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Biannca Raines

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Updated On April 22, 2022
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Biannca Raines is a popular Youtuber in the United States who is most known for her family-oriented channels. ‘D&B Nation,’ which Biannca Raines co-founded with her husband Damien, has 3.72 million members.

Biannca Raines’s Early Life

Biannca Raines is a 24-year-old actress who was born on March 6, 1997. After marrying Damien Prince, she is now known as Biannca Prince. She was born in the United States of America, in the state of Indiana. Jennifer is Raines’ mother’s name, while Charles is her father’s. We have no idea what her folks make a livelihood doing. Her parents eventually divorced. Jennifer, her mother, married Ryann. Ryann is her biological father. Her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is mixed. Pisces is the zodiac sign of a successful YouTuber.

There is no information available concerning her religious beliefs. She has five siblings in all. Alexis, Christian, Chanelle, Jaqueshia, and Ryann Jr. are their names. In terms of her educational history, she graduated from R.Nelson Snider High School. In addition, she enjoys getting tattoos. In 2015, she got a tattoo for the first time. Her arms have a tattoo on them. Furthermore, the names of his spouse and her children are tattooed on her arms. After giving birth to her second child, she too had postpartum depression.

Biannca Raines’s Career

Biannca has many YouTube channels, the most popular of which is ‘D&B Nation.’ “‘The Prince Family,’ for example. She and her husband, Damien, joined YouTube on March 11, 2016. Their ‘D&B Nation’ YouTube channel is packed with hilarious pranks and response videos. They have 3.72 million users. The oldest video of them is ‘Meeting My Girlfriend Biannca For The First Time! D&B NATION (DAMIEN & BIANCA)’, which was released on June 25, 2016. The official music video for ‘D&B Nation – Playz With My Bae (Official Music Video)’ has over 6 million views.

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The most popular video on their channel is ‘CAUGHT CHEATING ON HUSBAND PRANK.’ On October 16, 2017, it was posted two years ago. This video has received over 7 million views so far. Similarly, the videos ‘LYRIC PRANK TURNS INTO A BREAK UP PRANK ON BOYFRIEND!!! (CHERISH – UNAPPRECIATED)’, ‘CAUGHT IN THE SHOWER PRANK WITH BIANNCA’S SISTER ALEXIS!! (GONE WRONG)’, and I PROPOSED TO BIANCA! have had over 6.5 million views. She also has a YouTube account. Biannca Prince’s YouTube channel has 1.05 million followers. Her YouTube channel has hauls, culinary challenges, and Mukbang videos. The most popular and funny videos on her channel are ‘MY SISTER EXPERIENCES THE PAIN OF LABOR!! (EXTREMELY FUNNY)’ and ‘MY HUSBAND EXPERIENCES THE PAIN OF LABOR!! (HE CRIES)’.

She also runs a channel called ‘The Prince Family,’ which has 5.6 million subscribers. The Royal Household “is another of her channels, which she manages with the help of her husband. On this channel, the couple has incorporated their children. Nova, DJ, and Kyrie have all appeared in pranks, vlogs, challenges, and games. This channel has 5.6 million members.

With 11 million views, ‘The Prince Family – Now We Up (Official Music Video)’ is the most popular video to date. Damien and she sang this song. In addition, they were featured in the video. ‘ARE YOU PLANNING TO GIVE NOVA UP FOR ADOPTION?’ ‘CATFISHING MY HUSBAND TO SEE IF HE CHEATS LEADS TO A REAL BREAKUP??’ are at the top of the most popular category on this channel.

Net Worth and Achievements

Until now, she hasn’t won any prizes. Her Youtube channel, on the other hand, has a global following. She is revered in the same way that other Hollywood stars are. Raines has a number of YouTube channels. Individual revenues from her Youtube channel are tough to quantify. Her net worth is similar, ranging from $1 million to $5 million, with the majority of her revenue coming from Youtube vlogs.

Biannca Raines’s Relationship

The relationship between Biannca and Damien Prince has been a tumultuous journey. When she became pregnant with Damien’s kid, she was still a juvenile. They began to have troubles in their relationship after having a kid. Raines accused Damien of using her sexual needs and stormed out of the house with her child. The pair had their ups and downs before exchanging vows with one other. However, they were engaged following the birth of their son. Later, they worked things out and now have a happy life with their four children. In March of 2017, the pair married. Damien and she had three children together. Nova is their youngest child. Nova has two younger brothers, Dj and Kyrie, who are also adorable. The couple’s adorable little girl was born on April 29, 2019. This year she will be one year old. Dj was also born on February 9th, 2015. Kyrie was born on December 12th, 2016, after a year of waiting.

Both Biannca and Damien were poised to achieve superstar status when they were embroiled in a scandal. Dwayne and Jasmine accused the pair of plagiarizing. Dwayne and Jasmine also have a YouTube channel called “Couple Reacts.” Thankfully, she and her husband renamed their YouTube channel ‘D&B Nation.’ After Dwayne and Jasmine changed the name of their Youtube channel, the criticism subsided. Both the pair, however, continue to utilize ‘Popular Creator’ to promote their videos.

Biannca Raines’s Body Measurements

With a height of 5 feet and 4 inches, she is very tall. She is stunning and weighs 60 kg. Her physical measurements are 34-25-36, which are practically ideal. Her physique is in the shape of an hourglass. She also has dark brown hair and bright brown eyes.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are examples of social media platforms.

Biannca, who is well-known, is quite active on social media. She is a verified Instagram user with 2.1 million followers under the handle @x bianncaraines. In addition, @x bianncaraine is the name of her Twitter account. Her Twitter account is temporarily suspended, as mentioned. On her Facebook page, she has 223k fans who adore her. We can also find her on Facebook with the handle @xbianncaraines. Similarly, her ‘The Prince Family‘ Youtube channel has 5.6 million followers, while her self-titled channel has 1.05 million. In addition, she and her husband, Damien, have a YouTube channel called ‘D&B Nation,’ which has 3.72 followers.