Shaunyl Benson

Shaunyl Benson

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Updated On April 10, 2022
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Shaunyl Benson is an Instagram personality, as well as an actress, singer, and songwriter. She is most known as Criss Angel’s life partner, a magician, illusionist, and musician. Shaunyl’s spouse became well-known when his work was shown on television and on the set of the program “Criss Angel Mindfreak.”

Shaunyl Benson’s Early Life

The actress was born in Queensland, Australia, on July 29, 1991. Shaunyl is of Irish-Filipino heritage and has an American passport. She is also twenty-nine years old in 2020, and her zodiac sign is Leo. Benson is a devout Christian, exactly like her husband. Furthermore, her mother was of Filipino descent, while her father was of Irish descent. Her mother, a graphic artist, encouraged her to explore the arts as well, encouraging her to take singing lessons from an early age. She also has a younger sister, Jackie Benson, with whom she grew up. Her educational history includes attendance at Friends’ Central School and a Bachelor’s degree.

Shaunyl Benson’s Career

Shaunyl went on to work in the entertainment sector after graduation. She began creating songs, including “Never,” which was used on one of Criss Angel’s television series. The actress has also done some acting work, beginning with the film “Jane,” which was released in 2017. “Jane,” a biographical film on anthropologist Jane Goodall that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, was released at the time. The next year, she appeared in the film “Desert Rose” as one of the major protagonists. He also collaborated with Curtis Walker, who played her love interest in the film. Her reputation grew while she was still working on several projects, with her relationship with magician Criss Angel playing a major role. She also enjoys reading, traveling, taking photographs, watching movies, and creating artwork in her spare time. She enjoys going to Greece on a regular basis.

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Criss Angel has had a significant interest in magic tricks since she was a child. He was already doing concerts at the age of twelve. The narrative of Harry Houdini was his greatest source of motivation at the time. Criss even went on to train with Marc Morrone, a reality TV celebrity. Criss attended East Meadow High School for his studies. Instead of enrolling in college, he pursued his vocation after finishing his schooling. Then. Criss also started touring and performing with other artists on the road while learning the trade. Criss Angel has no intention of becoming a traditional magician. Criss had his first television debut in 1994, in the show “Secrets.” Clive Barker eventually became one of his untimely supporters. Along with a magic act, the magician collaborated with musician Klayton to make music. They went on to star in a number of productions, including “The Science of Magic” and its sequel. In his spare time, Criss Angel has often performed magic with strangers on the street. After doing an act in which he was shackled and submerged underwater for twenty-four hours, his celebrity skyrocketed. During the performance, he went through sixteen oxygen tanks. Then he set the world record for the longest period of time spent completely immersed underwater by a person. Criss quickly rose to fame after performing on a television program.

Shaunyl Benson’s Net Worth

She has a net worth of $1 million, which she has accumulated via her work and partnerships with many entertainment firms and brands. Her spouse, Criss Angel, on the other hand, has a staggering net worth of $50 million. Angel’s main source of income is his work as a musician, illusionist, and magician.

Shaunyl Benson’s Relationship

Shaunyl Benson started dating Criss Angel in 2012, and they have been together since then (Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos). The couple’s wedding took place in 2015, and it was a private ceremony. She and Chriss have two boys who are both their children. In the year 2014, the couple had their first child, Johnny Christopher Sarantakos. The pair, however, chose to split and divorce each other. In the year 2018, the pair happily reunited once again. Then, in the year 2019, she gave birth to their second child, Xristos Yanni Sarantakos. Unfortunately, when Johnny was a newborn, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Then, in January 2019, Johny’s three years of cancer treatment came to an end, and he was declared cancer-free. In another interview, Criss Angel disclosed that his son’s cancer had resurfaced. Angel was married to JoAnn Winkhart in 2002 before meeting her. After four years, though, the couple filed for divorce. Angel was also seen with JoAnn in season one, episode six of the buried alive illusion in 2005, as well as season one, episode five of the body suspension illusion in 2005. JoAnn, on the other hand, was credited as “Criss’s Girl” rather than his wife. In November 2008, Angel began seeing Holly Madison, who is also Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, in February 2009, the relationship came to an end once again. Then, on September 7, 2011, Criss proposed to Sandra Gonzalez over a sunset supper in Cabo San Lucas. They did, however, break up after a short period of time.

Social Media and Body Measurement

Shaunyl Benson’s physical look is that of a fitness fanatic who enjoys working out and being in shape. She stands at a healthy 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm or 1.7 m) tall. The actress also has a body weight of 56 kg (123 lbs) and a slender and curvaceous body type, which adds to her appeal.

The actress’s physical dimensions are 34-25-36 inches, and she wears a size 6 bra (UK). She also has a gorgeous shape and a set of stunning hazel eyes with black long hair. Benson also has lovely skin and a sophisticated and attractive face.

The stunning actress is clearly active on social media, as she also has an Instagram account with 55.8 thousand followers. She also has her own YouTube channel with a small number of videos. Shaunly currently has fewer than 300 subscribers. Shaunly isn’t active on any other social networking networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. Her Instagram account is also filled with photos of her traveling with her spouse and boys.