Jacqueline Pelosi

Jacqueline Pelosi

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Updated On June 27, 2022
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Nancy Patricia Pelosi’s daughter, Jacqueline Pelosi, is well-known as the daughter of Nancy Patricia Pelosi and Paul Francis Pelosi. Nancy is an American politician who has been the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States since 2019.

Early Life

The date and year of Jacqueline Pelosi’s birth are unknown. She was, however, born in the United States. Even though she hasn’t revealed her age, she is presently in her fifties. Her personal information hasn’t been made public yet. Paul Francis Pelosi and Nancy Patricia Pelosi, on the other hand, are her parents. Paul Francis Pelosi, her father, is a businessman who owns and runs Financial Leasing Services. Nancy Patricia Pelosi, her mother, is also a politician.

Nancy Corinne, Christine, Paul, and Alexandra are four of her four siblings. Christine Pelosi, her sister, is a political strategist for the Democratic Party in California. She is also the author of Campaign Boot Camp, a handbook to effective campaigning, published in 2007. Alexandra Pelosi, her other sister, is a journalist,  documentary filmmaker, and writer.

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There is no information available on Jacqueline’s professional life. Paul Francis Pelosi, her father’s profession, is that of an American businessman. He also owns and runs Financial Leasing Services, Inc., a real estate and venture capital investment and consulting organization located in San Francisco. He was also the owner of the now-defunct United Football League’s Sacramento Mountain Lions.

Nancy’s mother is an American politician who now serves as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She has been in office since 2019, having previously served from 2007 to 2011. As a result, she has been a member of the United States Congress representing California since 1987. Pelosi is also second in the presidential line of succession, behind the vice president, as House speaker. In addition, she was elected to Congress for the first time in 1987, following in the footsteps of her father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr.

She was elected to her 17th term as the leader of California’s congressional delegation in 2019. Nancy represents California’s 12th congressional district, which includes four-fifths of San Francisco’s city and county. As a result, she has served twice as House minority leader and twice as Speaker of the House of Representatives, making her the first woman to head a political party in Congress.


Furthermore, when the Republican Party secured a majority in the House of Representatives in the 2010 elections, she lost her speakership in 2011. Pelosi, on the other hand, kept her position as House Democratic Caucus leader and returned to the job of House minority leader. Similarly, the Democrats reclaimed control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections.

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She was also re-elected speaker of the House of Representatives on January 3, 2019, when the 116th Congress began. As a result, he is the only former Speaker of the House to return since Sam Rayburn in 1955. Furthermore, on December 18, 2019, the House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump under her leadership.

Personal Life

Michael Terence Kenneally was Jacqueline’s husband. Patricia Kenneally of Houston and J. Thomas Kenneally of Kilquade, County Wicklow, Ireland are his parents. The service begins in the Catholic Church of St. Helena in St. Helena, California, with the Rev. Royden B. Davis officiating. She and Michael are also both Georgetown University graduates. Since 1993, they’ve been married. Similarly, both of them have led relatively secluded lives. Nancy worked as a promotions coordinator at Gourmet magazine in New York until recently.

Body Measurements

Jacqueline has kept her physical measurements private. However, she seems to have a fair complexion in several of the photographs she has made accessible. Her eyes are rather large, and she wears a large and endearing grin. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is silky black. There isn’t any more information about her physical measurements.

Social Media and Net Worth

Jacqueline is now unavailable on any social networking site. As a result, it seems that she prefers to keep her personal life private. She has, nonetheless, managed to live a life away from the spotlight. She hasn’t divulged her sources of money or details about her job. Nancy Pelosi, her mother, has a net worth of $120 million. Her father, Paul Francis Pelosi, is worth an estimated $114 million.