Kevin Boutte

Kevin Boutte

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Updated On March 31, 2022
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Kevin Boutte is an actor from the United States. Kevin Boutte is most known for his part in the film “Death Valley: Bloody Bill’s Revenge.” He is also well-known as the spouse of Denise Boutte, a well-known television actress.

Kevin Boutte’s  Early Life

Kevin Boutte is an American citizen who was born in the United States. He hasn’t revealed anything about his birthday, which is unfortunate. We can’t reveal his exact age since we don’t know when he was born. Furthermore, he is a highly private guy who keeps all of his personal information hidden, including his parents, siblings, education, and early life.

Kevin Boutte’s Career

Kevin is an actor best known for his part in the 2004 film ‘Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill.’ Despite the fact that he is an actor, most people do not identify him as a well-known actor. Nonetheless, he is well-known as the spouse of Denise Boutte, a well-known television actress. As a result, he and Denise have created a positive impression on the public as decent partners.

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Their partnership is on the list of Bollywood’s must-keep relationships. Denise, his wife’s profession, is that of a well-known actress and producer. As a result, she had no intention of becoming an actor since she was a youngster. As a result, she aspired to be a doctor since she was a youngster, but she had no idea that life had other plans for her. She eventually became an actor. Meet the Browns (2009), Why Did I Get Married? (2007), and Extreme Movie (2007) are among her greatest flicks (2008).

Kevin Boutte’s Relationship

Kevin is married to Denise Boutte, a well-known actress. In 2003, the couple married. Furthermore, no additional details concerning their wedding ceremony or celebration are accessible. People, on the other hand, regard this duo to be one of Hollywood’s greatest. They are both nice and lovely people. As a result, they love and respect each other in every way. He and Denise are not engaging in any extramarital or other relationships.

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They have successfully completed almost 16 years of marriage and have lived together in love and peace since their marriage. For ten years after their marriage, the couple did not have any children. Finally, in 2011, the couple welcomed a baby daughter into their lives. Denise also gave her the name ‘Jordan Simone.’ Denise said in an interview how tough it was for her to find time for her kid and spouse at the time. Furthermore, she claims that she and her husband put up 100% effort to keep their love strong and never quarrel over little concerns. As a consequence, their daughter Jordan has made a positive effect.

Kevin Boutte’s Body Measurements

Kevin is a tall, attractive guy. He has a lovely and intelligent demeanor. He hasn’t revealed his height or weight in public. He does, however, have tall stature and a healthy weight, which complements his body type well. His dark brown eyes and black hair complete his appearance. He has a wonderful, compassionate demeanor.

Net Worth and Social Media

Kevin isn’t active on any social networking platforms. He hasn’t set up any social media profiles yet. As a result, he has maintained a low profile and avoided the media.

The amount of money he earns and how much money he has is unclear. Denise Boutte, on the other hand, is reported to have a net worth of roughly $3 million.