Sheri Easterling

Sheri Easterling

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Updated On April 5, 2022
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Sheri Easterling is a TikTok celebrity from the United States who is most known for being the mother of fellow social media star. Sheri Easterling is well-known for creating her own TikTok material, which includes dancing and lip-syncing videos for her 10.5 million TikTok followers.

Sheri Easterling’s Early Life

Sheri Easterling is a 41-year-old actress. She was born in the United States of America on September 4, 1979. Virgo is her astrological sign. Mona Easterling is her mother’s name, and Donald Esterling is her father’s. She is a citizen of the United States. Her other information, such as education and ethnic origin, is also unavailable on the internet. She has loved and been interested in dancing, photography, and travel since she was a child. She is an engineer in addition to her social media stardom.

Sheri Easterling’s Career

Sheri Easterling is a professional social media personality who became famous for her amusing films on ‘TikTok.’ She goes by the handle @sherinicolee on TikTok. She first made an appearance in Addison Rae’s TikTok videos. Fans wanted to see more of her once she began to appear in her already-established TikTok star daughter Addison’s video. Addison’s supporters were eager to see more of her because of her elegance and dancing abilities. The amount of times she appeared in her daughter’s videos rose, resulting in a rise in Addison’s TikTok followers. She then decided to start her own TikTok channel. In August of this year, she started a TikTok account.

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Similarly, she labeled her debut video, saying, “Thank you, I designed it.” Addison was featured in the following debut video, which used Tierra Whack’s song “Hungry Hippo.” Her first video alone garnered over a million ‘TikTok’ ‘likes.’ ‘I can’t believe I did it’ (ft. ‘Lottery’ by K Camp), ‘When u want chick-fil-a but remember it’s Sunday,’ ‘Husband instructed me to clean today, so I mopped’ (ft. ‘global.jones),’ ‘hello y’all,’ (ft. ‘Put It Down’ remix by ur fav pair – wowbrey), She has also lip-synced to 88GLAM’s “Lil Boat,” which has received over 3 million likes to date. On TikTok, she now has over 10.5 million followers and 223.5 million likes. She, like her daughter Addison, secured a deal with the entertainment agency ‘WME’ in January 2020. She, too, became a fashion sensation and began entertaining the crowd.

She is also well-known on Instagram, where she has a sizable following base. She uses ‘Instagram’ to share photos from her excursions. In May 2017, she shared a ‘Instagram’ selfie of herself with actor Kirk Cameron at Haughton’s ‘First Baptist Church.’ Her Instagram photos have gained her an additional 973 thousand followers, bringing her total social media fan following to 973 thousand. In addition, in 2020, she and her daughter Addison created a podcast called mother knows best on Spotify.

Sheri Easterling’s Net Worth

Sheri Easterling, a well-known social media personality, has undoubtedly amassed a substantial quantity of money as a result of her social media presence. Her TikTok and Instagram accounts have been confirmed. She also makes money from brand endorsements and sponsored marketing. Unfortunately, she has not revealed her actual net worth, income, or other details on the internet.

Sheri Easterling’s Relationship

Sheri Easterling is a married lady with two children. Monty Lopez was her husband. Monty has also been in several of her ‘TikTok’ videos, and she has appeared in some of his as well. Two boys and a girl are the couple’s children. Lucas and Enzo, her two boys, are often featured on her social media accounts. Similarly, her daughter Addison Rae is the world’s top TikTok influencer. She enjoys traveling on a personal level. She is a well-traveled lady who has visited places including Concan (Texas), Panama City, and Aruba.

Social Media and Body Measurements

Sheri Easterling, a prominent TikTok celebrity who is both beautiful and outspoken, has a thin body type. She measures 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs roughly 55 kg (121 lbs). Her eyes are blue, and she has blonde hair. Her body dimensions are currently unavailable.

She may be found on several social media sites with the handle @sherinicolee. On Instagram, she has over 973k followers, and on Twitter, she has over 221.5K followers. Her TikTok account, meanwhile, has over 10.5 million followers and 223.5 million likes.