Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich

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Updated On June 27, 2022
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Andy Bassich is a well-known American reality television star. Andy Bassich is best known for playing one of the six major protagonists in the Life Below Zero documentary television series. He is also known for being Kate Rorke Bassich’s ex-husband.

Childhood and Early Years

Andy Bassich was born in Washington, D.C., on January 25, 1958. He is currently 62 years old. Aquarius is his zodiac sign. He is of Turkish origin and of American nationality. Along with his brothers, he grew up at his birthplace. At the age of 22, he has longed to explore outdoors since he was a child. He went across the nation after graduating.

He was born and raised in Wheaton, Maryland. He received his schooling in Washington, D.C., in the United States. He was enthralled by the visual arts. Following that, he began working as a carpenter and cabinet builder in Virginia.

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Career and Profession Life

He began his work as a professional cabinet builder and carpenter in Virginia after graduation. He began his trip to Alaska in 1980 in order to realize his ambition of living in Alaska and exploring the natural world. In the winter, he sought and collected gardening materials since he planned to perform gardening in the summer. Andy fought tooth and nail to stay alive in Alaska. He spent 20 years as a riverboat captain on the Yukon River. With his dogs, he lived on the Yukon River.

He owned a total of 37 sled dogs. He met Kate, a tourist, when he was in Dawson City. They’ve been together since their first meeting. His grandma constantly encouraged him to pursue his ambitions. In 1980, he heeded the advice, packed his belongings, and relocated to Alaska. With his peace and space, he preferred to dwell in the woods and in a peaceful spot. He considered Alaska to be his home since he enjoyed being there. Later, he began working as a musher and lived with 37 sled dogs near the Yukon Riverbank.

Alaskans mostly commemorate the breaking up of water at the start of summer, when ice water swept away all of his property, machines, and homes. He rose to prominence in 2013 after acting in the television series Life Below Zero, which also featured Soledad O’Brien and Ciril Jazbec. Sue Aikens, Glenn Villeneuve, Jassie Holmes, Erik Salitan, Chip Hailstone, and Agnes Hailstone all featured in the documentary series.

Net Worth

Andy Bassich managed a musher school and a survival training school before becoming a TV sensation, where he taught people how to survive in inclement weather. His major source of income, however, is from the National Geographic Channel’s TV program “Life Below Zero.” As of 2018, his net worth is believed to be $250,000. His net worth is estimated to be $100,000 as a result of the television program Life Below Zero.

Relationship Status

After a few years of dating, Andy Bassich married Kate Bassich. In 2003, the pair met for the first time in Dawson City. Calico Bluff was an exciting place for them to reside. They also put forth a lot of effort by heating with wood, feeding the dogs, hunting, harvesting or cultivating, processing, and making each meal from scratch. Moose, black bear, caribou, wolf, and salmon are also hunted.

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They also began their own company together, breeding 26 sled dogs for survival and running a dog mushing school. When Kate left her house in 2015, they split up. After that, they formalized their divorce in 2016. As a result, he is a divorced single guy. He is the father of a kid from a previous marriage.


He was accused of assaulting his ex-wife Kate Rorke Bassich verbally and physically. And in 2016, they split up. According to reports, Kate attempted to preserve her marriage despite the turmoil. As a result, they were not a perfect match.

Body Measurement and Social Media

Andy is a man with grey hair and brown eyes. A different physical look is being considered.

Because he prefers to remain alone and enjoy a tranquil life, he has no official sites. He does, however, have his own Facebook and Instagram accounts. His Facebook account has barely 500 friends. He has rendered his Twitter account completely inactive. There isn’t a single tweet, and the account only has 50 followers.