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Malu Trevejo

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Updated On April 15, 2022
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Malu Trevejo is a Spanish singer and social media star who was born in Cuba. Malu Trevejo is well-known for its music as well as its Instagram photos and videos. As of 2019, she is projected to have over 85 million YouTube subscribers.

Malu Trevejo’s Early Life

Malu Trevejo’s full name is Maria Luisa Trevejo, and she was born in Havana, Cuba, on October 15, 2002, under the sign of Libra. She is 18 years old and was born to a Cuban mother and a Spanish father. Her father’s and mother’s names, however, are still unknown. Her mother and father are split, she said. He is, nevertheless, still in contact with them. Other details regarding her family remain unclear.

In March 2017, her mother also participated on an Instagram live feed. She and her parents moved to Madrid shortly after her birth, where she spent the next 12 years. She and her mother then relocated to Miami. She hasn’t spoken anything about her upbringing. She has a younger sister who is in middle school but dislikes learning. She is an American, a Christian, and a Latina, specifically a Cuban-Spanish. She began a home school program after being bullied and having difficulty making friends. She seems to be in high school, based on her age.

Malu Trevejo’s Career

Malu Trevejo is well-known on Instagram for her picture and video postings. Her images and videos showed her posing in various current trend clothing. She began sharing lip-syncing videos of her favorite songs on TikTok after that. She started Twitter in April 2016 and within a few months had amassed over 13k followers. She is pretty advanced for her age. The Fliptones produced her first single, “Luna Llena,” which launched her career. Within seven weeks of its debut, the song had racked over 33 million views.

It also charted at #27 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs list, selling over 2,000 downloads at the time. She also published an English-language remake of the song, which she dedicated to non-Spanish speakers and supporters. She has two YouTube accounts, one for her dance videos and the other for her cosmetic instructions. She also utilizes the shopping app mercari, which she uses to give away free stuff to her admirers rather of selling it. Her new album, Spanglish, will have songs in both English and Spanish, according to her. She also inked a recording deal with In-Tu Linea in June 2017.

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It’s a subsidiary of Universal Music Latin Entertainment. Maly released Una vez más, a four-track EP, on August 2, 2019. ‘Luna Llena(2017)’, ‘En Mi Mente(2017)’, ‘Hasta Luego(2018)’, ‘Naide Como yo(2018)’, ‘Swipe Dat(2018)’, and ‘Como Tu Me Quieres(2019)’ are just a few of the songs she’s worked on. ‘Down for Your Love(2019)’, ‘Think about(2019)’, ‘Una Vez Mas(2019)’, ‘Hace Calor(2019)’, ‘Adios(2019)’, and ‘Este Navidad(2019)’ are among her other credits. She also worked on a Tiktok video with her pals, which was inspired by the SiAngie Twins, Sianney Garcia, and Angelise Garcia. In 2018, she and HRVY also teamed on the tune “Hasta Luego.” He is also a brand ambassador for the fashion line ‘Fashion Nova,’ which he promotes by wearing their clothes.

Net Worth and Achievements

Malu hasn’t received any honors, although she has attended award ceremonies. We may expect that she will win prizes in the near future since she is still young. Maly, on the other hand, was named one of Pandora Radio’s 2018 Latin Artists to Watch. Despite the fact that she is still young, she has a sizable net worth. She has a net worth of $68 million, according to some reports, and her assets are still being scrutinized. Her earnings are still unknown.

Malu Trevejo’s Relationship

In the year 2019, Malu Trevejo began dating Danny Alfonso. She is, however, presently single. In 2017, she dated Jaden Delarosa. In 2017, she was also linked to NBA YoungBoy, a well-known American rapper. She has also dated rapper Kentrell DeSean Gaulden in the past. She declared their split after a few months. Kentrell, she said, had been cheating on her and had begun an intimate connection with her. She is not married and has no children. Furthermore, she wrote on her Instagram account that “girls attract me more,” indicating that she was bisexual.

There are now speculations concerning whether she is single or not. There have been speculations that Malu rose to prominence as Danielle Bregoli’s opponent, according to certain media. Trevejo received a lot of attention when two young girls released a video of him and Danielle fighting. Trevejo was somewhat unknown at the time, and Bregoli supporters dubbed her the “attention seeker.” She was accused of being bashful and quiet in front of the camera after her interview with Perez Hilton. One of her fans wrote to tell her that she has to learn how to initiate a conversation. She has never spoken about her father, although he did appear in one of her videos. A tall bald-headed guy touched her butt in one of her videos to see whether it was genuine or not, eliciting a barrage of abuse from her supporters. She conducted an Instagram live in April 2020 that sparked outrage owing to its racial content. During her live webcast, she referred to COVID-19 as a “Chinese virus.” “I’m sorry — not trying to be racist or anything, but every time I see a Chinese person, I think to myself, ‘uhhh, don’t breathe,” she said. However, she then apologized to her admirers, adding, “I’m a human… “I’m not a f****** robot,” she says.

She is also candid about her difficulties with body image and mental health; she has previously revealed that she suffered with her weight and body confidence as a result of bullying, but she is now confident in herself and wants to assist others.

Social Media and Body Measurements

Malu Trevejo stands 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs around 44.5 kg. She wears a bra size 33 B and has a body measurement of 34-25-25 (breast-waist-hips). Her eyes are brown, and her hair is black. Other details concerning her corpse remain unclear.

She is a frequent user of social media. She has 8.4 million Instagram followers under the handle’malutrevejo‘ and 1.35 million YouTube subscribers. Her Twitter account was suspended due to a breach of Twitter’s terms of service. She has 2.8 million followers on TikTok, making her quite well-known. There is no information regarding her second YouTube channel.