Brie Shaffer

Brie Shaffer

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Updated On June 27, 2022
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Brie Shaffer is a screenwriter and actress. Brie Shaffer rose to prominence with her marriage to actor Michael Pena. Her spouse is well-known for his roles in films such as Crash, World Trade Center, Gangster Squad, and American Hustle.

Early Years

Andrea Shaffer is Brie Shaffer’s birth name. She was born in Southern California in the early 1970s. Her actual date of birth, however, is not yet known. She had an early interest in both writing and performing. She aspired to be involved in both the filmmaking process and as a successful actor. She created three student films in which she served as director throughout her undergraduate years. After school, however, she never received any opportunities, despite the fact that he was briefly featured in a recurring part for a promising Fox series.

Professional Life and Career

As an actor, screenwriter, director, and producer, the celebrity wife is well-known in the film business. In the year 1998, Brie Shaffer worked as a writer for the film Some Girls. Shaffer also finished his work as a producer on the movie In a Silent Way. Shaffer, meanwhile, has directed three student films. She has a series recurring role in the Fox-ordered TV series pilot. Shaffer is also a poet and a great artist, among other things. But it’s unclear what she’ll be doing for the time being. As Michael Pena’s wife, the skilled screenwriter has always been in the limelight. Michael has had a lot of success in his numerous areas of work. He is a well-known actor who has been in a number of television series and films.


When the script required it, the actor had to perform without a shirt on in several films and television series. However, he has no objections to the director’s request. He has also appeared in some of the biggest television series and films, catapulting his fame to new heights. He had a role as Ernesto in the film My Fellow Americans. Despite the fact that he had been appearing in indie films and television series since 1994, he was finally able to break through when he appeared in Million Dollar Baby.

Michael gained a lot of notoriety as a result of his role in the film, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. He starred opposite Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank in the film Million Dollar Baby as Omar. Crash, The Lucky Ones, Ant-Man, Fury, The Martian, American Hustle, Gangster Squad, End of Watch, Tower Heist, Observe and Report, and World Trade Center are among the most well-known films in which he appeared. Fans and followers like him for his lovely personality and comedic antics.

Net Worth

Brie Shaffer’s net worth is believed to be at $200,000. Her work as an actor, playwright, director, and producer has netted her a substantial quantity of money. Her spouse, Michael Pena, is also wealthy, with a net worth of $12 million. She is now living off her husband’s million-dollar inheritance.

Status of the Relationship

Brie Shaffer is the actress Michael Pena’s wife. Their wedding took place in a little ceremony in 2006. In September 2008, she and her husband welcomed their only kid after two years of marriage. Roman Pena is the name of the kid, who is a male. The actress is now enjoying a nice and serene life with her spouse and kid. There is no information on when they initially met or how long they were together. However, it is certain that they were in a relationship before to marriage.


Brie is a Scientologist who came under scrutiny when one of her fellow members, Danny Masterson, was arrested for making a rape allegation. The Church of Scientology has been urging its followers to sign a petition. There were allegations that the church was pressuring its followers to sign the document in order to postpone the program of former Scientology member Leah Remini, who had been exposing the Church to the public and media. Her husband, Michael, is a member of the church as well, although he was not directly involved in the issue surrounding her.

She meticulously exposed Ram Sharma’s attractiveness while also making certain adjustments. The appeal’s original title was “Cancel A&E’s ‘Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath,'” but she changed it to “Stand with Daniel Masterson” when she uploaded it. The Scientologist and That ’70s Program star Danny Masterson, as well as the Los Angeles Police Department’s inquiry into three distinct women who were all Scientologists, had not been mentioned on Leah Remini’s show. Masterson allegedly assaulted them between 2001 and 2003, according to them. Remini has spoken out in support of the three victims, as well as the LAPD investigator in charge of the inquiry.

Source: Celeb Doko

Despite the fact that she played a role behind the scenes, she did not discuss it on her program. People opposed to Scientology looked into her post and discovered that she was included in a police record as proof of one of Danny Masterson’s purported rape events. In the year 2004, a lady named “Victim B” reported her alleged rape to the Los Angeles Police Department. She was the first person she told and the first person on the police report’s list when she was instructed to submit the names of witnesses who might corroborate her tale. The only logical conclusion was that she was attempting to conceal her own footprints. Furthermore, she is aware that her name appears on the report and wishes for the matter to be closed as discreetly as possible.

Social Media and Body Measurement

Brie has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Her spouse, on the other hand, is 5 feet 5 inches tall. It denotes that the actress is taller than her spouse. In addition, she enjoys wearing heels. She also has a thin figure and a fair complexion. Brown eyes and brown hair characterize the actress. As an actress, she clearly keeps her body in good shape and is in good health. The excellent actress is no longer active on social media.

She isn’t active on any of the social media platforms. In his husband’s situation, things are different. Furthermore, he is a well-known figure on the internet, and he interacts with his followers on Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis. He has thousands of followers on Twitter and has tweeted over a thousand times to far. He also enjoys posting photographs on Instagram, where he can share his personal photos with his followers.