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Sunetra Sastry

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Updated On July 3, 2022
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Newcastle upon Tyne

Makeup artist Sunetra Sastry worked on one of the most well-known programs, “Black Adder.” Sunetra Sastry gained national attention after being married to Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson, a well-known actor, and comedian.

Sunetra Sastry’s Bio, Age

The makeup artist was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, on September 5, 1957. Her zodiac sign is Cancer, and she is now 63 years old. Sunetra is of Anglo-Indian origin and has British nationality as well. Her English mother and Indian father gave birth to Sunetra Sastry.

Additionally, due to the race of her father, she encountered societal racism while growing up in England in the 1960s. Sunetra’s mother was raised in a prosperous English household. Prior to her marriage to Sunetra’s father, her mother was also barred from living in her own home.

In the instance of Sunetra, she practices both Hinduism and Christianity. The actress attempted to approach her mother about the same issue later, and she responded that it was worthwhile. Looking at her educational history, she graduated from high school and enrolled in a London beauty college.

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Her parents were first asked about it since they intended to train her daughter to be a nurse. After some time passed, they finally accepted their daughter’s choice after seeing how passionate she was about it.

In terms of bodily measurements, Sunetra Sastry has a healthy weight and has an average height. Sunetra is 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches) tall. The makeup artist weighs 55 kg, or 123 pounds, in total.

The dimensions of Sastry’s physique are 34-28-34 inches. She also has long, light brown hair and brown eyes. Sunetra also has a small build and a light complexion. She has a lovely face and certainly has talent since she is a cosmetics artist.

The makeup artist is not active on any social media sites when it comes to social media-related matters. Sastry doesn’t have a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Twitter account, or any of those things.

Sastry has kept a modest profile in front of the general population. Sastry doesn’t appear to be an attention whore and doesn’t want any more problems. Sunetra Sastry has also avoided speculations and controversy since she has been very private about her personal life as well.

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Sunetra Sastry’s Career

Sunetra Sastry started working as a makeup artist in London after receiving her degree from the university. She was also hired by BBC in the early 1980s, and she finally started working on “Black Adder.” It was the BBC1 situational comedy with a pseudo-historical theme.

Stephen Fry had a makeover from her at first, and he subsequently acknowledged that Sastry was one of the few women who had captured his attention.

The actor, who is openly homosexual, acknowledged wanting to ask her out in his 2010 autobiography, “The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography.”

Sastry was described as being “intelligent, humorous, and as captivatingly attractive as any female I had met in years” by the author. Then, Rowan Atkinson approached him and requested to trade makeup artists.

Fry first believed that Atkinson may not be content with his current relationship, but he quickly realized that Atkinson was also interested in asking her out.

Fry served as Atkinson’s best man as well. The makeup artist previously worked on “Black Adder II” and “Smack and Thistle,” a TV movie.

After that, Sastry decided to give up her job and asign herself to caring for her children. Rowan Atkinson was already a well-known actor and comedian at the time of their wedding because of his extensive work in radio, television, theater, as well as film.


Sunetra Sastry worked from home to promote the play while Rowan created unique characters like Mr. Bean, Johnny English, and Enrico Pollini. Sastry enjoys painting and traveling to new areas in addition to her work.

Eddie Redmayne and Emma Stone are her favorite actors and performers. Similar to Sastry, who loves the color black, London is her ideal vacation spot. Lily Atkinson, the stunning daughter of Atkinson & Sastry, is also an actor.

Lily became a viral sensation in 2012 while attending a movie premiere with her parents. Together with her father, she appeared in two movies: “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” in 2007 and “Johnny English Reborn” in 2011. Additionally, she appeared in the 2004 family film “Tooth.”

Sunetra Sastry’s Marital Status

In the year 1986, Sastry and Atkinson had the opportunity to meet. Before becoming engaged in late 1989, they had a three-year love connection. The famed Russian Tea Room in New York City served as the venue for the couple’s wedding in February 1990.

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Fortunately, they were able to start a family and had a boy as their first child in 1993. Benjamin is his name. Then, in 1995, after two years, they welcomed their daughter Lily into the world. Sastry decided to concentrate on raising and caring for her children, thus she left her work.

The announcement that a new lady had entered Rowan’s life in 2014 signaled the beginning of Sastry and Atkinson’s twenty-four-year marriage’s decline.

Later, it was revealed that the new lady was actress Louise Ford. Additionally, Rowan and Louise came into contact while working on a West End production of Simon Gray’s play “Quartermaine’s Terms.”

In January 2013, the play premiered at Wyndham’s Theatre. They were constructing an $11 million home in Oxfordshire while their divorce proceedings were taking place.

The actor’s actions not only angered his followers but even his daughter, who called her father’s actions “a dick move.” On November 10, 2015, they filed for divorce.

However, Atkinson was unable to appear in court, thus their divorce was finalized by a judge 65 seconds into the hearing. The court judged his actions to be “unreasonable.”

Lily Atkinson’s decision to stop using her father’s last name and adopt her mother’s original last name was announced in October 2017.

Sunetra Sastry’s Net Worth

The brilliant makeup artist has an astounding net worth of $15 million as of 2022, which she undoubtedly acquired from her work as a makeup artist. She was only valued at $650,000 as of the year 2018.

Additionally, Sastry has made a fortune for herself via her incredible job, and she often makes $40,000 every year. However, Rowan Atkinson, her ex-husband, must have a net worth of at least $130 million as of 2022

His work as an actor, writer, and comedian also serves as his main source of income.