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Estelle Berglin

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Updated On April 27, 2022
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Estelle Berglin is a travel enthusiast, a Swedish Instagram star, and a health and fitness writer.

Estelle Berglin is well-known for her incredible designs and social media work. Swealife is her stage name, and she is well-known. She is also well-known for being Julius Dein’s girlfriend. Julius Dein is a professional magician.

Estelle Berglin’s Early Life

On April 26th, 1997, the YouTuber was born. Despite the fact that she was born in Umea, Sweden, she grew up in Stockholm, Uppland. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, and she is now 24 years old. Berlin, too, is of Swedish descent and has Swedish nationality. William Berglin, her younger brother, is her only sibling.

He appeared in Estelle’s YouTube video “Brother Rates My Fashion Nova Outfits |Try-On Haul,” which was titled “Brother Rates My Fashion Nova Outfits |Try-On Haul.” In addition, the whole family is a devout Christian. Her father’s name is Joakim Berglin, and he works in the Stockholm branch of the Texas-based company Smart Start, LLC. Her mother’s identity and other details, however, remain unknown. Berglin attended Dragonskolan and later Brantbergsskolan colleges for his studies.

Berglin also earned a degree after completing an International Bartender Course in Phuket, Thailand. She began to gain influence via her networking media after she graduated from secondary school in the year 2013.

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Estelle Berglin’s Career

Estelle Berglin started her current work immediately after graduating from high school. As a result, she began her professional career at a young age. However, before becoming famous, she worked in sales and customer service. She also has two other Instagram profiles.

Her English language account, @swealife, is based on her real name, while the other is based on her local language admirers. This is a huge achievement for her, as she will have over 478,000 followers there beginning in July 2020. Her YouTube channel has over 82.8 thousand followers as well. Her introduction also focuses on mobility, healthy exercise, good nutrition, and style.

She is extremely ordinary in her own country and has gotten multiple underwriting deals. Her recordings have aided the cause in a large variety of ways. She earns almost $11,000 from her YouTube account alone.

Her Instagram account is very popular, and she earns more than $1000 for each aided post in light of various supports. She is also a specialist in online life promotion and oversees a number of company advertisements herself. Her total assets are estimated to be about $450,000. She began presenting in Julius Dein’s mesmerism stunt shooting.

Julius’ fans have been interested in her since she appeared in one of Dein’s films when Dein does a water glass trick and stuns Estelle. Julius and her fans, followers, and likes have grown on their Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, and they have become one of the most popular online personalities. She, like other well-known people, is active on TikTok. Berglin has over seventeen thousand and thirty thousand followers on her TikTok account.

Estelle Berglin’s Relationship

When it comes to her boyfriend’s occupation, he is a professional magician. He was a student at JFS (Jewish Free School) in Kenton, northwest London. Indeed, it was there that he first demonstrated his magic, both at school and at parties. Dein went to King’s College London after finishing high school and then to UCLA for a study abroad year.

The magician then went on to perform on a number of occasions and began making pranks and social experiment movies. The magician started sharing films of street magic to the Internet in 2016, amassing an online audience of over twenty million followers across social media.

Dein has been a constant presence on the radio and television since then. It also includes Talk Sport London Live, the Steve Harvey Show in the United States, and Fox. In addition, later films incorporate pranks like proposing to strangers. He has also appeared as a guest on Talkradio.

In June 2017, he became the first digital signing in the United Kingdom by American talent agency UTA. In the year 2019, Dein began filming multiple films for the FDA’s The Real Cost. He has even done magic tricks on passers-by, changing their vapes into cigarettes. The action also served as a reminder that vaping may lead to smoking.

Julius Dein, the stunning Instagram influencer, is now in a love relationship with her. Julius Dein is a street magician and illusionist from England. On their social media pages, the pair often shares TikTok videos and photographs. They seem to be genuinely in love. Estelle Berglin maintains a perfect distance from rumors and scandals. She is now based in Dubai. In February, the couple was on their way to Mexico.

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Julius was also posting multiple videos and inhibiting mesmerism with his lover. For a long time, the couple was refused there due to coronavirus and lockdown. They had to remain in Mexico for much longer than they had planned since they were unable to return to Sweden due to mobility restrictions. Despite the difficulties, they have had the opportunity to go outside of the nation.

Estelle Berglin’s Net Worth

Estelle Berglin has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. As an Instagram influencer, YouTuber, and social media celebrity, she has been able to make a respectable living.

He has also worked with a number of other companies, including Sephora, The Body Shape, Shein, Fashion Nove, and many more. His job as a professional magician and social media star is also his main source of income. Julius Dein’s net worth, on the other hand, is believed to be approximately $1 million.

In February 2021, she even gave her father a Lamborghini as a present.

Social Media and Body Measurement

In terms of her physical stature, Estelle Berglin stands at a height of five feet four inches, or 158 cm. She is around 56 kilograms in weight. Similarly, with body dimensions of 34-24-34 inches, the fitness fanatic has an exquisite and well-maintained figure.

Berglin has a beautiful set of blue eyes and blonde hair. Her shoe size is 3 and her bra size is 32 D. (UK). Her natural hair color is also brown. The model has a thin and curvaceous physique with a lovely face. As a fitness aficionado, the well-known figure engages in a variety of workouts, including weight training, strength training, yoga, cardio, endurance training, and so on.

The Instagram influencer is clearly active on the platform, with two official profiles. One of his Instagram accounts, which bears her own name, has a following of 744 thousand people.

Her Instagram account, where she encourages others to exercise and eat healthily, has 98.2 thousand followers. She also has 114 thousand followers on her YouTube account. She posts films on her trips, everyday routines, fitness regimens, healthy habits, and other topics. Aside from that, she is not active on Facebook or Twitter.