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Joe Seo

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Updated On April 29, 2022
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Joe Seo, a Korean-American actor, model, and social media star, was born in the United States.

Joe Seo is well-known for his portrayal as Kyler in the Cobra Kai series. Similarly, he has been in a number of films and television programs and has amassed a sizable fan base over the years.

Joe Seo’s Early Life

Joe Seo was born on July 31st, 1990, and celebrates his birthday every year on that day. In terms of age, he is now 30 years old. He was also born in Los Angeles, California, United States. Joe is of Asian descent and has an American passport. Leo was the star sign of the actor when he was born. In terms of his parents, he was born to Youn Ho Cho and Harry Kim in Seoul, South Korea. Coco Youn, his sister, is his other sibling. Joe grew raised in Los Angeles with her sister. Joe was similarly studious as a child, and his parents wanted him to be a doctor. Unlike his parents, though, he had his own aspirations and pursued a career in acting.

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Joe Seo’s Education

Joe seems to fit the notion of all Asians being exceedingly studious. From elementary school through university, he has always been at the top of his class. Similarly, he went to Crescenta Valley High School for his high school education. He received a full scholarship at The University of California, Los Angeles after graduating from high school. With a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a minor in African-American studies, he graduated.

Joe Seo’s Career

Joe has made a name for himself as a model and actor in recent years. Despite his parents’ wishes for him to become a doctor, he chose to become an actor instead. Gridiron Gary, a 2006 film, was his first foray into the entertainment industry. He portrayed Choi and only appeared on screen for a few minutes. He went on to star in a number of short films after his debut. He has appeared in films such as Freedom Fighters 2007, Eli’s Liquor Store 2007, and others. He’s also appeared in a few short films.

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They Are Monsters 2007, popstars 2007, Someone’s in My Car 2008, out of the Shadow 2011, Satish and Her Head 2012, Picnic 2011, The Interview 2014, and The Road to Hell 2014 are some of the films that have been released. Joe Seo received his big break in the film Spa Night, where he played David Cho. Many viewers and audiences all around the globe praised his performance in the film. In the 2017 series Hawaii Five, he plays the part of Viktor. He also played Tikaani in the television series The Vampyre Resistance Corps. Joe is also well-known for his portrayal as Kyler in the Netflix series Cobra Kai. The program debuted in 2018 and is continuing on the air.

Net Worth and Achievements

Joe hasn’t received any honors, as far as I can tell. He will, however, undoubtedly win a handful of trophies in no time. Similarly, his acting and modeling careers have netted him a substantial chunk of money. Joe has a rich and happy life. His net worth is estimated to be between $600,000 and $800,000 USD.

Joe Seo’s Relationship

Joe Seo is an extremely attractive man. Following his rise in fame and popularity, he has a slew of women swooning over him. Giovanni, his on-screen girlfriend, is the same way. He seems to be single at the moment. Joe Seo has never been engaged in any controversies or issues. He avoids all types of disputes at all costs.

Social Media and Body Measurements

Joe Seo is a really attractive young guy. He is roughly 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 75 kg. His physique is well-built, and he has black hair and dark brown eyes.

On social media, the young actor is well-known. He is exclusively active on Instagram, where he has a following of almost 98k people.