names of her other two grandchildren.


She also had a dog called Dash, who sadly is also no longer with us. She also has 11 siblings, although we don’t know their names. Also unclear is information regarding her other family members.

Her academic history is unknown, as are the names of her high school and university. Considering her age, unless she dropped out or didn’t study in the past, she may have graduated from the university.

Her weight and height have not yet been disclosed. Her chest, waist, and hip sizes as well as any further body measurements are unknown. She has naturally dark brown hair, but it is gradually becoming gray. She also has eyes that are dark brown.


On her social media platforms, Angry Grandma is rather active. She has gathered 354K YouTube subscribers and 59.7K Instagram followers.

She also has profiles on other social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, where she now has 2.3 million and 24.5K followers, respectively. The contact information for her company is [email protected].

Judy has kept her parents’ intimate life a secret. She has also, up until now, kept her sibling’s identity a secret. The name of her grandson is Jake. The family relocated to a new residence in November 2016 and again in September 2018.

Angry Grandma’s Career

On April 22, 2010, Angry Grandma and her grandson Jacob launched their YouTube channel, which has now received 45,615,721 views.

Although the channel was established a long time ago, the first video, which has 120K views as of this writing, was published on January 2, 2013.

She begged Jake for an Xbox One, which she ultimately received for Christmas in 2016. She enjoys smoking cigarettes, eating candies and chips, going to the store, watching TV, and getting her own back. She is also really cursing!

She refers to Jacob, her grandson, as Jake. Jake often plays practical jokes on his grandmother, getting her enraged. She often creates amusing films with Jake and uploads them to her YouTube page.


Her granddaughter participates in Jake’s trick on their grandmother. Her typical personality amazes everyone. She is not only entertaining but also humorous as always.

She has even received fan letters at her PO BOX from New Zealand. She often receives jokes from her grandson and grandchildren.

Grandma Fight (HD), End of the World Prank | Angry Grandma| (HD), and I WANT TACO BELL!!! are three of her YouTube channel’s first videos. The films were all published in 2013 and have received thousands of views so far.

Similar to GRANDMA’S Valentine’s Day Joke, ANGRY GRANDMA READS HATE COMMENTS! and WINDOW CREEPER PRANK ON GRANDMA!, three of the channel’s most recent videos, have each received thousands of views as of this writing. The upload date for these films is February 2020.

The three most-watched and well-liked videos on her YouTube account to date are Masturbating PRANK ON GRANDMA!, Conjuring 2 PRANK ON GRANDMA!, and Michael Myers PRANK ON GRANDMA! Over 500K people have seen each of these films as of this writing.

Angry Grandma’s Marital Status

Angry Grandma is 75 years old right now. She had a spouse, but he is no longer alive. Her husband’s name is still a mystery. Regarding her spouse, nothing more is known.

We don’t know much about her children or her kid, but we do know that he has grandchildren who often tease her and drive her crazy.

Angry Grandma’s Net Worth

She has a $421K net worth as of 2022. She has created an average of 5 new videos each month on her YouTube account, which has 588 videos with more than 45.5 million views. At the age of 76, she has achieved enormous popularity.