Daria Zelenoff

Daria Zelenoff

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Updated On April 3, 2022
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Daria Zelenoff is a well-known Ukrainian personality. Daria Zelenoff is well-known as Charlie Zelenoff’s wife. Charlie is a professional boxer from the United States who was born in Russia. He is well known for being a self-proclaimed invincible fighter and a UBF Champion.

Daria Zelenoff’s Early Life

Daria Zelenoff did not submit her actual birth date to any online site in her early years. She was, however, born somewhere in Ukraine. Her parents’ names and occupations, as well as those of her siblings, remain unknown. She is of Ukrainian descent and is a devout Christian. Her spouse, Charlie Zelenoff, was born in America on July 27, 1988. He is of Russian-American heritage, although having an American nationality. She has also been tight-lipped about her official school background.

Daria Zelenoff’s Career

Daria is a hardworking lady. She is employed and occupied in some capacity. But she hasn’t told any of the internet domains about it. However, she became well-known as a result of her marriage to Charlie Zelenoff. Charlie is a professional fighter who prides himself on being invincible.

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He is well-known for releasing footage of battling boxers from the gym home. He has also earned the title of UBF World Champion. Charlie mostly uses the internet to publish videos of himself boxing with various opponents. The majority of them are also viral. His popularity has risen as a result of this. He was shown fighting with a toddler in one of the videos, which sparked an online eruption. He is also described as a mentally handicapped boxer by others.

Daria Zelenoff’s Net Worth

Daria and her spouse have a lovely and quiet life together. Her effort has brought her a substantial quantity of money. Her net worth, however, has remained a mystery. As of 2021, her spouse Charlie Zelenoff’s entire net worth is at $500k US dollars.

Daria Zelenoff’s Relationship

Moving on to Daria Zelenoff’s personal and romantic life, she is married. Charlie Zelenoff and she tied the wedding. The pair has yet to share the precise date of their wedding in public. Similarly, they have not yet had any children. Furthermore, despite the fact that the couple is thought to be divorcing, they are still together. Daria is gender-neutral and has never been in a relationship with anybody else.

She is also not embroiled in any kind of scandal. Her spouse, though, Charlie Zelenoff, has entered the press owing to some scandal. In 2019, he was sued for bullying actress Jillian Boinski. He was also arrested in the same year for attacking homeless individuals and a pizza delivery guy.

Social Media and Body Measurements

Daria is lovely and has a lovely appearance. Her height, weight, and other overall body measurements are unknown due to a lack of records. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are dark brown in color. Charlie, on the other hand, is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 79 kilograms. In addition, his body measurements are 42-32-35 inches. Daria isn’t a big social media user. She does not like to unfold and express more of her personal events publicly. While her spouse Charlie Zelenoff is active and prominent on social media.