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Updated On April 5, 2022
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Boyinaband is a British Unclean and rap singer who leads the four-piece band “You and What Army.” He is also a synthesizer player and MC. Boyinaband is well-known for his YouTube channel, “Boyinaband,” where he uploads music lessons, comedies, and band videos to his 2.95 million followers. He’s also worked with YouTubers that specialize in animated storytime.

Boyinaband’s Early Years

Boyinaband was born on August 24, 1987, in Telford, England. He is 32 years old and was born under the Virgo zodiac sign. He was born in the United Kingdom and is a British citizen. David Paul Brown is his genuine and full name. At this time, David’s parents’ names and details are unavailable. He does, however, have a sister, Hannah, whose name is known.

Hannah is a YouTuber as well. His sister, on the other hand, is a native Japanese speaker. Aside from that, there is no information regarding his family or other relatives. David seems to like to keep his family and personal life secret. His educational history and qualifications are unknown at this time, as is the name of the school and university he attended. He must have completed both high school and university, based on his age. Unless he is a dropout or has opted to stop studying. Brown also studied computer game programming as well as game design.

Boyinaband’s Career

On November 14, 2007, Boyinaband started a YouTube channel called “Boyinabandd.” Until now, his channel has received 311,267,801 views. Most of his early films were either about his band “You and What Army” or tutorials, instructional videos, vlogs, reviews, or interviews with other artists. Then, starting in 2011, parodies and skits became increasingly popular on the channel, such as “How to Play Dubstep Guitar” and “Appropriate Faces for 10 Different Music Genres.” David released the music video for his song “Don’t Stay in School” on February 2, 2015, and it went viral. In the song, he criticizes educational institutions for teaching things that he believes are superfluous rather than real-life skills or topics that pupils are interested in.

Similarly, the song has sparked debate since it seems to encourage youngsters to drop out of school. However, he has indicated that the song is only intended to criticize the educational system, with the phrase “Don’t Stay in School” referring to the subjects covered in the song. Despite the controversy, the song has gotten positive feedback from kids, instructors, and parents. Parents on the Fine Brothers channel responded to the video, with many sympathizing with his reasoning. He followed up on “Don’t Stay in School” with a series of follow-up videos. Similarly, his last follow-up film, “You Don’t Have to Go to School,” examines alternative schools, charter schools, “unschooling,” and homeschooling as well as other unusual educational possibilities. Furthermore, David Brown interviews a kid from one of these progressive institutions in the film.

In conjunction with the UK-based LGBT organization somewhereto_, David released a song in 2015 with fellow YouTubers Cryaotic and Minx focussing on LGBT problems and him declaring his support for the community. Then, in 2017, he worked with iDubbbz to record “Asian Jake Paul,” a diss track against RiceGum as part of Dubbo’s Content Cop series. David Brown, PewDiePie, and RoomieOfficial cooperated on an optimistic rap/synthpop/hip hop music video titled “Congratulations” on March 31, 2019.

This music video was predicated on sarcastically celebrating T-Series for surpassing PewDiePie in terms of subscribers, as well as bringing up the company’s previous issues and condemning India’s Caste system. As a producer, singer, rapper, composer, DJ, and instrumentalist, David’s work covers a variety of genres, including electronic, hip hop, and heavy metal. His old electronicore band You and What Army, which had different achievements at Download Festival and Sonisphere Festival, is one of his other pursuits. Furthermore, the band was placed on hiatus in 2014. Vlogs, music lessons, education, comedy skits, raps, and challenges are among his other video offerings.

What Happened To Boyinaband? Height, Age, Net Worth. Gay?

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Due to personal troubles with depression and a lack of ambition, his Youtube channel became less active in 2015. Then, on July 9, David released a video explaining why he hasn’t uploaded or tweeted in a long time. He posted another movie that was irrelevant to the topic, but it took him a year to publish it again. He also published the video “I’m not dead.” on August 10th, 2016, which was a song about his troubles. After then, he returned to his usual upload schedule until October of 2017. David Brown released “My new look,” his first video in six months, on April 21, 2018. In this semi-update semi-comedic video, he disclosed that he had grown out his facial hair and colored part of his goatee red to match his hair, giving him a new appearance.

He also shaved and disclosed why he hasn’t been posting since May 3rd of the same year. This is also the first video since 2016 in which he discusses his despair. Brown also intends to resume regular uploads. Don’t Stay in School, Making the Song with TheOdd1sOut (Life is Fun – BTS), Making the Song about Jaiden’s Anorexia (Empty – BTS), and The actual reason I have long hair are some of the most popular videos on his YouTube account. To date, all of these videos have received over 10 million views. He’s also active on other social media sites, where he has tens of thousands of followers.

Boyinaband’s Relationship

Boyinaband may or may not be single right now. He is more concerned with his profession than with being in a love relationship. Perhaps he prefers to keep his personal and romantic life secret. And he doesn’t want his detractors or followers to find out about it. Even when it comes to his previous relationships, the identity of his ex-lover and any information on the subject is unavailable. As a result, we may presume that either he has never been in a romantic relationship or that he has kept it hidden from the public eye.

Boyinaband’s Body Measurements

Boyinaband is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 65 kg. However, his other physical measures, such as chest, waist, and hip sizes, are currently unavailable. And those figures are currently being scrutinized. He also has black hair that is long and smooth. His hair has been highlighted in a red tone at the front. He, too, has grey eyes. Furthermore, the reason behind his long hair is that he disliked getting haircuts as a child since he didn’t want random strangers cutting his hair.

Net Worth and Social Media

On all of his social media platforms, Boyinaband is rather active. He has 2.95 million Youtube subscribers and 238K Instagram followers. He also has 226.4K Twitter followers and 323.3K Facebook followers.

He has a net worth of $353K when it comes to his earnings and income. His major sources of revenue are his YouTube channel and his singing and rapping profession. In addition, he has uploaded 564 videos with a total of almost 288.1 million views.