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Theresa Roemer

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Updated On June 27, 2022
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Theresa Roemer is an entrepreneur, a fitness instructor, a social media influencer, an author, a former bodybuilder, a radio host, a speaker, a Youtuber, and a philanthropist from the United States. Theresa Roemer is well-known for her “she-cave,” which claims to be the world’s largest closet.

Early Life and Childhood

Theresa Roemer was born on September 27, 1961, in Nebraska, United States of America. She is 59 years old and born under the sign of Libra. She was born in the United States and practices Christianity. Similarly, Theresa is presently based in Houston, Texas, United States. Theresa’s parents’ names and other details are currently unavailable. She has two siblings, whose names are also unknown. Similarly, information about her other relatives, such as her cousins and other relatives, is not known till now.

Similarly, we don’t know much about her family members or their backgrounds at this time. Furthermore, Roemer’s brother died of a heart attack. Theresa Roemer was born six weeks early. She was also sick four times with rheumatic fever. Her sickness caused her to develop a heart murmur, which she still has today. Her physicians predicted that her ill state would prevent her from engaging in much physical exercise.

Theresa Roemer, on the other hand, proved them all wrong and embarked on a fitness career. Theresa’s educational history and qualifications are still unknown, as is the name of the school and high school she attended. She did, however, become a basketball player in high school and was awarded a sports scholarship. Theresa was able to attend Black Hills State University because to her scholarship, but she had to leave to live with her lover.

Source: Lioness Magazine

Professional Life

When she was younger, Theresa Roemer worked odd jobs to supplement her income. She was always on the lookout for the next business opportunity, whether it was delivering newspapers or mowing lawns. And, as a multi-millionaire with numerous enterprises, Theresa’s strong work ethic has paid off. Similarly, Theresa Roemer’s interest in health and helping others began at an early age. Theresa was unwell as a youngster, and her doctors told her she’d have to live with physical limitations for the rest of her life.

But, determined to disprove the physicians, she embarked on a life-long quest to remain active, healthy, and physically fit. Similarly, Theresa Roemer founded Body by Design Wyoming, a network of fitness clinics, in 1991. Through the year 2000, she additionally managed five institutions. During this period, she was also offering personal training services through her firm, Phenomenal Physiques. Furthermore, at the age of 40, Theresa won the U.S. Open in bodybuilding. Mrs. Houston U.A. and Mrs. Texas U.A. were among her titles.

During the same year, Roemer was also the first runner-up for Mrs. United America. Roemer climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2011 to raise funds for Child Legacy International. Theresa Roemer is also the CEO of LLC, as well as the owner of various home products firms and a fitness guru. She’s also a well-respected business philanthropist. She is also a specialist in corporate philanthropy.

Theresa also works with large motion picture studios, television studios, companies, and high-profile brands on a monthly basis to help them increase their charitable reach and raise millions of dollars through business charity events. She also helps with companies like LVMH to help them understand their fundraising objectives. With her capacity to arrange high-impact company fundraising events, she can even make those goals a reality.

Relationship Status

Theresa Roemer has been married three times and divorced twice in her life. She is now married to Lamar Roemer, who is her third spouse. Leslie, Lauren Morgan, Tashina, LB Roemer, and Maximillian are their five children. They married in 2008 and have five children together. Similarly, Theresa and Lamar Roemer own four oil and gas enterprises together.

When it comes to prior relationships and marriages, Theresa Roemer was in a seven-year relationship with her lover during her high school years, but his identity is unknown and no information about him has been released in the public. Similarly, she gave up her sports scholarship to live with her lover. However, they eventually split up and became estranged from one another. Following that, Theresa Roemer embarked on her first seven-year married partnership.

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Furthermore, no information concerning her first marriage has ever been published to the media or the general public. However, Theresa remembered her first marriage as a nightmare. Her first spouse was divorced. Theresa then had an affair with a friend, through which she gave birth to her first child, Michael Roemer.

Sadly, her son died in a vehicle accident when he was nineteen years old in 2006. Then Theresa Roemer married her second husband after a new connection. This relationship with her did not work out, and it terminated after a short time.

Body Measurements

Theresa Roemer is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 62 kg. Her other physical measures are 38-27-40 inches for her chest, waist, and hips, accordingly. Theresa also has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Social Media and Net Worth

Theresa Roemer is quite active across all of her social media platforms. She has 231K Instagram followers and 7.8K Twitter followers. She also has 33.6K Facebook followers and 142K YouTube subscribers.

Theresa Roemer has a net worth of $13.5 million, according to dreshare, and her major source of income is her entrepreneurship.