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Rocky Parker

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Updated On June 27, 2022
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Rocky Parker was known for her parts in “In The Mood,” “The Rainbow Tribe,” “Hung Up on Elena,” “Happy Together,” “E! True Hollywood Story,” “Some Girls,” and “Can’t Buy Me, Love,” among others. Rocky Parker died at the age of seventy-four, leaving a foul taste in the mouths of her followers.

Rocky Parker’s Early Years

Rochelle Parker was born on February 26, 1940, in Brooklyn, New York. Rocky Parker was a citizen of the United States. Similarly, she was born under the sign of Pisces. Bernard and Shirley Parker were her parents. Her mother was a well-known actress who appeared in films such as “Mission Mars” and “The Minx.” She grew up on Hopkinson Avenue, where her whole block was comprised of her family.

Her family relocated to Bayside, Queens, in 1949. Furthermore, since her mother was also an actor, she acquired an interest in performing at an early age. On her way to practices, she would spend time with her mother and view some of the films she was a part of. There are no other specifics concerning Parker’s schooling, although it is evident that she attended Martin Buren High School in Queens. There is no information on whether or whether she finished her studies.

She spoke about how seeing Broadway plays started her passion in performing when she was a kid. She was up in an atmosphere where the majority of her family and relatives were celebrities. This piqued her interest in the entertainment industry, and she went on to pursue a career as an actor and model.

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Unfortunately, the lovely actress died of lung cancer on April 19, 2014, at the age of seventy-four. Rocky Parker was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung and throat cancer. Parker smoked cigarettes since she was eighteen years old, which caused her to get cancer. Her dying request was for her ashes to be scattered in the Pacific Ocean near her house in Santa Monica. Parker’s death came as a shock to her family and friends, as well as her admirers.

Professional Life

Almost everyone in Rocky Parker’s circle was a celebrity or had a connection to the entertainment business in some way. Her aunt Ida, who worked at Movie Star Slips, would bring her model outfits, pajamas, and other items to try on when she was seven years old. She’d feel like a tiny movie star in those outfits. Her aunt also used to take her to see Broadway performances all around the city. Seeing those performers on stage and putting on those gowns helped her realize how much she want a career in the entertainment business. She recognizes what she wants to accomplish with her life at this point.

Parker was accepted into High School Performing Arts in Manhattan after an audition. Her mother, however, refused to grant her permission since her family lived in Bayside and she had to go to Manhattan every day by train. She started her modeling career at the tender age of seventeen. When she was seventeen years old in the 1950s, she started modeling for publications such as True Romance. She also did a lot of print advertising. She was also a supporter of Virginia Slim’s You’ve Come A Long Way Baby campaign.


She started playing plays in the 1960s after gaining some notoriety from her modeling career. She performed as Imposters Imposter by Susan Batson in her debut play, which she co-wrote with “The Company.” She went on to appear in plays such as “Miss Julie,” “What’s So Beautiful About A Sunset Over Prairie Avenue?”,” “Chuck Gordon,” “The Last Chord,” and many more. Finally, with the production “The Survivor starring David Marshall Grant and Zeljko Ivanek,” Parker made it to Broadway. After that, she received Brighton Beach Memoirs, directed by Neil Simon.

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Her greatest accomplishment was the project. The late lovely actress had already shown her remarkable acting abilities in films such as “Can’t Buy Me Love” (1987), “Happy Together” (1989), and “In the Mood” (1987). Parker, in addition to her acting and modeling careers, is the co-director and writer of Ava’s Magical Adventure, a film she co-wrote with Patrick Dempsey. The movie was released in 1994. In addition, the actress has worked as a coach on 75 TV and film sets. Joan Chen, Little Richard, Kelly Preston, Heather Thomas, Brad Garett, and others were among the performers she coached.

Rocky Parker’s Net Worth

Parker, the lovely actress, had a net worth of roughly $1 million, which she had accumulated via her successful acting career. Parker’s yearly pay was also between $150,000 and $300,000. Her ex-husband, Patrick Dempsey, on the other hand, has a net worth of roughly $65 million. His money has come from a variety of sources, the most prominent of which being his acting profession. Patrick, on the other hand, was working on a variety of promotional projects. He is also the proprietor of a business. In addition, he earns about $8 million every year. In addition, his appearance on “Grey’s Anatomy” pays him $400,000 every episode.

Is Rocky Parker Married?

Patrick Dempsey and Rocky Parker met for the first time in 1984. At the time of their first meeting, she was forty-four years old and Dempsey was just eighteen. It happened during the performance of Brighton Beach Memoirs. Patrick played the character of an adolescent in the play, while she played his aunt. Following their sessions, the two started spending more time together. Parker also used to offer him acting coaching and the two of them would converse after the performance. She assisted and motivated him to further his profession at the moment, and she started working as his manager. They began to have emotions for one other shortly after that. They married on August 24, 1987, after being in a love relationship for almost three years.

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Due to their large age gaps and a desire to avoid the different issues, their marriage was kept a secret for two years. Parker already had three children who were older than Dempsey at the time. The pair was having a great time together, supporting one other and attempting to hide each other’s flaws. They were both present in NYU’s film school. Patrick’s career was flourishing and he was achieving more success. His connection with her, though, was coming to an end. Their marriage lasted 7 years when Parker filed for divorce. Parker’s marriage started to fall apart as early as 1992. They filed for divorce, and after a lengthy and tumultuous divorce battle, it was ultimately settled in 1994. After a failed marriage, both of them started to move on with their lives. Patrick marries Jillian Fink after all of these problems. She was married three times and had three heartbreaks. She married her first husband, Sheldon Leonard Stein, on August 21, 1958.

On August 14, 1959, she gave birth to her first child, David Alan, at the age of nineteen. David, on the other hand, did not enjoy a typical upbringing since his parents divorced shortly after he was born. After her divorce from Sheldon in 1964, she married John Hass for the second time. She gave birth to Corey Parker Hass, the result of her romance with Hass, not long after. Her pleasure, however, did not last. Unfortunately, John died in 1968, leaving Parker a widow. She was previously married to Nick Ferri before becoming Parker’s wife. She gave birth to her third child, Noelle Parker, with Ferri on December 25, 1979, despite the fact that they were not married. Parker seemed to be uninterested in the concept of marriage.’


When her divorce from Patrick Dempsey was still in the works, she accused him of torturing her physically and mentally. She accused him of abusing her on the set of his film “Can’t Buy Me, Love,” according to ‘The Sun.’ Parker said that he had beaten her so hard that she developed arthritis as a result of it. She said, ” “He beat me up on the set of his film Can’t Buy Me, Love because he claimed he wanted to experience what it felt like to be beaten up by a woman.

I now have arthritis in my hand as a result of the injury I received from Respondent “.. Patrick, on the other hand, did not agree with any of these statements. In addition, the court found no evidence against Dempsey. Then, in 2006, Rocky dropped her charges against Grey Anatomy’s star.

Social Media and Body Measurement

If her photos are any indication, the actress is rather tall in height when compared to her surroundings. For the time being, however, no information about her real height or other bodily dimensions is accessible. She did, however, have a set of stunning hazel eyes and brown hair. Rocky Parker also has a kind attitude and a light complexion.

When it came to her social media presence, the actress was never active on any of the sites. She didn’t have an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account. She didn’t even have her own webpage at the time. Parker was making the most of her time while coping with her ongoing issues.