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Bev Land is an actress and director from the United States. Bev Land is known for his roles in the films “What Are the Odds,” “All Over the Guy,” and “Lycan.” Furthermore, he is well-known as a result of his marriage to Dania Ramirez, an American actress.

Bev Land’s Childhood

John Beverly Amos Land is Bev Land’s actual name. He is a citizen of the United States of America. In addition, he is his father’s and mother’s only child. In terms of the actor’s education, he completed his schooling and high studies in the United States, but no specific information is available.

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Bev Land’s Career

Bev Land has had an interest in the entertainment business since she was a child and has always wanted to work in Hollywood. His career as an actor and director did not reach the pinnacle of success that he had hoped for, but he did a superb job of establishing his name. He has also appeared in a number of films, the most well-known of which are “What Are the Odds, Lycan” and “All Over the Guy.” After some years, his debut picture as a filmmaker, “What Are the Odds,” was released in 2004.

He was an actor in the 2001 film “All Over the Guy” before becoming a filmmaker. He has played Mitch in a number of films with other well-known actors. Then, in 2017, Land wrote and directed “Lycan,” a film in which he was both a writer and a director. The film also included his wife Dania Ramirez, Jake Lockett, and Rebekah Graf. In addition, he and his wife, Dania Ramirez, are often seen together at different media events.

When the attractive pair attends a public function together, they attract the attention of the whole media. Dania met director Spike Lee while shooting “Subway Stories,” and he cast her in the part of Daphne in his 2002 American drama film “25th Hour.” She played Caridad in the supernatural drama television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in 2003, and later Lucy in the comedy “Run of the House” in 2004. In 2005, she appeared in five additional films.

She starred in Spike Lee’s indie comedy-drama “She Hates Me,” in which she played Alex Guerrero. Dania also played Inez in an episode of the American police drama TV series “10-8: Officers on Duty” in the same year. She also played Elena in the 2005 television film “Romy and Michele: In the Beginning.”

Bev Land’s Personal Life

Furthermore, Dania appeared in LL Cool J’s song video “Hush.” The following year, she played Callisto in the popular superhero film “X-Men: The Last Stand.” From 2006 to 2007, she portrayed Blanca Selgado in five episodes of the crime drama TV series “The Sopranos.” Dania reprised her role as Maya Herrera in the science fiction TV series “Heroes” from 2007 to 2008.

Her work in the film earned her an “ALMA Award” nomination for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama TV Series” in 2008. Dania also appeared in Carlos Santana’s music video “Into the Night” in 2007 and subsequently had the main part in the music video “Dime Qué Te Pasó.” After that, she appeared in three films in 2008:

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“The Fifth Commandment,” “Ball Don’t Lie,” and “Quarantine.” Dania portrayed Veronica King in the 2009 television movie “Solving Charlie.” In 2010, Ramirez appeared as a Guest Judge on a few episodes of America’s Next Top Model. She then went on to play Alex in the television series “Entourage” the following year. Dania played Selena in the fourth part of the “American Pie” film series, “American Reunion,” in 2012.

She also starred in David Koepp’s action film “Premium Rush,” in which she had a key role. Furthermore, Dania was cast as Rosie Falta in “Devious Maids” in 2013, which gave her a prominent role. She also played the role from 2013 to 2016, appearing in 49 episodes of the show.

In addition, the actress co-hosted six episodes of the popular TV conversation program “The Talk.” She also played Cinderella in the fantasy drama TV series “Once Upon a Time” from 2017 to 2018. In 2018, Dania starred as Hannah Perez in the online TV series “Tell Me a Story,” a psychological thriller. She also provided the voice acting for Scandal Savage in the animated superhero film “Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay” in the same year.

Bev Land’s Net Worth

The actor’s net worth is reported to be over $20 million. His acting, directing, and writing careers provide him with a steady income. For the time being, he is content with his life with his wife and children.

His life partner, Ramirez, on the other hand, has a solid net worth of $3 million. Furthermore, his ex-wife has a net worth of $4 million.

Bev Land’s Relationship

As of today, Bev Land is a happy spouse. Sharon Leal was his first wife, and she was an actress and singer. In the year 2001, they married. The pair have been married for 5 years and have a kid named Kai Miles. Unfortunately, the pair split up in 2006. After his first marriage ended in divorce, he began dating Dania Ramirez, a TV and film actress. The pair got engaged in September 2011 after being in a romantic relationship for a year.

The lovely pair married on February 16, 2013, on the beach in Punta Canta, Dominican Republic, after dating for two years. Diana, fortunately, announced her pregnancy in 2013. The most exciting news was that it was a twin, and they were born in December of 2013. The infants’ names are John (son) and Gai (daughter) (daughter). He is also Agueda Camacho’s and Daniel Ramirez’s son-in-law.

Bev Land’s Social Media

When it comes to his appearances on social media sites, he seems to be fairly active. He has a small Instagram following of fewer than a thousand people. He is also not active on other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

He was unable to get maximum attention from the media and the general public even after becoming an actor, director, and writer. Dania, like him, is quite active on social media networks.

Bev Land’s Body Measurement

Bev Land is a woman of normal height and weight. He seems to be pretty tall in height based on her photographs. In truth, he stands at a healthy 5 feet 9 inches tall. For the time being, there are no accurate data concerning his weight or bodily dimensions.

He certainly has a great attitude and a nice face as an actor. He also has a muscular build, brown eyes, and short black hair.