Malaika Nowitzki

Malaika Nowitzki

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Updated On April 16, 2022
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Dirk Nowitzki, a former professional basketball player from Germany, has a daughter named Malaika Nowitzki. Malaika Nowitzki is just seven years old.

Malaika Nowitzki’s Early Life

Malaika, the celebrity daughter, was born in the United States of America in July 2013. Her age is seven years, and her zodiac sign is cancer. Furthermore, she is the oldest child of her parents, Jessica Olsson and D013-. She is of mixed heritage and has an American nationality. Her father is a German citizen, while her mother is of Kenyan descent. Max Nowitzki, one of her siblings’ brothers, was born in 2014.

Morris Nowitzki, her younger brother, was born in 2016. She and her siblings live in a home that is bilingual. Their parents instilled in them the ability to communicate in English, German, and Swedish. For the first several years of her life, her parents kept her and her siblings’ brothers out of the limelight. Before Nowitzki’s formal retirement in April, the family snapped a photo with their mother at a couple of Nowitzki’s last games.

Malaika Nowitzki’s Career

Malaika Nowitzki, who is seven years old, is now enrolled in a primary school. She is now enjoying her childhood and will not be working. When it comes to her father’s profession, Nowitzki had a rocky start due to having to combine athletics and school. He was performing badly in the first season of the ‘Second Bundesliga’ in 1994, and he was often deteriorating. The next season, in 1995, he continued to score effectively and established himself. In 1996, he and his teammates helped their side finish second in the league. In addition, he was voted the ‘German Basketballer of the Year’ by the German magazine ‘Basket’ in the 1997–1998 season after finishing as the team’s leading scorer. His squad, ‘DJK,’ also finished first. He was gaining worldwide prominence as a result of his participation in the ‘Nike Hoop Heroes Tour,’ where he competed against NBA players.

He was chosen to play in the ‘Nike Hoop Summit’ after an outstanding performance. Many prominent ‘NBA’ stars were outplayed by him. The ‘Mavericks’ finally picked him. Even after his excellent performance, his grade was low, and he considered returning to Germany. He persevered, though, and remained with the ‘Dallas Mavericks.’ The ‘Dallas Mavericks’ was taken over by Mark Cuban in 2000, and he rebuilt the franchise in a constructive fashion. Unfortunately, the team’s and Nowitzki’s performances improved, as he ended up with 17.5 points. He received multiple awards and came in second place for the ‘NBA Most Improved Player Award.’ Drik was the first member of his team to be chosen to the NBA’s All-Star team.

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In another season, he signed a $90-million contract extension, making him one of Germany’s highest-paid sportsmen. Nowitzki’s numbers began to improve, which aided the team’s performance in the 2006 season. Then, in the 2004–2005 season, he had a career-high scoring average of 26.1 points. He was later selected to the ‘All-NBA First Team.’ Nowitzki’s scoring point totals increased dramatically during the 2006 season, earning him the title of ‘MVP’ of the league. Despite his outstanding performance, the ‘Mavericks’ struggled in the following seasons. In addition, in the 2009–2010 season, Nowitzki reached the 20,000-point plateau and was selected for the ‘All-Star Game.’ He elected to extend his contract with the ‘Mavericks,’ signing a four-year, $80-million agreement. In 2011, his efforts helped the ‘Mavericks improve their standing. Despite receiving a ligament injury and suffering from a high temperature, he persisted to participate in critical matches. The team’s first title was secured thanks to his winning points. He was dubbed the season’s ‘MVP.’

He reached the 1,000-game milestone in 2011 in January 2012 and received his competition ring. His injuries and subsequent surgery were a result of his performance in the 2013 season. He did, however, reach 25,000 points. He was ranked 10th on the all-time scoring list in April 2014, with 26,712 points. In the same year, he signed a $25 million deal with the ‘Mavericks.’ By 2015, he had amassed nearly 28,000 points. He soon became the sixth player in NBA history to reach 29,000 points, and he reworked his contract. Despite repeated injuries, he earned the coveted 30,000-point plateau in the 2016–2017 season.

He also opted to become a free agent and continued tinkering with the ‘Mavericks,’ while leaving his options open. Nowitzki passed the 31,000-point threshold in 2018 and continued to add to his career total. During the 2018–2019 season, he set the ‘NBA record for most seasons (21 seasons) spent with the same team. He made his debut with the ‘EuroBasket’ in 1999, collecting the most points for Germany in the competition. Despite Germany’s early defeat, he was the highest-scoring player in the ‘Eurobasket’ in 2001 and was named to the ‘All-Star squad. However, due to a foot ailment, he struggled in the ‘EuroBasket’ in 2003. Nowitzki returned in 2005 and led his club to the championship game. Despite the team’s loss to Greece, Nowitzki was the series’ highest scorer and was named ‘MVP.’ After Nowitzki’s dominant performance in the qualification match, Germany qualified for the 2008 ‘Olympics.’ During the opening ceremony, he was also chosen as the flag-bearer for the German ‘Olympic’ squad. He passed up a number of overseas possibilities in order to focus on his ‘NBA’ career until 2015. In 2015, he was named captain of the German squad that will compete in the ‘EuroBasket.’ Finally, in January 2016, Nowitzki announced his retirement from the German national basketball team.

Malaika Nowitzki’s Net Worth

Malaika is a young girl who is now pursuing her education while also enjoying her youth. As a result, it is safe to assume that she does not work and does not have a net worth at this time. She also enjoys a luxury lifestyle, being the daughter of wealthy sportsmen. Dirk Nowitzki, her father, is the 13th highest NBA player on the list with a net worth of $140 million. She and her family reside in an $8 million mansion in the Dallas area of Billionaire’s Row. Her mother is a successful businesswoman who earns a comfortable living. In 2013, her father Drik had a net worth of roughly $23 million because of the Mavericks. She is enjoying a lavish lifestyle thanks to her parents’ earnings.

Malaika Nowitzki’s Relationship

After dating for more than three years, Malaika’s parents married on July 20, 2012, after dating for more than three years. When her parents were on vacation in Scotland in 2010, they ran into each other. Dirk’s Preston Hollow house was the setting for the couple’s wedding ceremony. They then went on a Caribbean honeymoon. They eventually had three children. The whole family often travels or takes a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.

Social Media and Body Measurement

Malaika is still developing in terms of her bodily measurements. Other details regarding her physical measurements are still unknown. She does, however, have a set of black eyes and black hair. She also has a light skin tone. In terms of her social media profile, she is much too young to be able to deal with such concerns. As a result, she isn’t active on any social media networks. She doesn’t use Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.