Ryan Waller

Ryan Waller

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Updated On June 27, 2022
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Ryan Waller was a well-known American television personality. Ryan Waller was killed in a shooting in Arizona in December 2006.

Early Years

Ryan Waller was born in the year 1997, in the month of January. Ryan T. Waller is his full name, and he is from Knoxville, Tennessee. There is no definite information about this individual’s age at the time of his death in January 2007. The consequences stemming from the injuries sustained in the gunshot incident on December 23, 2006, were the cause of his death. This guy, too, died after 26 days due to problems.

Professional Life and Career

Ryan Waller is a well-known figure. He is well-known for being the victim of a robbery and subsequent gunshot. Two burglars stormed into his residence on December 23, 2006, as he was spending quality time with his girlfriend, Heather Quan. At the time of the occurrence, his partner was just 21 years old. He was then shot in the back of the head by the thieves. The robbers shot his lover to death after presuming he was dead.

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Despite the fact that his girlfriend was discovered dead on the spot, he was still alive when police came. Instead of bringing him to the hospital and providing him the medical treatment he needed, the police proceeded to investigate and interview him when they discovered him awake with terrible injuries. His medical assistance was delayed by the police cross-examination, which lasted nearly 2 hours.

As a consequence, this guy went through a lot of difficulties over the following 26 days, eventually dying from a seizure. The bandits fired a fatal shot at this victim, ripping a chunk of his skull from his head and permanently damaging his cerebrum. According to reports, the victim had to have both of his eyes removed owing to the injury.

More Information

The police originally interrogated him, believing he was the perpetrator since he was still awake after being shot. Authorities did, however, eventually track out the true perpetrators of this unfortunate occurrence. Larry Lloyd Carver and his kid Richie Lee Carver were the alleged culprits. The police discovered that one of the culprits, Richie, was Ryan’s ex-flatmate when investigating the incident. The criminal fair went to the victim’s residence in search of retribution for an alleged dispute.

Richie was also eventually discovered to be the one who shot both of the victims. The crooks removed a few firearms and a computer from the site after shooting Heather and her boyfriend. The verdict in this terrible case was announced in June 2008, and Richie was charged with felony murder, burglary, aggravated assault, and weapons misconduct. After that, this culprit was sentenced to life in prison.

However, the accusations against the other criminal, Larry, who is also Richie’s father, were dropped. Larry was eventually implicated and prosecuted in November 2011 notwithstanding these rulings. These two persons are still thought to be spending time in prison in Arizona at the time of writing this biography. Judge Susanna Pineda condemned the father on January 25, 2013.

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Status of the Relationship

Heather M. Quan was Ryan Waller’s girlfriend at the time. On December 23, 2006, the robbers shot both his lover and himself. Unfortunately, his lovers died on the scene, although he lasted 26 days longer than his sweetheart before succumbing to convulsions caused by his serious injuries. Regrettably, his sweetheart was only shot because she was a witness to his alleged murder.

Body Measurements

Ryan Waller’s height, weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, biceps, and other bodily measurements were unknown at the time of his death. Similarly, this prominent figure’s eyes were brown, and his hair was the same hue.

Net Worth and Social Media

Ryan Waller didn’t have a profile on any of the major social media sites, including Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and others. There was no extensive usage of social media platforms as there is now at the time of his death in 2006. Likewise, the young lad’s personal worth and wages are currently being scrutinized.

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