Natalia Barulich

Natalia Barulich

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Updated On June 30, 2022
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American singer and model Natalia Barulich. Natalia Barulich is well-known for being featured on the covers of several magazines, such as Maxim and L’Officiel. She also appears in the 2017 music video for Felices Los 4 by reggaeton artist Maluma.

Natalia Barulich’s Bio, Age

On January 13, 1992, Natalia Barulich was born in California, America. Capricorn is her astrological sign and she is 29 years old. She is Christian and belongs to the American nationality.

Her parents’ names haven’t been made public yet. Her mother is Cuban, while her father is Croatian. Other than this, not much is known about her parents as of yet.

Similar information is not yet available on her other family members, including her siblings, cousins, grandparents, and any other relatives.

She started singing in the choir when she was five or six years old, according to her memories of her early years. From a very early age, she has been drawn to music and dancing.

Barulich has also appeared in musical theater; he comes from a musical background. She spent 16 years perfecting her ballet dancing, and she also put in 5 years as a professional dancer.


The names of the educational institutions she attended are not yet known, which is important to her educational background and qualifications.

However, taking into account her age, Barulich must have completed both high school and university unless she dropped out or elected to forgo further education.

Natalia Barulich is 50 kg heavier than she is tall, standing at 5 feet 7 inches. She also has additional body measurements of 34-25-35 inches for her hips, waist, and chest, respectively. Barulich furthermore has brown eyes and hair.

All of Natalia Barulich’s social media profiles see moderate activity. She has posted 956 times on her Instagram feed as of this writing under the username “@natalia.”

She also signed up for Twitter in March 2012. Additionally, she is active on Facebook. She also has 40kK followers on Facebook, 3.6M followers on Twitter, and 2.9K followers on Instagram.

Natalia Barulich’s Career

Natalia Barulich is a model, dancer, and vocalist with equal skill. At an early age, she participated in professional ballet performances. She also eventually made the decision to give up ballet in favor of a career as a DJ.

She even accepted modeling jobs from major companies throughout her career. Early on, she was able to achieve popularity as a model.

She was also featured on the covers of the publications “L’Officiel,” “Maxim,” “FHM,” and “Esquire.” She is also a Guess model who has featured in international nightwear and swimsuit ad campaigns.

She had a big role in the acclaimed commercial for Mercedes-Benz called “Bespoke.” She also served as the director of Air France advertisements.

In addition to all of this, she has acted as a model for advertisements for 138 Water, Target, Verizon Wireless, Apple, Got Milk?, and Samsung.

In addition to this, the music video for Maluma’s song “Felices Los 4” brought her the greatest renown, in part because of their following relationship.

Barulich has also featured in music videos for performers including Calvin Harris, Jencarlos Canela, and Britney Spears. She is also well-known on social media.


Together with her friend Esther Anaya, she founded the female DJ duo “Atmosphere” in 2016. A violinist with classical training is her buddy. She collaborated with a number of well-known celebrities, including Cristian Castro, Rihanna, and Kanye West.

While both she and the band contributed to the lyrics, she started singing live for the band. Similar to how she and Esther Anaya met for the first time after being employed separately as a violinist and a dancer, Seven years before they started the pair, they were selected to perform as the Atmosphere Music & Dancers at a Bat Mitzvah.

They ultimately decided on the name of their pair based on where they initially met.

Likewise, in March 2015, they made their stage debut at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Since then, they have given performances in cities like Los Angeles, Bali, and Morocco all over the globe.

They routinely play at the Encore Beach Club and Intrigue, and they were included in the entertainment section of the Guess Gala in Barcelona in 2016. She also participated in the Miss California USA pageant that year.

Natalia Barulich’s Marital Status

Maluma, a musician, and Natalia Barulich were a couple. He goes as Juan Luis Londoo Arias in real life. They started dating in 2017. On the set of the music video shoot for his song “Felices Los 4,” the pair first became familiar.

She served as the main model. After that, they first started out as friends, but things progressed and they finally started dating.

Princesa Julieta, a Pomeranian puppy, was also adopted by the couple. Additionally, their dog has a distinct Instagram account.

Additionally, she posted a photo of the two of them together for the first time on Twitter in January 2018, but they didn’t formally announce their relationship on Instagram until April of that same year.

They flew on a private plane to celebrate their anniversary. But they separated in the year 2019. She also started dating Neymar, a well-known Brazilian soccer player, the same year. They are no longer together, however.

Natalia Barulich’s Net Worth

Barulich is a DJ, singer, and model. She was able to generate and improve the quality and quantity of her job, including revenue from her social media accounts on YouTube and Instagram.

She earns an average of $21 per hour as a DJ, and her estimated net worth is $500,000 as of 2022.