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Updated On April 15, 2022
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BadBoyHalo is a Minecraft YouTuber from the United States, with over 406k subscribers. BadBoyHalo has also made a number of movies concerning hacker bans, random servers,, and other topics.

BadBoyHalo’s Early Life

BadBoyHalo is a 26-year-old character. He was born in the United States on April 2, 1995, under the astrological sign of Aries. He has also avoided mentioning his parents. He also has a brother (confirmed in the 72 pizzas video) and a sister, according to wikitubia (he mentioned going to her wedding in a stream). There’s a good chance he’ll have additional siblings. He has a dog called Rat, and he often posts pictures of her on his Instagram accounts. He, too, is a citizen of the United States. Many of his viewers are perplexed as to whether he is Irish or Canadian. Furthermore, he has kept his ethnicity a secret. He may have finished his University degree but has not said anything about his educational credentials.

BadBoyHalo’s Career

When it comes to BadBoyHalo’s professional life, he got his start in social media via YouTube. On May 27, 2012, he started his YouTube channel, which was formerly known as The Saints of Games. He makes films on banning hackers, random servers,, and a wide range of other topics. Minecraft Ban Appeals, All Hunger Games Gameplays, and Hunger Games KIT REVIEWS, Stories, and Other Awesome Things are his YouTube series. On the channel, he debuted with the video “MINECRAFT: THE LAST UPDATE.” It had over a million views. “MINECRAFT: THE LAST UPDATE” is one of his most popular videos on YouTube. This video was published on the 21st of June, 2017. It has had 1,187,716 views so far.

“I Hacked Skeppy’s Minecraft Account,” “Skeppy and I Won $10,000 in Minecraft Monday! (ft. Technoblade),” “BANNED For XRAY _,” and “BANNED For XRAY _” are some of his other famous videos. “Skeppy tricked me into Minecraft Monday (ft. James Charles),” “Minecraft, But I Let My Subscribers Make My Texture Packs,” and a slew of more titles. MunchyMC is the name of his Minecraft server ( There are over 100 people online at any one time, and there are many game styles to choose from. Some of MCPVP’s game modes, such as KitPVP, have been progressively replaced by MunchyMC (

BadBoyHalo – Bio, Facts, Family Life, Career

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Players are sent to MunchyMC’s KitPVP server. Every Saturday at 2 p.m. EST, he streams. When others call him names like “Baldy” or “BaldBoyHalo,” he gets irritated. Because no one knows when his true birthday is, his supporters created a joke on his broadcasts that every day was his birthday. He also co-owns The Trio, a channel with Skeppy and A6d where they publish podcasts and stream together.

BadBoyHalo’s Net Worth

In terms of his profits, he is a Youtube gamer who has amassed a sizable fortune through his videos on the platform. According to YouTube statistics, he has uploaded 551 videos with more than 26.3 million views to far. On average, he produces three new videos every month. As a result, as of April 2020, his projected net worth from his Youtube career is about $51,000 dollars.

BadBoyHalo’s Relationship

BadBoyHalo’s relationship status is unknown. He might be single or in a relationship. He has never been married. Similarly, he hasn’t spoken about his personal life on social media until recently. In addition, there is no information about his prior relationships. Furthermore, he is concentrating on his profession. In addition, he has never been involved in any issue in his personal or professional life. He has kept a clean image, yet he has been rolled by both his god pal and other Youtubers like Skeepy.

Social Media and Body Measurements

BadBoyHalo’s eyes are hazel, and his hair is brown. He is a spectacles wearer. He has also kept his height, weight, and physique stats a secret.

He is active on several social media sites, including Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, as a social media personality. He does, however, have a Facebook account. He uses the handle @SaintsofGames on Twitter, which has roughly 73.9k followers. Similarly, he has roughly 1.6k Facebook fans and more than 106k Instagram fans. He also has a Youtube channel with more than 732k followers. In addition, he has launched an internet store.