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Candy Stevens

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Updated On April 10, 2024
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Candy Stevens, whose true name was Leona Stevens, was a prostitute. Candy Stevens rose to prominence only after becoming the wife of serial killer Charles Manson. Charles was an American cult leader whose followers carried out a series of heinous murders in the late 1960s. He is presently serving a life sentence in jail.

Childhood and Early Years

Leona “Candy” Stevens is Candy’s given name. She was born and grew up in the United States of America. She is a citizen of the trafika pouzdro na cigarete adidas ef5337 rochii lungi bleumarin miglior macchina caffe Italy leins mode πολυθρόνα γραφείου με ρόδες sito scaricare musica mp3 bbq tallrik halonen käsilaukut tenis vans ave repeat youtube songs automatically cadeau homme pour faire plaisir nike basket enfant garcon lego stitch amazon mademoiselle keinutuoli vepsäläinen e United States of America. Apart from this, there is little information available about her upbringing, parents, or educational history. She has managed to keep all of her personal information hidden.

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Workplace Environment

Candy Stevens was a hooker, according to research, and she met her would-be husband, Manson, during one of her hook-ups. She had no idea her prince harming was also an infamous criminal while she was dating Charles Manson, and she would often protect him anytime he was accused of crime. Manson had been in and out of jail three times by the time they first met. He was about to begin serving a ten-year jail term. Before she married Charles, she was not a well-known character. She just made it to the spotlight after her marriage.


She had a history of prostitution prior to it. Aside from her whore engagement, her work is a little difficult to comprehend. Her location and current activities remain unknown after Charles’ death. Judge William Mathes receives a “sincere” letter from her and Manson. At that moment, his therapist’s and boss’s post-trial supervisor’s ideas came in. They decided to offer Manson one more opportunity at redemption, and his ten-year sentence was commuted.

Manson was sentenced to five years of probation after that. To have the other two tallies excused, he had to confess to one count of “articulating and distributing” one of the Treasury checks “with an intent to deceive” — but in any case, he didn’t have to spend ten years in prison.

 Net Worth

Candy Stevens was not a well-known character until she married Charles, an American fraudster and faction pioneer. Despite this, she had said that she worked as a prostitute. She may have gained a conventional value as a result of her efforts in this manner. However, determining her true total assets is challenging. When she was married to Charles Manson, though, her husband’s wages were plenty. According to numerous estimates, her ex-husband, Manson, has a net worth of $400,000. Regardless, Charges has made more money than the average public believes. She resumes her employment as a safe life after the divorce.

Status of the Relationship

Candy saved Charles’ life in September 1959, when he was in danger for his intention to cash a U.S. Treasury cheque. According to reports, her request was based on the unmistakable fact that they were both over over heels in love with one other at the moment, and she wanted him by her side. The jury imposed a 10-year suspended sentence on Charles as a result of his actions. He and her married in the same year after he was released from prison. His love was then spurned when they married in 1959.

Things began to go apart after two years, as Manson grew more intelligent, stubborn, and crazy. Their marriage was short-lived, ending in 1963. Meanwhile, she gave birth to their kid in April 1963. Charles Luther Manson, their son, was born to them. Charles was back in prison after his divorce from his second wife. Manson eventually rose to become the leader of a cult. His gang started committing more crimes in American communities. When the murders were shown on national television, things reached a breaking point. He was sentenced to life in prison. She had gone on with her life, which meant going underground, which was fortunate for her and her small boy.

Perhaps being known as the ex-wife of the legendary Charles Milles Manson was too much of a burden. However, it was not the ringleader of the Mansion Family cult’s first marriage. Rosalie Jean Wills, an adolescent hospital waiter, was the first wife of American criminal Charles. In January 1955, when he was serving a jail term in West Virginia, they married. They moved to California when he was released from prison. He has a son named Charles Manson Jr. with Rosalie. The couple split up in 1958. Charles has been incarcerated at California’s Corcoran State Prison since 1971.


The prison, on the other hand, was unable to prevent this elderly offender from becoming involved with females. While in jail, the cult leader had a connection with a female named Afton ‘Star’ Burton on November 17, 2014. Because of his sickness, Afton Burton, who was 26 at the time, was unable to marry Charles. Many people speculated that he was a murder victim. In any event, the real cause for Charles Manson’s death was a typical explanation. He was fatigued for a long time before he died in jail. On November 19, 2017, Charles took one more try at the Bakersfield clinic.


Thanks to Candy’s husband, Manson, she was apprehended. She and Manson’s other young females performed stunts while he ate hallucinogenic mushrooms and played Russian roulette with Yaqui Indians. Each of the three was accused of committing prostitution while driving a stolen car over state lines.

She seems hesitant to attempt to do anything extraordinary for Manson’s well-being. She also testified against her husband as a “material observer” in order to get her own charges dismissed. She said unequivocally that Manson was the one who had her removed from the state in April 1960.

Social Media and Body Measurement

Candy Stevens’ height, weight, physical measurements, dress size, and other personal information are not known. She does, however, have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. It’s also unclear if she’s still living or has passed away.

When it comes to her social media presence, she isn’t active on any of them. She doesn’t use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter at all. She seemed to be adamant about avoiding having any additional problems in her life.