Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles

Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles

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Updated On April 29, 2022
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Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles is an American yoga teacher, actor, author, and dancer. Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles is noted for being the second spouse of actor, Mario Van Peebles.

Chitra Sukhu Van’s Early Life

Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles was born in Guyana to a family of Indian descent. However, she was reared largely in the USA. Her date of birth and other facts surrounding her birth is not known. When it comes to her parents, Leela Mata is an Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedanta Philosophy, and Meditation instructor.

Her mother is also the proprietor of a spiritual institution in Pennsylvania. Sadly, on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, her mother died away. Yogi Hari, her father, is an expert in Hatha, Raja, and Nada Yoga. Chitra has three brothers and sisters. Because she spent most of her formative years and age at numerous Sivananda Ashrams across the globe, this personality started practicing yoga meditation every day at a young age. She learned and polished her yoga there.

As a result, this lady maintained her ‘Foundational Practice’ of Yoga and Meditation even while at university. She also has a Kerala Ayurveda Diploma in Ayurvedic Sciences.

Chitra Sukhu Van’s Career

Chitra is a licensed and experienced yoga teacher and instructor. As a result, this yoga instructor has an E-RYT 500 certification from the Yoga Alliance. And that’s no wonder, given that she began practicing Yoga at the age of three and has made it a way of life for her. She also travels the globe, teaching and organizing a variety of retreats for adults and children. She also works as an actor.

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‘Love Kills’ (1998), ‘Judgement Day’ (1996), and ‘Armed’ are just a few of the films in which she has appeared (2018). She didn’t sign any more films after that and focused on her spiritual views. This yoga instructor demonstrates that she is more than meets the eye. She is also a skilled Indian classical dancer in addition to being an actor. This actress is well-versed in the traditional dance form known as ‘Bharata Natyam.

‘ Furthermore, this actress had a nagging desire to study and enjoy the joys of the material world throughout her undergraduate days, which led to her choice to attempt modeling. As a result, she was fairly successful on this road, yet she remained unsatisfied.

This woman offered to heal a lot of individuals suffering through one thing or another, both adults and children, via her lectures and retreats, as well as her yoga-inspired meditation and connection activities. This actress also has a YouTube account. She has also released several videos and books there, as well as posted footage of her Yoga.

And, according to her followers’ testimony, she has done a good job of assisting people in connecting with their inner selves and healing. As a result, with her play “To My Amazement,” this yoga instructor is now a published playwright who has received positive feedback from recent performances in Canada. This yoga instructor was the first to establish the Youth Yoga Teachers Training Course (YYTTC) for young people aged 16 to 21. She is now working on a book, Yoga Nidra | Awakened SleepTM, as well as other online courses.

Chitra Sukhu Van’s Relationship

This yoga instructor is the second wife of Mario Van Peebles, a well-known actor. After his divorce from his first wife, Lisa Vitello, the two wedded in a secret ceremony.

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Mario is a well-known filmmaker and performer in Hollywood. She has been married to her spouse Mario for a long time. They have three children together. Mario also has two children from his previous marriage to Lisa Vitello. Chitra, on the other hand, looks after all five children.

Chitra Sukhu Van’s Body Measurements

This yoga teacher is of average height and weight. She also maintains a healthy and sound body since she meditates on a regular basis. Her dark brown hair is curling. Chitra’s eyes are also dark brown in tone. Aside from that, there are no specifics about her physical measurements.

Net Worth and Social Media

Her Instagram account, ‘@chitrasukhu,’ has over 4K followers. Her Facebook profile has nearly 4,000 likes. Similarly, her Twitter account, ‘@SukhuChitra,’ has 346 followers. Her YouTube channel has over 774 followers as well. In terms of her earnings, her true net worth has yet to be revealed on the internet. She may not have made a million dollars, but as a yoga instructor in Florida, she commands a lot of respect.