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Lily Pino

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Updated On March 18, 2022
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Former actress Lily Pino hails from the United States. Lily Pino is best known as the wife of Danny Pino, a well-known Latino actor who has been on shows including Law & Order and Cold Case. The couple is also the parents of two children.

Danny Pino Reveals the Secret to Marriage With Wife Lilly Pino

Source: Closer Weekly

Lily Pino’s Childhood

Lily Pino was born in the United States in the year 1975 in Miami, Florida. She is a citizen of the United States of America. She is a lady of 36 years old. Her full name is Lilly Pino Bernal.

The names and contact information for the parents are presently unavailable. Similarly, no information about her other family members, such as her siblings, cousins, or other relatives, is available at this time. In addition, she has never spoken about her parents, siblings, or childhood in an interview. The media is ignorant of this information due to her secrecy.

She’s also never talked about her background in the public. Her current relationship with her parents is also unknown, but her fans hope that they will be good grandparents to her children.

For her educational background and credentials, she attended Rockway Middle School. She also has significant links to Florida International University, where she attended college. She and her husband, Danny, go to all of their college reunions as well.

Lily Pino’s Career

Lily Pino Bernal has had a number of notable performing roles in theatrical productions. She wanted to act on stage rather than on television. As a stage performer, she may also develop an intimate bond with the audience. Even when she’s performing in front of an audience, she appreciates the quick feedback she gets.

The emotions she observed in the audience were what kept her going and pushing in her performances. She’d always wanted to be an actress. She is well recognized for her role as Rosa’s mother in the film Rosa, which she starred in in 2006. She had a long list of additional roles and credits, but her best performances were on stage.

She has a large list of short films and stage productions under her belt. She began her acting career as a member of the Creative Arts team at New York University.

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The Getty and Shim Chong are two of her most well-known pieces. She also toured the country as Rosina in Barber of Seville with the National Theatre of America. Aside from acting, she is also interested in music. She even created and acted in the film Madrugada, which was shot in Los Angeles.

After married, she gave up her acting profession and became a full-time mother to her children. She also gave up her career since she didn’t want to spend too much time away from her family because of her travel obligations. She subsequently disappeared from the public limelight after her marriage to Danny. Aside from her legendary marriage, there is virtually little information about her present life accessible. She also took part in many national tours.

Lily Pino’s Relationship

Lily Pin Bernal dated Danny Pino, a well-known American actor, for a long period. In February 2002, they married. When they were both students at Rockway Middle School, they met. They both ended up in the same university. However, since they went to different high schools, there was a gap in their common education. The couple has two children, and she is ecstatic to have been able to start a family with the man she loves. She, too, gave up her acting career to spend more time with her family.

Pino came to the conclusion that her husband, Danny, was the most likely to provide financial support for the family. Furthermore, the couple agreed that letting her raise the children was the best option. Furthermore, the parents did not want to engage a nanny who would be with the children for most of the time. They also had a wish for their children to grow up knowing their parents.

Danny Pino Reveals the Secret to Marriage With Wife Lilly Pino

Source: Closer Weekly

In addition, there is hardly little publicly available information on her children and family. To protect their privacy, she keeps her love life and her children hidden from the public eye, just as she has kept her family life hidden. She and her husband, Danny Pino, presently reside in Los Angeles with their two children.

Lily Pino’s Body Measurements

Her height, weight, breast size, waist size, hip size, bicep size, and any other physical measurements are presently unknown, and all of this information is being investigated. Pino has brown hair and brown eyes as well.

Lily Pino’s Net worth and Social Media

Lily Pino is quite active on all of her social media accounts. She has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and 560 followers on Twitter. She also has a “Lilly Pino public” Instagram account and joined Twitter in November of 2011. According to the net worth article, her net worth is $1.2 million, and her acting career is her principal source of income.