Jeff Wahalberg

Jeff Wahalberg

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Updated On June 30, 2022
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American television personality Jeff Wahlberg. American model and actor Jeff Wahlberg. He is also well-known for playing Diego in Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

Jeff Wahalberg’s Bio, Age

Jeff Wahlberg, who is presently 24 years old, was born on July 17, 1996. His mid-July birthplace places him under the sign of Cancer. Similarly, Jeff was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a citizen of the United States.

Regarding his background and religion, he is a member of a mixed ethnic group and practices Christianity. His father is of Irish, Swedish, French-Canadian, English, and Scottish origin, while his mother is of Dominican background.

Likewise, Jeff comes from a famous family according to his personal details. Jim and Bennie Wahlberg gave birth to him. Jeff is also a grandson of Donald Edmond and Alma Elaine. Scott Wahlberg, Arthur Wahlt, Robert Wahlberg, and Paul Wahlberg are all related to Jeff.


Similarly, Jeff’s uncles are the actor Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg. Moreover, Jeff began his acting profession at a very early age since his family has a history of performing in movies and television.

Regarding his educational history, Jeff also has a high school diploma. However, Jeff decided against attending college and instead moved to Los Angeles to focus more on his acting career.

This attractive model and actor have a lean and athletic physique. His chest, waist, and biceps measurements are 38-31-11 inches. He is around 76 kilograms and 5 feet 11 inches (71 inches) tall (154 lbs).

The same can be said of his looks, which belies his lovely character. Similar to her, he has light brown eyes, blonde hair, and pale skin.

Jeff is active on Instagram, according to his online persona. His Instagram account, @jeffwahlbrg, has over 46.4k followers. Jeff doesn’t use any other social media.

Jeff Wahalberg’s Career

Jeff is an actor by trade and got his start when he was very young. In the same way, he performed in the 2012 film “A Feeling from Within,” in which he played James Scully. In a similar vein, Jeff has also appeared in the short film “If Only,” in which he played Isaac Diaz.

Jeff has also produced a lot of short films. A Feeling From Within, Instant relief, If Only, Toyed, Do Not Come Back from the Moon, Dora and the Golden City, Future World, and Counterpart are just a few of the films he has been in.

Additionally, Jeff is well-known for his role as Diego in “Dora and the Lost City of Gold.”

The actual movies that he has played are from the year 2012 “A Feeling From Within” playing the role of James Scully, “Instant Gratification” playing the role of the Peter in 2015, as well as in the same year he played the role of Issac Diaz in the film”If Only”.

Also, he got the role in a TV Show in the same year 2015 as a Parking Attendant on the TV Show named Ballers.

After That, he played the role being Kerst in the movie “Toyed” in the year 2016, and year after year he played till 2020. In 2017, As being  Mickey Smalley in the year of 2017 on the movie named “Don’t Come Back From The Moon.


Similarly, in the year 2018, he got roles in the movie and as well as in TV shows as well which were “Future World” being Prince, and “Counterpart” being  Zeger, respectively.

In the Year 2019, He completed acting in the movie “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” as Diego, and finally, the very last film he played in the year 2020 is “Cherry” which is in the post-production stage.

Jeff Wahlberg’s Marital Status

In terms of his romantic situation, Jeff is straight and most likely single right now. Additionally, he is not on social media and has not revealed his romantic status to the public.

Similar to this, based on his postings, it seems that he is now more concerned with his work than with being in a love relationship.

Jeff Wahlberg’s Net Worth

Speaking about his net worth and earnings, Jeff is an actor by trade, and acting is his main source of income. In a similar vein, his acting career has brought him respectable wealth and notoriety.

In addition, he has been earning a sizable sum from his work as a model and actor. He is also valued somewhere about $2 million.