Marcia Harvey

Marcia Harvey

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Updated On January 28, 2022
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Marcia Harvey is a writer who published the book “Marcia: Eyes To The Soul.” However, most people identify her as Steve Harvey’s former wife.

Childhood and Early Years

Marcia Harvey was born in the United States of America on January 22, 1955. She will be 66 years old in the year 2021. She is of African-American origin and has American nationality. Her parents and siblings, on the other hand, are still unknown.

Marcia has kept her personal life a well-guarded secret. The majority of her past is kept confidential. Thus, it is not sure where she studied.


Marcia Harvey is a well-known and hard-working novelist. She began her career after her divorce from Steve. She began her career two decades after her divorce from Steves. Harvey’s debut book, “Marcia: Eyes to the Soul,” was published in collaboration with Xlibris Corporation.

Her book is 51 pages long and is organized into three sections titled Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Essentially, the book chronicles her life’s journey. In addition, she stated in an interview that her second book will be out soon.

Following that, this self-sufficient woman launched her own fashion brand and enjoyed a great career. As a single mother, she had to work and care for her three tiny children while maintaining a steady career. Her loving personality inspired her three children, who credit her for their enormous success in life.

She then published two more volumes, ‘Marcia: Poems From The Heart’ (2011) and ‘Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind’ (2012). (2014).

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Net Worth

Marcia, a well-known author, has amassed a substantial fortune. Her estimated net worth is in the millions of dollars. However, due to her secrecy, the exact amount is unknown, but it is expected to be in the $1 million range.


Marcia married Steve Harvey, a well-known television personality, in 1980. The couple has three children: Brandi and Karli, twin daughters born in 1982, and Broderick Steven Jr, a son born in 1991.

Unfortunately, after 14 years of marriage, they split in 1994 due to irreconcilable disagreements. Steve’s choice to leave his employment did not sit well with Marcia. As a result, Steve split up with Marcia and his twin kids. They formally ended their relationship in 1994.

Steve, on the other hand, admitted that his connection with his daughters had worsened as well. He said that I am married and the father of twins. I’m obliged to provide for them, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity… ‘Dad, we didn’t understand why you left us, but we know now you had to go,’ they remarked years later. You weren’t just one of ours. You were a part of the planet.’

He did have regrets about abandoning his wife and girls to pursue his job. In 2015, however, they reunited for their daughter Karli’s wedding. Karli’s daughter was born in June of 2016. As a result, Marcia became a grandma.

Body Dimensions

Marcia has led a very secluded existence. She isn’t fond of having information about her personal life broadcast to the public. As a result, no information on her height, weight, or physical size is available. She is, nonetheless, tall and attractive in appearance.

Social Media

Marcia is a well-known figure with a large following. However, she does not utilize any social media sites, which is surprising.