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Actress and musician Kala Savage is from the United States. Due to her appearances on the television programs “Santa Barbara,” “Undressed,” and “8 Simple Rules,” Kala Savage is more well-known. Sadly, the actress ended her career in 2008 after beginning it in 1989. She now has a happy life with her musician spouse Jared Flamm.

Kala Savage’s Bio, Age

The full name of Kala Savage is Kala Lynne Savage. On October 16, 1978, she was born in Highland Park, Illinois, in the United States. She is 42 years old, and Libra is her zodiac sign.

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She is a citizen of the United States. She is also Lewis Savage and Joanne Savage’s daughter. They were a consultant and a broker of commercial real estate.

Her family has roots in many countries, including Poland, Latvia, and Germany. Ben Savage and Fred Savage are her two other siblings.

Her brothers had established careers as performers in the entertainment sector before she became a child star on “Santa Barbara” in the role of Anisa. Her younger brother is a producer and director, while her older brother is a gifted actor.

Her grandparents came from Poland, Ukraine, Germany, and Latvia, and they were all Jews. In terms of her upbringing, she was raised in a Reform Jewish home.

Speaking about Kala Savage’s physical stature, she stands at a respectable 5 feet 4 inches, or 165 cm, or 1.65 m. Additionally, she weighs around 123.46 lbs or 56 kg.

Her physique is similarly shaped, measuring 32-26-32 inches. She has a light complexion and a thin build. Additionally, she has black hair and brown eyes. The actress has always had a stunning appearance.

Kala Savage’s Career

Her brothers Fred and Ben Savage were already working as performers in the entertainment business when she rose to fame as Anisa on “Santa Barbara.”

Following in their footsteps, Kala joined the cast of “Santa Barbara” in a supporting role. In 1989, Savage made her acting debut as a little girl in the soap opera “Santa Barbara.”

She only appeared as Anisa in six episodes of the fifth season of the long-running romantic drama, which aired for nine seasons.

Even though it was a little part, it gave her enough exposure to the entertainment business. After growing up, she made the choice to pursue a career as an actor.

Additionally, she appeared in the 1989 family comedy film “Little Monsters” before that. Her brothers Ben and Fred played the parts of Eric and Brian, respectively, while she played the part of a small monster.

Even though the movie did badly at the box office, after it was released on DVD, it became one of the most popular globally among viewers at home.

She only completed these two projects while she was a teenager. Years later, she decided to give the entertainment business another go, and in 1999 she appeared on MTV’s anthology series “Undressed.”

Like Gwen, she also made a cameo in the episodes “There in the Van” and “I Know What You Did Last Hummer.” She appeared in the episode “Eric’s Naughty No-No” of the famous television show “That 70s Show” in 2001 as a younger version of the character Paula.

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She received numerous opportunities to perform guest parts on a number of well-known series as a result of her presence on “That 70s Show.” She then appeared as Sandra in the episode titled “No Good Deed” of the comedy series “Diagnosis: Murder.”

She then appeared as Lila Rotundi in the love story drama “Felicity.” She appeared in the episode titled “Oedipus Wrecked” of the famous police procedural TV show “NYPD Blue” in 2002 as Katie Medavoy.

Despite having a long list of repeated characters to her credit, she was unable to get better parts and was forced to accept the guest roles for the rest of her career.

Then, in the 2003 episode of “Chapter Fifty-Four” of the comedy-drama television series “Boston Public,” she had a key role. She played the recurring role of Lacy in the hit comedy “8 Simple Rules” from 2003 to 2004.

The next three episodes she appeared in included her acting: “Opposites Attract Part 2,” “Merry Christmas: The Story of Anne Frank and Skeevy,” and “Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman: Part 2.”

She still views this as her most significant contribution. After working on “8 Simple Rules,” she did not, however, appear on television for many years.

She made a reappearance in the drama film “La Cucina” in 2007 and then appeared as Raven in the comedy “Dead Write” the same year. Her last on-screen performance and acting credit were in the comedy series “Aliens in America” (2008), where she played Mindy Weinblau.

Savage decided to take a vacation and has been officially retired from acting since 2008. She has now turned her whole attention to her personal life. She sometimes collaborates as a musician with her spouse and loves spending time with her family.

Kala Savage’s Marital Status

Jared Flamm’s wife Kala Savage and the couple have been together since 2003. Nothing is known about how or when they fell in love with one another.

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She now often works alongside her spouse after retiring from performing. She is also a member of his band. Along with that, she and her husband co-wrote the song Daddy Day Camp.

They have been married for about seventeen years and have been having a happy marriage since then. Aside from this, she has never been involved in any kind of controversy up to this point.

Kala Savage’s Net Worth

Savage must have made a decent living back then as an actor. She must have a net worth of about $1 million as of 2022, according to certain reports. She has never revealed anything about her wealth, however.

Together with her spouse, the skilled actress must have made some money from their music careers. Additionally, little is known about the assets she holds.