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Brooklyn Queen

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Updated On March 21, 2022
Detroit, Michigan
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Detroit, Michigan

Brooklyn Queen is a rapper and social media star from the United States. With the viral single “Keke Taught Me,” Brooklyn Queen made her debut in 2017. She’s become one of the most well-known young rappers in the nation.

Early Life and Childhood

On July 3rd, 2005, Brooklyn Queen was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Her present age is 15 years old, and her zodiac sign is Cancer. She is the daughter of rapper Nailnotirious Kim, who began her musical career at a young age. Queen was fortunate enough to grow up in the household of a well-known rapper. She is a rapper and vocalist who is developing her own television show. She is also a well-known figure on the internet.

Source: The New York Times

She also enjoys nail art, make-up, cooking, and photography. She is also a huge admirer of Beyoncé, the renowned singer. Beyoncé, she adds, has made her “tear, grin, and dance,” and she wants her followers to feel the same way. She thinks that if individuals pursue their aspirations, everything is possible. She was educated at home. She hasn’t revealed any further details about her upbringing or schooling.

Professional Life

Brooklyn has been singing since she was a youngster and recorded her first song when she was eight years old, but she had already began composing at the age of five. She started writing compositions as a youngster who was not yet in school. She obtained her first deal with a recording business while she was in elementary school. ‘Pretty Girl Stuff’ and ‘Keke Taught Me’ are two of her tracks. In addition, with the release of the video “Keke Taught Me” in 2017, she made her debut as a teenager.

In short time, this dancing tutorial video starring comic Eastside Ivo became a huge sensation. In addition, in its first month on YouTube, her video for “Keke Taught Me” had over half a million views. Queen’s first album “Queens Corner,” published in 2017, is also well-known. “Beat the Baby,” “Feeling So Wavy,” “Emoji,” “Rich Girl Problems,” and “Pretty Girl Stuff” are just a few of the other tracks she’s released. She has worked with a number of well-known vocalists, including Salt-N-Peppa and Rob Base, among others.

More about Her Career

Rob Base, Vanilla Ice, and Salt-N-Pepa are among the acts for whom she has danced. Queen’s self-titled YouTube channel has over 125 million subscribers. She aspires to encourage people to pursue their passions. She continues to tour and promote her new songs and videos, which have amassed over 100 million views on YouTube. She also visits schools to speak to students about the significance of not bullying and to encourage them to be nice.

She sometimes vlogs in addition to music videos. Her YouTube account has a variety of videos on her personal life. The rapper has also live-streamed on her channel in the past. She has amassed a sizable and devoted fan following, with over 230 million video views to date. Her YouTube channel also has a family of about 1 million followers. Furthermore, she is now signed to BMB Entertainment and releases new music on a regular basis. In 2020, she will take her concept to new heights with the help of BMB Entertainment and The Orchard.

“Beyoncé has made me laugh, weep, and smile, and I want fans to feel the same way. I want to show young girls that everything is possible if you simply pursue your goals,” she says.

She has never been in a relationship or been the subject of gossip. She has been concentrating on her work.

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Personal Life

This 15-year-old Brooklyn Queen is presently single. Her lovely nature, on the other hand, has drew a number of men to him. And she will undoubtedly date in the near future. As though she’s preoccupied with herself right now.

Body Measurements

Brooklyn stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 48 kg. Her hair is black, and her eyes are hazel. Butterscotch is her dog’s name. Her mother is a regular source of inspiration and support for her.

Social Media and Net Worth

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all popular social media channels for Brooklyn. She has almost 1.7 million Instagram followers, 21.4K Facebook fans, and 966k YouTube subscribers. She, too, joined Twitter in February 2017 and already has over 5K followers. We may also email her at [email protected] with any questions.

On an annual basis, Queen earns between $13.9K and $221.7K every month. Queen’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $7 million, according to certain reports.