Arnold Contreras

Arnold Contreras

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Updated On March 31, 2022
Pacoima, California
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Pacoima, California

Arnold Contreras is a regular guy from Pacoima, California, in the United States of America. Arnold Contreras is a tattoo artist by trade. He rose to prominence, however, as the father of Gabriel Fernandez, who was assassinated.

Arnold Contreras’s Early Life

Arnold Contreras was born on August 6, 1981, and is presently 39 years old. His birth name is Arnaldo Jose, Guadalupe Contreras. Arnold is a Leo since he was born in early August. He, too, was born in Pacoima, California, and is a citizen of the United States of America.

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Similarly, when it comes to his nationality and religion, Arnold is of Hispanic descent and practices Christianity. His father migrated to California before he was born, and his family is of Mexican ancestry. Similarly, Arnold is the son of Rodrigo and Placida Contreras. In the same way, he has a younger brother named Christopher Contreras. Furthermore, when it comes to his schooling, Arnold attended a local high school. In the media, however, there is no more information concerning his educational background.

Arnold Contreras’s Relationship

Arnold has three children with Pearl Sinthia Fernandez from a previous relationship. Ezequiel and Gabriel were their two boys, while Virginia was their daughter. They had to split ways due to Arnold’s incarceration. Similarly, following their divorce, Arnold was unable to spend time with his children since he was often incarcerated.

Furthermore, Arnold Contreras and his ex-girlfriend Pearl Sinthia Fernandez are the biological parents of the slain kid Gabriel Fernandez. Pearl, on the other hand, was uninterested in spending time with her children, thus their children spent time with other relatives. Isauro Aguirre, Pearl’s boyfriend, was having a good time.

Furthermore, Pearl first sent her children to her parents, Sandra and Robert Fernandez. Gabriel, their kid, was raised by her uncle until he was four years old, then by his grandparents. Virginia and Ezequiel stayed with her until 2009, but Gabriel stayed with his grandparents until he was seven years old.

Isauro kidnapped Gabriel from his grandparents’ house in 2012, and Pearl obtained custody of him later that year. Gabriel was a lively, pleasant, and joyful young man, but Pearl despised him and tortured him. Arnold Contreras has a long criminal background and has had several run-ins with the authorities.

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He couldn’t be there in the lives of the children since he was in and out of county prison. Arnold was in a relationship with Pearl Fernandez at the time of his death. However, Arnold’s divorce from his wife was caused by his repeated arrests. Arnold now resides in California with his parents, children, and brother.

Gabriel was tormented by Isauro and Pearl, who believed the little child was homosexual and beat, tortured, and starved him to death. Gabriel was subjected to relentless torture and abuse by his mother and stepfather throughout his eight-month stay at Pearl’s house. Furthermore, on May 22, 2013, this terrible death was brought to an end by a lethal beating. Isauro and Pearl were both charged with first-degree murder with specific circumstances of torture after this murder. Similarly, Isauro may be eligible for parole if he is sentenced to death, while Pearl is sentenced to life in prison. In addition, on February 19, 2020, a Netflix documentary titled “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez” was released. Gabriel’s life and the suffering he endured are the subjects of this series. Similarly, it demonstrates how the judicial system failed to save a vulnerable child’s life.

Arnold Contreras’s Net Worth

We don’t have any information about Arnold Contrera’s net worth His net worth is not available.

Social Media and Body Measurements

Arnold is 6 feet 1 inch tall (73 inches) and weighs roughly 92 kg (202 lbs). He has a powerful physique and black complexion. Similarly, he has brown eyes and is bald. In addition, he is not on any social media networks.