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Adam Ali

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Updated On April 26, 2022
Toronto, Canada
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Toronto, Canada

Adam Ali is a fitness vlogger who is best known for his Adam Ali YouTube channel, which used to be called I Won’t Lose. Adam Ali’s channel where he tries to inspire his audience to achieve their health goals.

More than 60,000 people have subscribed to the channel. He creates a portal for those seeking knowledge and good improvement in their lives.

Adam Ali’s Early Life

Adam was born on September 9, 1987, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He will be 33 years old in the year 2021. His mother’s name is Samia, while his father’s name is unknown.

His father was African American. He also has brothers and sisters, which he revealed on his Twitter account. It is unknown what ethnicity he belongs to or what religion he practices. Virgo is his zodiac sign. There is also no information on her schooling, qualifications, or majors.

Adam Ali’s Career

He is a YouTuber and a fitness blogger. Adam Ali is the name of his YouTube channel, which he created on October 5, 2013.

Similarly, he launched a YouTube channel called I Won’t Lose, where he encouraged viewers to achieve fitness objectives, self-help, and positive development. Unfiltered Real Life material is among his offerings for individuals seeking authenticity, awareness, and positive progress.

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He also has a series called EverydayHustle with Adam Ali that he uses to motivate others. He initially gained public attention as a result of his I Won’t Lose campaign, which focused on the audience’s unrelenting pursuit of a life goal.

He is the founder of the I Won’t Lose Motivational Athlete brand. He also has a large following on Instagram, where he publishes photographs from the session.

Aside from that, he is active on Facebook and Twitter, where he shares inspiring articles and posts. For his contribution to the fitness area, he received media notice from NBA TV and CBC Television. He partnered with a company called PharmaFreak from a business standpoint.

Achievements and Net Worth

His net worth is believed to be approximately $ 900,000. His net worth is influenced by his endorsements with Feel Rich, Clorox, Lays, and other firms, as well as his relationship with PharmaFreak.

He has a lot of views on YouTube, and he can make money through commercials on Instagram. He also published a children’s book. Aside from that, there are no remarkable accomplishments.

Adam Ali’s Relationship

He was married to, a YouTuber who he had known for a long time. They have three children together: Samia, Zyan, and Ayah, a baby due in 2019.

They did, however, file for divorce in 2020, although the reason for this remains unknown. He is a gym rat who enjoys spending time with his family and three lovely children as well as at the gym. As evidenced by his social media accounts.

He is a very private person who does not reveal anything about his personal life. And he stays away from the controversies and speculations.

Social Media and Body Measurement

Adam measures 5 feet 11 inches (1.80m) tall and weighs 89 kg (196 lbs). With a natural black eye and black hair, he has a large size and outstanding body.

He also has a superb body and a dimple on his right cheek since he is a fitness instructor. The has a lot of inspiring videos and phrases on social media.

His YouTube channel, Adam Ali, has over 68 thousand followers. Similarly, his Instagram account, adamwontlose, has amassed an astonishing 221 thousand followers.

His Twitter account @ADAMwontLOSE has over 25 thousand followers, while his Facebook page Adam Aki has over 61 thousand.