Tinglan Hong

Tinglan Hong

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Updated On July 1, 2022

Hugh Grant’s ex-girlfriend and former restaurant hostess Tinglan Hong is a Chinese-British woman. Tinglan Hong has two kids with Hugh Grant and has worked at a Chinese restaurant in London.

Tinglan Hong’s Bio, Age

In 1979, Tinglan Hong was born in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, Eastern China, into a family of business owners. 42 years old is the woman. She hasn’t disclosed her age or date of birth, however.

Despite coming from an entrepreneurial family, she has also kept her parents’ identity a secret. She is of Chinese ancestry and has both British and Chinese citizenship.

Other than that, nothing more is known about Tinglan’s birthday, parents, siblings, or early years. We may infer that Hugh’s ex-girlfriend was well-raised by her parents in her hometown based on her success and popularity.

Tinglan Hong attended the University of Surrey in Guildford, England, where she finished her degree. There is no more information available on the famous ex-other girlfriend’s academic qualifications.

Tinglan Hong is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 58 kg, and has black hair and dark brown eyes. The famous ex-body girlfriend’s measurements are 34-25-34, and her bra size is 34C.

Source: eonline.com

She is not active on any social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, the famous ex-girlfriend prefers to keep her private life hidden from the general public and the media.

Tinglan Hong hasn’t yet earned any awards or nominations, to my knowledge. Additionally, given the growth of the famous ex-girlfriend, we may expect her to earn some of them in the next years.

In Lishui, in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, Tinglan Hong was born into a family of businesspeople. In 2003, Hong immigrated to Britain and began working as a receptionist in a Chinese restaurant.

There are a few sites that say Hong is an actress, however, there are no documents or evidence to back up this statement. She has not been listed as having been cast in any movies or TV shows. Her birthdate and other personal information are not well known.

Tinglan Hong’s Career

Tinglan Hong left China in 2003 and began working as a receptionist at a Chinese restaurant in Britain. She also worked at a Chinese restaurant in London, although her previous occupation is not known.

She is well-known, though, for being the ex-girlfriend of British actor Hugh Grant. Hugh, her ex-boyfriend, is a well-known British actor who has achieved success in Hollywood.

In 1982, he made his acting debut in the Oxford Film Foundation film “Privileged.” After that, he had an appearance in 1988’s horror movie “The Lair of the White Worm” as Lord James D’Ampton.

He had an appearance in the 1991 French film “Impromptu” under the direction of James Lapine. Then, in 1994, he featured Charle in the box office sensation “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” which was nominated for an Academy Award.

The actor starred in the 1995 Ang Lee-directed British film “Sense and Sensibility,” which won an Academy Award. Following that, the actor starred with Julia Roberts in the 1999 romantic comedy “Notting Hill.”

He featured Daniel Cleaver in the 2001 romantic comedy “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” which was based on the same-named book. He appeared in the Oscar-nominated comedy-drama “About a Boy” the following year, which was adapted from a Nick Hornby book.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

After that, in 2003, Richard Curtis’ comedy “Love Actually,” in which he played the character David, was released. Additionally, he played Daniel Cleaver in the 2004 sequel to “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.”

Following that, he had brief appearances in movies including “Music Lyrics,” “Cloud Atlas,” and “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”

Tinglan Hong’s Marital Status

While a student at the University of Surrey, Tinglan Hong was dating Adolfo Mosquera, a soccer player from Columbia. Additionally, the pair was together for two years before deciding to part ways.

She then met Hugh Grant, with whom she began a relationship in 2010. Moreover, Felix Chang Hong Grant and Tabitha Grant are the names of the couple’s two children. However, Hugh’s playfulness and relationships with other women caused the pair to split up.

Hugh Grant and Tinglan Hong began dating in 2011. When asked about their connection by the media, neither of them responded positively. The media saw their relationship as a passing project since Grant was painted as a playboy.

Hugh Grant had a romance with a socialite before he met Tinglan Hong. Grant first met Hong when she was a receptionist at a Chinese restaurant. After a few encounters, Grant started to like Hong.

Hong was aware of Grant’s prior relationships when they first met. In reality, she was aware of Grant’s relationship with another woman even while he was making advances toward her. Their difference in ages was also never an issue for either of them.

Never did they give a fig about being caught by the press. They really took great pleasure in showing their love to others. They were photographed kissing in a bar in Fulham, South-West London when they were both first caught on video.

Following that, Tinglan Hong was often seen visiting the actor’s West London home. However, Grant made no mention of his connection with Hong.

Grant took a break from his job and traveled with Hong. By the time they got back from their vacation, Tinglan Hong was already pregnant.

Grant and Hong’s adventure as parents started when Hong gave birth to their daughter Tabitha in September 2011. As he did not want Hong to get unnecessary attention, Grant, therefore, tried to keep Hong away from the media.

The pair split up after a year for reasons that they both knew well. A year later, they got back together, but nothing was ever the same. Despite the fact that Grant was now seeing Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein, he continued to date Tinglan Hong.

Source: The Telegraph

When Grant’s second girlfriend Anna and Hong both became pregnant at the same time, the media went crazy. Hong gave birth to a baby boy called Felix three months after Anna delivered the kid.

The three of them found it almost hard to avoid the headlines at this time since the women were often questioned by the media about their connection with Hugh Grant.

Grant was often depicted as a playboy and as someone who was acting irresponsibly with his various relationships, yet he ultimately showed himself to be a decent parent. He made every effort to provide his kids with a nice existence.

Tinglan Hong’s Net Worth

Tinglan Hong made a good living as a former hostess and employee of a Chinese restaurant. Online sites estimate the celebrity ex-net girlfriend’s worth to be at $250,000 USD.

Hugh, her ex-boyfriend, is also very wealthy, with an estimated US net worth of $150 million as of 2022.