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Jennifer Lee Pryor

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Updated On March 22, 2022
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Jennifer Lee Pryor is an Actress and Poducer From the United States. Jennifer Lee Pryor is Most Known For Being the Late Comedian Richard Pryor’s Wife.

Childhood and Early Years

Jennifer Lee Pryor is an American actress who was born in 1949. She is now 72 years old. She is an American of a Caucasian heritage, according to her nationality. She was raised in a Christian household. In addition, there is no information on her parents, siblings, or schooling.


Jennifer Lee Pryor made her acting debut in Act of Vengeance in 1974. She most likely appeared in The Sunshine Boys in 1975. Lee married a well-known comedian, which helped her boost her career. Footsteps, Slaves of New York, and Blod Native are just a few of the projects she worked on.

In 2010, she announced her retirement from acting. Richard Pryor relocated to New York City in 1963 to pursue his acting career. He then proceeded to perform in several New York bars. In 1964, he made his TV debut on the variety program On Broadway Tonight. With The Busy Body, he made his big screen debut in 1967.

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He also starred in the film Wild In The Streets. In 1986, he launched his self-titled comedy CD. It was also influenced by the tumultuous years of his life. Richard Pryor was quite fortunate in the early 1970s. He released his second album, Craps, after a few hours

. In 1972, he secured a part in the tragi-comic documentary Wattstax, which gave him a break. His humor was a breath of fresh air, despite its X-rated substance. He most likely published That Nigger’s Crazy, his third album. In 1976, the album received a Grammy Award for Best Comedic Recording.

The Trials and Tribulations of Richard Pryor’s Life

Richard Pryor’s career was severely harmed as a result of his drinking, smoking, and drug addiction. Richard Pryor: Live in Concert was a critically acclaimed film released in 1979. Furthermore, many metropolitan cinema theaters had sold out of the film.

In 1980, he attempted suicide by pouring rum all over himself and setting himself on fire. He was taken to the hospital with multiple burns. In 1983, Richard Pryor became one of Hollywood’s highest-paid performers. In 1986, he directed and produced the biographical comedy-drama film Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling.

He portrayed Jo Jo Dancer, a stand-up comedian who uses freebasing cocaine to burn himself. Unfortunately, the picture was a failure. He made his last appearance in Lost Highway in 1997.

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What is Jennifer Lee Pryor Net Worth?

Jennifer Lee Pryor is a well-known actress as well as a producer. She is also well known as the late comedian Richard’s wife. In 2010, she announced her retirement from acting.

She has most likely appeared in a number of films. Her estimated net worth and earnings are likely unknown at this time. Furthermore, she has undoubtedly had a lavish lifestyle.

Private Life

Richard Pryor and Jennifer Lee Pryor married twice. The pair first married in August 1981. In October 1982, the pair may have divorced after a year together. They married for the second time on June 29, 2001. There are no children between the two of them. Richard died of a heart attack on December 10, 2005.

He has previously married five women. In 1960, Patricia Price was his companion for a year. In 1967, he married his second wife, Shelley Bonus. The marriage was doomed to fail. From 1977 to 1978, he was with Deborah McGuire. He married Flynn Blaine in October of 1986. In addition, he had seven children from his various relationships.

Controversies and Rumors

Jennifer Lee Pryor has yet to be involved in any controversy. She was well-liked by the public throughout her time working in the entertainment sector. Furthermore, she has not yet been the subject of any controversy.

As a result, no rumors have been spread about her. She does not seem to desire any conflicts in her life, which is understandable. She like to be surrounded by a tranquil atmosphere.

Social Media and Body Measuring

Jennifer Lee Pryor is a stunning young woman. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall (168 cm) and weighs roughly 75 kg (165 lbs). She is wearing a 36B bra. Her physical measurements are 38-34-40, whilst hers are 38-34-40. Her shoe size is also a 7 in the United States. Her dark brown eyes and brown hair are both stunning.

She uses a variety of social media channels. @jenniferleepryor is the name of her Instagram account. She currently has 560 followers on the platform. She started a Twitter account called @JenniferLPryor in June 2009, with 2,181 followers. Furthermore, she does not seem to be very active on social media networks.