Stephanie Hayden

Stephanie Hayden

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Updated On June 30, 2022
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American weapons specialist Stephanie Hayden has become well-known in the media. Stephanie Hayden became well-known because of the reality TV program Sons of Guns, which features the family business that makes guns.

Stephanie Hayden’s Bio, Age

In the 1980s, Stephanie Hayden was given the name Stephanie Marie Hayden Ford (her actual birth date is not known). She has had citizenship in the United States since she was born in Louisiana. She also practices Christianity as her faith.

She was birthed through her mother Rachel Hayden and her father William Hayden, who is now moving toward her family. Her father established the guns company Red Jacket Weapons LLC and was a prosperous businessman.

This company provides weapons that have been customized for private customers, security firms, and law enforcement. But now he is behind bars. She is also the only child; she has no brothers or sisters. When she was too young, her parents split up.

The public has not been given any information regarding Stephanie’s education. She seems to be well-educated despite this.

She stands at 5 feet 6 inches, or 1.7 meters, and weighs around 63 kilograms, or 138 pounds. Her actual body measurements, however, are not known. She furthermore has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Furthermore, when it comes to her social media accessibility, she is not on any of them.

Source: Alarmy

Stephanie Hayden’s Career

Stephanie Hayden appeared in every performance of her father’s “V How Epode of the Gun” He pulled out a revolver while among them, drawing her childhood.

The racing beauty has exceptional flat-track expertise and has made an appearance on Discovery Channel 64 times. It debuted in 2011, lasted for five seasons, and was unexpectedly canceled in 2014.

Stephanie did a fantastic job playing each character in the show, just as her husband and father did. After the TV program ended, Stephanie continued to present her podcast on Spotify under the name The Unbroken Truth. There, she shares her struggles with her fans and asks them for feedback.

As a result of her oldest child’s abuse, he and her husband, r Fоrd, both made appearances on Dr.HL. Even though many people believed it, he broke down on the side of the how-howling reminder and apologized.


In addition to her work on reality TV, she runs her own business and oversees Red Jacket Firearms, the company her father founded that makes guns. She oversees the bulk of the paperwork related to purchasing and selling firearms as well as managing orders.

When Stephanie was a youngster, her father taught her about the manufacture and usage of firearms. She loved guns so much that soon after completing her education, she was appointed manager of her father’s gun store.

She has been employed in this field since she was a teen. Her father is impressed by her passion for guns. She thus received a promotion to manager of Red Jacket Firearms.

Stephanie Hayden’s Marital Status

Stephanie has been married twice in her life. She had a son with the American’s previous partner, William Scott. The couple’s marriage was short-lived since they both filed for divorce for unspecified reasons.

2011 saw Stephanie tie the knot with the co-star of Sons of Guns Kris Ford. Kris works at Red Jacket Weapons and is a firearms expert, much like Stephanie.

His position as production manager for the television show Sons of Guns helped him become well-known. The former cast mates were married in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas.

Two boys and a girl are the offspring of a gunsmith’s daughter. The names of their kids haven’t been made public, however.

Stephanie Hayden’s Net Worth

Over the course of her work, Stephanie has earned a respectable sum of money. She is estimated to have a net worth of $500k according to wiki sites. Her involvement in the performance and family company contributed to her fortune.