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David Charvet

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Updated On June 29, 2022
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David Charvet, who gained worldwide recognition on the popular television programs Baywatch (1989) and Melrose Place (1992), is now moving into the feature film arena after completing production on two projects this year.

David Charvet’s Bio, Age

French actor David Charvet made appearances in episodes of Baywatch and Melrose Place. On May 15, 1972, David Charvet was born in Lyon, France.

He has a brother and five sisters. When he was 9 years old, he migrated to the US. He welcomed two children with Brooke Burke, his partner in marriage.

He became the stepfather to her two children from a previous marriage when the pair got married in 2011. David Charvet is a 6-footer who is 50 years old (1.83 m). Paul Guez, a Tunisian-born businessman and owner of Antik Denim, is his father.

According to David, he uses his mother’s single name, which is extremely common in the entertainment industry (e.g. Shelley Winters, Madeline Kahn, etc.). He was seen by a photographer after finishing high school, and his modeling career quickly took off.

He joined the elite “Elite Model Management” agency to pursue a career in show business, and by the age of 18, he had scored national print campaign advertisements for “Levi’s,” “Miller’s Outpost,” “Coca-Cola,” and “Bugle Boy” casual clothing.

David Charvet’s Career

In the sports drama Green Flash (2008), Charvet portrays “Cameron Day,” a talented basketball player who had dreams of playing in the NBA until he failed a crucial opportunity. As a result, he sank into a life of hopelessness.

He entered the Southern California professional beach volleyball scene by accident, but his old problems start to surface and threaten his prospects of success.

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Paul Nihipali Jr. Jr., a three-time All-American and captain of the UCLA men’s volleyball team that won the title, makes his directorial debut with the movie. He was a member of the United States National Volleyball team from 1995 to 1997.

Cameron Dieterich, Joseph John Barmettler, and Bob Smiland are the producers of the movie, which was filmed on-site in Southern California. The summer 2008 Olympic Games are supposed to take place at the same time as the cinema premiere.

Charvet played the lead role in Roger Christian’s action/adventure movie Prisoners of the Sun (2013), which was released earlier this year. Roger Christian also directed the films Star Wars (1977), Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999), and The Dollar Bottom (1981).

In his role as “Doug Adler,” he leads a team of archaeologists on a national trip to discover a long-lost city under an Egyptian pyramid. The archaeologist was hired by a strange professor.

When the gods of ancient Egypt awaken from their 5,000-year sleep and turn against the crew, the mission takes a turn for the worst. The movie, with a $10 million budget, also stars John Rhys-Davies, Joss Ackland, and Carmen Chaplin.

During his three seasons as lifeguard “Matt Brody” on Baywatch (1989), the most popular television program in the world at the time, Charvet got his start as an actor. During his two seasons playing “Craig Field” on Melrose Place, he continued to grow his fan following (1992).

Additionally, he appeared in the 1995 NBC telefilm Seduced and Betrayed, as well as the 1995 ABC movies of the week Derby and Angel Flight Down (1996). Alongside Drea de Matteo, he co-starred in the indie film Meet Prince Charming (2002).

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Charvet spent five years in Europe as a Universal Music recording artist, releasing three highly regarded pop-rock albums as part of his five-album contract with Universal Music Group France.

With three of his songs (“Leap of Faith,” “Should I Leave,” and “The Tears in My Eyes”) hitting the Top 10, he has sold more than 2.5 million records to date.

Charvet has traveled widely around Europe and Asia, entertaining sold-out crowds, creating music, and learning about many cultures. He has worked with well-known composers including Ty Lacy, who composed the song “I Need You” for LeAnn Rimes, and with Robbie Williams’ producer Steve Power.

In addition to working on a duet with Seal, Charvet has recorded a duet with Bryan Adams. Charvet has always looked for fresh creative challenges, despite the fact that his music career has recently taken center stage.

He is glad to be back doing what he loves most—acting—in the United States and offering his fresh perspective to the industry. He claims that “music has greatly aided in my artistic evolution and has really enriched me personally.”

“I came back a man after leaving America as a youngster.”Roy London and Larry Moss, two well-known acting instructors, trained Charvet. With his fiancée Brooke Burke and their little daughter Heaven Rain, he is presently a resident in Malibu, California.

David Charlet’s Marital Status

On August 12, 2011, David Charvet and Brooke Burke became husband and wife. Brooke declared that she will adopt Brooke Burke-Charvet as her married name. Heaven (born in 2007) and Shaya (born in 2008), the couple’s two lovely daughters, is being raised by their parents as Jews.

Brooke has two kids from her previous marriage to cosmetic surgeon Garth Fisher. The pair announced their divorce in April 2018 after seven years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in March 2020.

David Charlet’s Net Worth

As of 2022, David Charvet’s projected net worth is $30 million. David has not yet disclosed how much money he makes each year. In Malibu, David Charvet also has a lavish property worth $20 million.