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Tyler, The Creator is a composer, rapper, record producer, and video director. Tyler, The Creator is One of The Co-Founders of the “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All” Hip-Hop Album.

Tyler, The Creator’s Childhood

The rapper was born in the city of Ladera Heights, California, on March 6, 1991. Tyler was born and raised in the United States. Similarly, the American rapper is 30 years old and belongs to the Pisces zodiac sign. Tyler Gregory Okonma was born to Walter Whitman, his father, and Louisa Van Velsor Whitman, his mother.

Unfortunately, his father abandoned his mother, and he has never met his father. He used to be with his sister, Lynda, when he was a youngster. Andrew Jackson, Edward, George Washington, Jesse, and Thomas Jefferson are the names of his siblings.

Source: Entertianment Weekly

He was already designing album covers and developing covers for his own records when he was only seven years old. He then began to play the piano when he was 14 years old. He also attended twelve different schools in Los Angeles and Sacramento throughout his twelve years of education.

He had previously worked at FedEx for barely two weeks and Starbucks for two years before beginning his career in music. Then he adopted a stage name from a Myspace page and began sharing his works.

Tyler, The Creator’s Career

Tyler’s first mixtape, ‘Bastard,’ was released in 2009. Despite the fact that it was his first try and he was not assisted by any banner, the mixtape became extremely successful. He then signed a record contract with ‘XL Recordings’. Soon after, he announced that he was working on an album with the company, and his single “Yonkers” was released.

Similarly, his album ‘Goblin’ was released in 2010 to positive reviews, and he was subsequently invited to a number of performances and concerts. In 2011, he had his first appearance on television, singing Sandwiches on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.’ The rapper also made appearances on the ‘MTV Awards’ and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’

He subsequently began collaborating with other rappers. He even began writing songs for other people. In 2011, he and Jasper Dolphin, Matt Martians, Casey Veggies, Hodgy, Pyramid Vritra, and Left Brain formed the hip-hop group ‘Odd Future.’

‘Odd Future’ then created its own television program for Cartoon Network’s ‘Adult Swim’ under ‘Dickhouse Productions.’ It was called ‘Loiter Squad,’ and it was a live-action comedic sketch TV series featuring pranks and music that aired for 10-15 minutes.

Source: Billboard

The program lasted three seasons and had a total of thirty-one episodes. The rapper then announced on social media that he has begun production on his second album, titled ‘Wolf,’ which will include more instrumental music than lyrics. In early 2013, the album was released.

He also teamed up with RED Distribution and Sony Music Entertainment to release the album under the label ‘Odd Future Records.’ In its first week on the market, the record sold over 90,000 copies. It also contains pieces that he produced when he was 15 years old. He announced the release of his third official album in 2015.

Odd Future’s YouTube account uploaded two tracks from the album (‘Fucking Young’ and ‘Deathcamp’) on April 9. He released his record, ‘Cherry Bomb,’ digitally after four days. Lil Wayne, Kayne West, and Schoolboy Q were among the other musicians included on the album.

#In mid-2015, he was able to organize a global tour in support of the record. His journey began in North America and concluded in Asia. He also had to cancel a concert in Australia due to a campaign accusing him of singing abusive songs.

What’s Tyler, The Creator’s Net Worth?

Tyler, The Creator has a substantial net worth, which has enabled him to enjoy a carefree lifestyle. He now has a net worth of about $16 million. Furthermore, he is presently residing in Los Angeles, California, where he enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

After the success of his album ‘Goblin,’ the rapper bought his first house. Then, in the same year, he bought a home for his mother and sister. There is little question that the rapper’s net worth will skyrocket in the future.

Who’s Tyler, The Creator’s Girlfriend?

The rapper has made multiple direct allusions in his songs and interviews to having same-sex relationships or feeling same-sex desires, leading to speculation that he is bisexual. Jaden Smith announced his relationship with Tyler in November 2018, but he does not agree with these claims.

Furthermore, when they were photographed having dinner together in 2016, there was a report that he was dating Kendall Jenner. The two then clarified their connection on Twitter, stating that they were not dating.

Tyler, The Creator’s Social Media and Body Measurements

Tyler stands at a nice height of 6 feet 2 inches, or 188 cm or 1.88 m, when it comes to his physical look. The rapper is also of a healthy weight, weighing 79 kg (174 lbs). Similarly, the rapper’s physique dimensions are 40-30-35 inches, and his biceps are 14.5 inches. He normally wears a shoe size 11 on a regular basis (US).

Furthermore, he, The Creator, has a dark skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair. In addition, the rapper is of ordinary build with a fashionable demeanor. However, the rapper seems to be physically weak and suffers from asthma, since he has been spotted on stage using an inhaler. The rapper is well-known for his social media presence. He has 10.3 million Instagram followers and 8.6 million Twitter followers.

He also has a Facebook page, where he has amassed over 3.8 million fans. He has his own YouTube page, much like other artists, where we can discover his own universe full of his inventions and collaborations. He, The Creator, has 3.94 million followers on his YouTube channel as of March 2021. It seems that the musician has already gained millions of fans’ hearts.