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Stephanie Soo

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Updated On April 15, 2022
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Stephanie Soo is a well-known Youtuber from the United States. Stephanie Soo is known for her mukbangs, food tastings, rants, and vlogs on her two Youtube channels, “Stephanie Soo” and “MissMangoButt.”

Stephanie Soo’s Early Life

Stephanie Soo is a 25-year-old actress who was born on November 27, 1995. She was born in South Korea and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Her zodiac sign is also Sagittarius. She is a quiet, reserved person. As a result, there is no information on her parents, siblings, or other family members. Soo has also been tight-lipped about her educational background and credentials.

Stephanie Soo’s Career

Stephanie Soo is a professional social media sensation best known for her self-titled YouTube channel. Her mukbangs, food tastings, rants, and vlogging videos have received over 437 million views on her YouTube account. She also has a channel named “MissMangoButt” that she operates. In March 2017, she also launched her primary YouTube account.

Her YouTube fanbase has grown to almost 2.3 million followers, according to the mukbang sensation. Her Instagram account, @missmangobutt, now has more than 550,000 followers. On YouTube, she has also partnered with Timothy DeLaGhetto. Timothy is a rapper, comedian, actor, and online celebrity from the United States. Timothy is best known for being one of the original cast members of the revived improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out.

Stephanie Soo on Instagram: “Overheard in LA: “Denim is making a comeback” Me the next day 👖” | Trendy fashion outfits, Fashion, Fashion outfits

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Her YouTube account was launched on March 29, 2017, to be exact. Her debut video, HUGE KOREAN BLACK BEAN NOODLES MUKBANG l EATING SHOW l [], was then posted. The video titled 10 PACKS SPICY NUCLEAR BLACK BEAN NOODLES CHALLENGE | MUKBANG has been the most popular on her channel so far.

This video has gotten more than 3.7 million views since its posting on July 14, 2018. At the present, her channel is increasing day-by-day with over 2 million following her channel. Also, she is constant in posting videos as she uploads videos three to four times a week.

Stephanie Soo’s channel was promoted by Veronica Wang, a fellow Mukbang YouTuber. She became uneasy with Veronica as time went on, and she chose not to engage her. She also confided in Nick about this situation in private. Despite her explicit declaration that she would not discuss Veronica on their video, Nick persisted in pressuring her to do so.

This is when the trouble began, since she was firm in her declaration and did not buzz or mention Veronica in the video. This encounter made her feel uneasy about Nick as well. It was because Nick didn’t respect her choice not to include Veronica in their collaboration video.

She felt quite distraught after this encounter and had an emotional breakdown. She was unable to shoot the three collaborative films that Zach, Nick, and she had planned. She was quiet on all of her social media accounts for a while. Things eventually got out of hand, and she released a video on her channel claiming that Nick had threatened and abused her.

Nick responded with an hour-and-a-half-long film of his own. Nick described her as “self-serving.” He stated she purposefully made expressions that made her seem uncomfortable. He did, however, explain that she agreed to discuss about Veronica in their collab video. She then made another video in which she demonstrated how Nick deceived all of the viewers with a slew of visual evidence that proved Nick was lying. She closed the video by declaring that she is no longer afraid of him and that she would have nothing to do with him from now on.

Stephanie Soo’s Relaionship

Stephanie Soo is engaged to Mistermangobutt or Stephiance, an online moniker for a social media star. She has been introducing her fiancé from the start of her YouTube career. Her fiancée, on the other hand, does not show his face very much. Despite the fact that she is very open about everything in her life, she always respects the privacy of her fiance. Her fiancee’s name is Rui Qian, according to some sources. Under the handle @mistermangobutt, he also has his own Instagram account. Her fiancée has worked as a sales professional and watch expert for Harry Winston since 2015, according to the same source. However, we can’t be certain of his genuine name since he hasn’t shared anything about it on his social media accounts.

Stephanie Soo’s Body Measurements

Stephanie Soo is roughly 5’2″ tall and weighs around 55 kg. Her chest, waist, and hip measurements are all around 34-26-35 inches. Furthermore, she has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Net Worth and Social Media

Stephanie Soo has a social media presence on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @missmangobutt. As of November 2020, this account has over 566k followers and 350 posts shared. She may also be found on Tiktok with the handle @mistermangobutt.

Her Tiktok account has over 5.5 million likes and 427.8K followers. On March 29, 2017, she launched her primary and self-titled Youtube account. This channel has had over 465 million views and 2.37 million subscribers thus far.

MissMangoButt, her second YouTube channel, debuted on September 7, 2017, with over 152 million views and 947K subscribers.

Moving ahead, she is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million dollars as of November 2020. Fans may also write to Stephanie Soo at 645 W 9th Street, Unit 110-434, Los Angeles, CA 90015.