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Lyzel Williams is a DJ and Prominent Graphic Artist From the United States. Intermedia, Inc. is Where Lyzel Williams Presently Works. Williams, on the other Hand, Drew Media and Public Attention Following his Divorce From Ex-Wife Jill Scott. Intermedia Interactive Solutions, Intermedia Interactive Software, and The Philadelphia Tribune are Among His Prior Employers.

Lyzel Williams’s Childhood

Lyzel Williams was born in Washington, D.C. in the early 1970s. He is an American citizen who practices Christianity. His birthday and year of birth aren’t available at the present, which is why his exact age can’t be determined with confidence. Throughout his childhood, he spent a lot of time with his grandmother.

Source: Smile Times

His parents raised him as their only kid. His father was an electrical engineer, while his mother was a fashion designer. Aside from his brother, Rick, there are no more facts about his parents or close relatives. As a result of his great grandparents’ military service, he attended military college.

He also graduated from Forestville Senior High School in 1989. He was a member of their neighborhood basketball team during his senior high school years. He went to ‘The Art Institute of Philadelphia’ after high school to study graphic design.

Lyzel Williams’s  Career

Being the son of a designer gave him the ability to sketch, and he had a particular view of many topics and spent a lot of time with paper and pencil. He was intrigued by music, commonly known as DJ. Lyzel began his professional career as a senior graphics and interface designer at Intermedia Interactive Software.

He worked as a graphics designer for a software firm for eight years, from 1993 to 2001. He worked as a graphic designer at ‘The Philadelphia Tribune’ at the same time as he was at Intermedia Interactive Software. From 1994 to 1995, he worked for ‘The Philadelphia Tribune.’ In addition, he worked as a senior graphic designer at ‘Intermedia Interactive Solutions’ in his early career.


From 1993 to 2002, he worked as a senior graphic designer for nine years. His father encouraged him to pursue it as a profession, but he became distracted by the graphic. He works as a graphic designer for a number of firms and is also regarded as one of the town’s most successful DJs. From this year till now, he has worked as an imaginative design specialist for “Comcast Interactive Media.”

As a consequence of his long-standing friendship with Jill, he becomes a very well-known image designer and visual artist, and he also achieves a big accomplishment while in her gloom. In addition, he was interested in charity and volunteer work with his wife Jill, and the two of them contributed significantly to area charities.

Lyzel Williams’s Net Worth

The precise sum of Lyzel Williams’ net worth is still being determined. However, as a graphic designer, he has made a nice living and earns roughly $34,300 each year.

Scott, his ex-wife, is reported to be worth roughly $12 million. He was able to increase his net worth by $2 million dollars as a consequence of his winemaking skills and his good looks on his reality TV show.

Lyzel Williams’ Relationship

Jill Scott was the renowned artist’s wife. Jill is a well-known vocalist, singer, composer, model, and public figure. The pair dated for a few years before ultimately marrying in 2001. In Hawaii, their wedding was an elite service occasion. In the year 1994, the pair met for the first time.

Lyzel and Jill were all over heels in love. Jill Scott’s husband prompted her to create two songs about him, the most known of which being “He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat).” The song was included on her first album, “Who Is Jill Scott?” Volume 1 of “Words and Sounds.” The couple had been married for nearly a century. In 2007, they must divorce.

What went wrong for this couple who had been so in love for so long is unknown. They haven’t had any children together in their six decades of marriage. In one interview, his ex said that he stopped eating her meals and would leave it on the counter for days without eating it.

He was irritated not by her culinary abilities, but by certain flaws in their relationship. He found another woman and has been in a long-term relationship with her after two decades of seclusion.


Scott, on the other side, married Mike Dobson, her long-term partner, on June 25, 2016. He has agreed to keep his profile low, thus there is no additional information regarding his personal life to be uncovered. He is now residing in their Mount Laurel, NJ home.

They make an ideal marriage, and he is grateful to have found such an understanding wife. He has been an industrious guy since he was a child, and he is completely satisfied with Jill after finding an understanding girl for his improved profession. This might possibly be the reason they aren’t ready to divorce. Williams enjoys traveling and is learning to cook in order to provide for his wife.

He and his ex used to spend a lot of time together, going to clubs, dancing, drinking, and partying (according to an interview she gave to Launch in 2001). They did other fun things together, such as going on long walks and attending carnivals, and she really loved his company. He got deeply engaged in the career management of his ex-lover (for Blue Babes Management). Jill was a Grammy-winning neo-soul singer when she and him parted up.

Lyzel Williams’s Social Media and Body Measurement

Lyzel is 5 feet 10 inches tall, according to his physical measurements. He has a dark complexion and is of average build. In addition, he has dark brown eyes and black hair. Furthermore, there is no information about his body measurement, shoe size, or clothing size.

When it comes to social media, he is not active on any of the sites. He doesn’t use Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook. He is maintaining a low profile in order to honor his commitment to his ex-wife.