Everleigh Soutas

Everleigh Soutas

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Updated On April 28, 2022

On Instagram, Everleigh Soutas is a toddler fashionista from the United States.

Everleigh Soutas and her buddy Ava Foley have a Tik Tok and Instagram account named ‘@ForEverAndForAva.’

Everleigh Soutas’s Early Life

Everleigh Rose Soutas was her given name. On December 14, 2012, she initially opened her eyes. Tommy Smith and Soutas Smith were born in Orange County, California. Her current age is eight years old, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Through her mother’s marriage to, she has a half-sister called Posie and a half-brother named Zealand. Savannah also co-founded The Wild Threads, an online children’s apparel store, with Ava’s mother.

He also has a pet deity named Carl, who has his own Instagram account called @lilcarl.

Everleigh Soutas’s Career

Everleigh’s life has been perfect from the beginning. She began modeling with her mother at the age of eight months and has since conquered the virtual world with her images. Furthermore, Everleigh has been the focus of all cameras, thanks to her BFF Ava Foley.

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As a result, she is a fashionista and a stylish elegant kid capable of making any camera and image appear fantastic.

Everleigh also enjoys looking beautiful and fashionable, according to her mother. She enjoys getting dressed up and looking nice. She is also quite forthright and frank in front of the camera, and she enjoys posing for the camera.

Furthermore, unlike other children who are picky when it comes to putting on and taking off garments, Everleigh is unfazed by any kind of clothing. Despite the fact that she is only a child, she has managed to make a name for herself in the virtual world with her photographs and clicks.

Everleigh has been featured in Vogue Australia and in a Kardashian Kids ad. Ava and Everleigh also have a YouTube channel and a TikTok account with the same name as their Instagram account.

In addition, in October of 2013, she shared the first picture of her and Ava on Instagram. In addition, she made her television debut on the talk program Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014. She postures like a small diva in front of the camera and is quite self-assured.

Everleigh also began dancing lessons at the age of 18 months with her closest pal. Everleigh Open Toys is her YouTube channel, which is maintained by her mother and stepfather Cole Labrant, who also have their own YouTube channel called ‘LabrantFam.

‘ She’s also been featured in a Kardashian Kids ad and has been in Vogue Australia. In addition, on April 4, 2016, she launched her own YouTube channel.

As a result, her YouTube channel has over 3.45 million followers. Similarly, on August 24, 2012, her family’s YouTube channel, ‘The LaBrant Fam,’ was founded. Over 12.8 million people have subscribed to the channel.

Everleigh Soutas’s Relationship

Everleigh is just eight years old and is most likely single right now. Her brilliance, attractiveness, and wit would entice a plethora of suitors in the future. However, she is now enjoying the high life with her parents and concentrating on her early career.

Everleigh Soutas’s Body Measurements

On her Instagram, she may be seen practicing yoga and doing other gymnastic feats. Her busy profession keeps her in shape overall.

As a result, she is a dedicated gymnast. Her natural hair color is blonde, and she has a lovely pair of blue hues in it. Her cheeks are also plump. She is still a child, and her physical stats will continue to alter over time. She is now 3 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 26 years old.

Net Worth and Social Media

When it comes to her social media presence, she is well-known and active on a variety of platforms.

Her Instagram account, ‘@everleighrose,’ has 5.1 million followers. Her self-titled YouTube channel, on the other hand, has over 3.54 million followers.

Her Twitter account now has over 10.1K followers. Throughout her early career, this young and bright personality undoubtedly makes a substantial sum of money. She has a net worth of roughly $2 million as of December 2020.