Sofia Bella Pagan

Sofia Bella Pagan

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Updated On June 27, 2022

Sofia Bella Pagan is a member of the Pagan family, a celebrity daughter, and a media personality from the United States. Sofia Bella Pagan is the daughter of Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan, two well-known actresses.

Early Years

Sofia Bella Pagan was born on June 16, 2004, in the Philippines. Sofia was born and reared in the United States of America, in the city of Los Angeles. Her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she is now 17 years old. Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan, both prominent actresses, are her parents. They may be seen on TLC’s ‘Leah Remini: It’s All Relative,’ which is a popular reality show.

Sofia also has three elder half-siblings from Angelo’s previous marriage: Nicholas Pagan, Alex Pagan, and Angelo Pagan Jr. She is also Austrian Jewish-American and Italian-American on her mother’s side, as well as Puerto Rican-American on her father’s side, Angelo.

Source: The Washington Independent


When it comes to a professional career, she is yet to take the plunge. As a result, Sofia is not active in any professional activity, which is understandable given her age. Sofia was also only in the limelight because of her parents. Leah, Sofia’s mother, quit the Church of Scientology in order to devote more time to Sofia and her family.

Her father, Angelo, on the other hand, is a well-known actor. Angelo has acted in a number of films, and he considers his daughter to be his little princess, as do all fathers. He is also well-known for his appearance in the film Swordfish. Angelo has put a lot of effort into his acting profession. As a result, when he was barely 22 years old, he moved to California to pursue his dream of being an actor.

Angelo’s career started when he was still in college, when he was able to work in commercials. Angelo then got interested in honing his acting skills by applying for television parts. Angelo made his television debut in 1989, starring in the NBC drama ‘Midnight Caller.’ Angelo has a music career in addition to his acting. Furthermore, he launched the CD ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to showcase his singing abilities to the globe.

Personal Life

Sofia is most likely single and not involved in any form of relationship right now. Like a result, she is focused on her schooling as a regular youngster would. Sofia, on the other hand, is now enjoying her life with her family and friends. Her family, on the other hand, is pleased with her. Sofia would undoubtedly find a loving and caring spouse in the future.

Source: The Washington Independent

Body Measurements

Sofia continues to develop. Her physical measurements may change from time to time. She does, however, have a good height and weight, which is ideal for her. Sofia is a brunette with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. It’s possible that her physical measurements may be revised shortly.

Social Media and Net Worth

Sofia has an Instagram account with the handle ‘@sofiaapagann.’ She has, however, kept her profile private. She has, nevertheless, amassed over 655 followers there.

Sofia is a young youngster who has yet to choose a certain career path. As a result, her personal wealth and profits are ruled out. However, since both of her parents are well-known professional actors, she and her family live a luxury lifestyle. As a result, Sofia’s parents have amassed a fortune from appearing in films and television programs.