Priscila Joseph

Priscila Joseph

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Updated On April 30, 2022
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Priscila Joseph is a Brazilian model, fashion blogger, stylist, and celebrity wife. Priscila Joseph is most known for being the wife of Max Joseph, an actor, writer, and director who is best known for his television program Catfish.

Priscila Joseph’s Early Life

On August 20, 1978, Priscila Joseph was born into this world. She was born in Brazil and reared there. She is 42 years old and belongs to the Leo zodiac sign. There isn’t much known about her childhood, schooling, parents, or other siblings. As a result, she has a brother who goes by the name of Pedro Demarche. She seems to be a well-educated individual based on her achievements.

Priscila Joseph’s Career

Priscila is a fashion blogger from Brazil. As a result, she also works on the program Catfish as a costume stylist. As a result, she is an unknown Hispanic fashion blogger, stylist, and model. It’s also unclear if she ever opted to pursue a related job since her university degree is unknown.

It’s also unclear what jobs she had before becoming an online fashion expert, particularly as a blogger with her own fashion site, “Majo Brasil.” Furthermore, although the site was launched on an indeterminate date, she has since been writing numerous fashion thoughts in both English and Portuguese, and the blog’s multilingual nature has helped her acquire readers quicker than a blog that is just in one language.

Though she is most known for being the wife of reality TV star and filmmaker Max Joseph, who has a prominent role on television as Nev Schuman’s sidekick in the MTV program “Catfish.” As a result, she is presently working as a wardrobe stylist.

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Aside from that, she has enjoyed a number of personal accomplishments since an indeterminate period in her occasionally successful fashion stylist business.

Priscila Joseph’s Relationship

Max Joseph is Priscila’s husband. They dated for a time before marrying in a secret ceremony at an unknown location on an unclear day. Furthermore, as of January 6, 2019, they have been married for seven years. Simon is the name of the couple’s dog. Similarly, they now live together in Los Angeles, with frequent trips to Brazil to see their families.

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Max also assists her with her fashion blog on their trips, shooting photographs of her while she is presenting her new clothes on her blog and Instagram account. Furthermore, Priscilla’s bilingualism was passed down to her husband, who finally became proficient in Portuguese in the company of her and her family. In addition, her husband Max revealed a few facts about the day they met in an interview with As he put it:

‘Priscila is from Brazil, and she spent five years in Europe, which is how we met – at a bar, the old-fashioned manner.’ We’d never really dated online before, and her point of view includes a lot of observations about America — the differences between America and other places, as well as trends and patterns in how people behave here, which is so refreshing for me when I talk to her because it forces me to see things in new ways.’

Priscila Joseph’s Body Measurements

Her vital statistics, height, and weight, as well as physical characteristics, remain unknown. Her body is well sculpted and voluptuous. She does, however, have a good height and weight for her body type. She also has a wonderful and attractive personality. She also has a set of dark brown eyes and blonde hair.

Net Worth and Social Media

She goes by the moniker ‘@prijoseph‘ on Instagram. She now has over 37.8K followers on the platform. Aside from that, she isn’t on any other social media platforms. As a blogger and fashion designer, Priscila amassed a small wealth.

And she made the most money from her long-term job as the fashion designer for MTV’s “Catfish.” Unfortunately, her estimated net worth is unclear since she has never discussed it publicly.