Ethan Cutkosky

Ethan Cutkosky

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Updated On July 1, 2022
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Actor for American TV and movies, Ethan Cutkosky. His performance as Carl Gallagher in the black comedy/dramedy Shameless has made him well-known (2011-).

Ethan Cutkosky’s Bio, Age

Ethan Cutkosky is a well-known American actor best known for playing Carl, the fifth child of the Gallaghers, in the renowned American television series “Shameless.”

He played the infamous Carl Gallagher, who had the potential for psychopathic ideas and behaviors such as killing stray animals or dismembering toys, in the “Shameless” television series.

He has appeared in movies including “Conviction,” “The Unborn,” and “Fred Claus.” He also appeared in an episode of the 14th season of the television show “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

His performance of “Barto” in “The Unborn” is likewise well-liked. Since he was a little child, he has been featured in various advertisements and commercials. Most recently, he has collaborated with a number of well-known celebrities, including Gary Oldman and Vince Vaughn.


The directors he has collaborated with have highly praised his skills for flawlessly following instructions during the shooting.

When he was just 4 years old, Ethan started learning martial arts. In Taekwondo, he obtained a second-degree black belt. Video games and other such technological fancy gadgets have practically no appeal for him.

He always shows a greater interest in outside activities that need actual effort. On the sets of “The Unborn,” he earned the nickname “One Take Barto” for his constant attempt to finish every scene in one take.

His parents had prohibited him from playing Barto. But his desire made them different. He does, however, make an effort to maintain a schedule and he enjoys being with his family. Because of his youthful passion and faith in genuine aim, he is unique.

David and Yvonne Cutkosky welcomed Ethan into the world in Geneva, Illinois in 1999. Even though he is an actor, Ethan attempts to keep a low profile. He enjoys spending time with his buddies and living outside of Chicago with his family.

He has a pet cat called Bear and he loves animals. He goes to a public high school and wishes to be treated like any other young person.


His favorite pastimes are skating, jet skiing, riding motorcycles and bikes, and thinking about metaphysics. At the tender age of 4, he began taking photos for picture advertising because he loves his family and wanted to spend more time with his mother.

David Goyer, the author and director of “The Unborn,” personally chose him because of his natural ability to carry an expressionless face.

His mother Yvonne Cabrera Cutkosky is a teacher, while his father David Cutkosky is a computer software engineer. Joan and Ann Cutkosky are his two other sisters.

Ethan Cutkosky is an attractive young man with a powerful, athletic build and a lovely personality. He is roughly 5 feet 5 inches tall and 60 kg in weight. He also has lovely, fascinating, blazing blue eyes, and light brown hair that is cut short and stylishly.

This actor has gotten more and more admirers over the last several years. He has 30K Facebook likes 277K Twitter followers and 3 Million Million Instagram followers.

Ethan Cutkosky’s Career

When he was just 4 years old, his first picture advertising debuted. This ultimately resulted in parts in advertisements and then movies. At the age of 8, he appeared in the movie “Fred Claus.”

He collaborated with Rachel Weisz, Paul Giamatti, and Vince Vaughan. This part, however, was too minor to get credit.

He co-starred in the 2009 horror film “The Unborn” alongside Gary Oldman and Odette Yustman. His parents were a little concerned about his appearing in the film and worried that it would have a negative impact on him.

He convinced his parents to let him play the part since he was so keen to do it. Additionally, he appeared in the indie movie “Conviction.”

He had his big break when he was chosen to play the fifth Gallagher kid in the television series “Shameless” in 2011.

He played a troubled youngster who develops a close relationship with his father, the series’ central character. Many people praised his performance of Carl, and it gained his reputation in the business.


Ethan Cutkosky’s Marital Status

Ethan is single and has never been married. Currently, he is dating Brielle Barbusca.

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Ethan Cutkosky’s Net Worth

As of July 2022, that has produced a network worth $1 million. The majority of his earnings stem from his status as an American actor. He is most known for his roles as Arto in the Unborn and as Arl Gallagher in the television series Shameless.

More About Ethan Cutkosky

He was given the nickname “One-Take Barto” on the set of The Unborn (2009) because he tried to complete (everything) in a single take.

Ethan Cutkosky shared the stage in March 2018 with rapper and singer Lil Xan, whose followers often point out how much the two look alike.

In the 2009 horror movie “The Unborn,” Gary Oldman and Ethan Cutkosky (as Carl) shared the screen.

Carl’s actor Ethan Cutkosky has a clothing line called Khaotic Collective.

Ethan Cutkosky (Carl), who visited the Summer Camp Music Festival for the first time in 2017, also filmed a promotional video for the next event.

A few of Ethan Cutkosky’s interests include skateboarding, taekwondo, jet skiing, biking, and photography.

At the age of four, Ethan Cutkosky began working as a model for print advertisements and television commercials in his native Chicago.

In 2007, Ethan Cutkosky, who represents Carl Gallagher, had his acting debut in the holiday comedy “Fred Claus” with Vince Vaughn.