Ron Deutschendorf

Ron Deutschendorf

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Updated On July 3, 2022
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As the brother of John Denver, the royal family of American folk music, Ron Deutschendorf is well-known. Businessman Ron Deutschendorf is highly recognized. He is a businessman with creative ideas.

One of the performers with the most successful careers in American history is John Denver. However, tell us more about Ron Deutschendorf rather than the well-known vocalist.

Ron Deutschendorf’s Bio, Age

Ron has been able to keep most of the specifics of his history under wraps since he is the celebrity’s only sibling. His actual date of birth is thus unknown to everyone. His zodiac sign and present age are likewise not accessible according to different information sources.

The well-known businessman is American by nationality, however. On the other side, it is also impossible to determine his ethnicity. He practices Christianity as his faith.

Ron was a businessman who was born in the United States (USA). Henry John Deutchendorf Sr. and Arma Louse Swopa gave birth to Deutschendorf. His mother is a housewife and his father is a lieutenant colonel in the US Army.

If you’ve ever heard the song Take Me Home, Country Roads, you’re definitely familiar with John Denver, who is known as the father of American folk music and one of the most successful performers in American history.

However, we are not here to discuss the best singer; rather, we are interested in seeing how his brother, Ron Deutschendorf, a well-known businessman with creative ideas for taking risks and reaping gains, does.


Ron Denver, the brother of John Denver, experienced the pleasures of motherhood. Additionally, on April 29, 1988, he and his wife Terri welcomed Henry “Hunk” and Will Deutschendorf, twin fraternity boys.

However, Henry, one of their identical twin boys, passed away in 2017 at the age of 29 as a result of some major health issues.

Henry and Will originally appeared in the 1989 sequel movie Ghostbusters II when they were young. In the meanwhile, Ron has two nieces named Jesse Belle Deutschendorf and Anna Kate Denver, the latter of whom is the product of Denver’s second marriage to Cassandra Delaney.

He has one sibling if we’re talking about siblings. Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. is the name of his younger brother. He also goes by the name John Denver (1943-1997). No information is known about the businessman’s educational history either.

16 years after John Denver’s death, it was discovered that his 957-acre Colorado refuge had been sold in 2013 for $8.5 million to a private corporation. Later, Ron was accused of selling Denver’s reputation as a singer-songwriter (his brother).


Deutschendorf said in his statement for his defense that he was surprised and sticked when it occurred. Additionally, he said that selling off the belongings of his loved sibling was like selling a piece of his heart.

Last but not least, he maintained that he had no control over the sale, dismissing the idea.

Ron is not a member of the film business, hence his measurements are not known to the general public. Furthermore, his line of work has nothing to do with a famous person.

Consequently, no source of information can provide information on his precise height, weight, dress size, shoe size, or body measurements.

He does, however, have dark eyes. His hair, on the other hand, is a light blonde tone. He also doesn’t seem to have a legitimate, verified account on any of the social networking sites. As a result, he is not active on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Ron Deutschendorf’s Career

Sadly, there isn’t a lot of information available concerning his career and business life. Nevertheless, we are aware that he is a businessman with a California address. As of right now, he has been the manager of the accounting business R&R Directions, LLC since 2007.

He is also the organization’s president and chairman, representing his late brother. The Windstar Foundation is the name of the company. It was founded the next year, in 1976.


Ron Deutschendorf’s Marital Status

In terms of his personal and professional life, Ron Deutschendorf is a happy husband. Ron makes a constant effort to keep her marital life hidden from the public and media.

He was unable to hide this, however. The businessman is wed to Terri Deutschendorf, his passionate wife. They went down the hall together many years ago.

Since they started their marriage, they have been living in the little Californian city of San Diego, which is close to the Pacific Ocean’s shore. The pair seems to be very understanding and helpful, particularly when a difficulty develops.

The delighted couple also welcomed Henry and Will Deutschendorf, twin brotherhood boys, on April 29, 1988. Sadly, Henry, one of their twin boys, passed away in 2017 at the age of 29.

His severe health issues led to his death. The twins made their debut as young children in the 1989 sequel movie “Ghostbusters II.”

Unexpectedly, Ron had to face charges of selling John Denver’s 957-acre Colorado Sanctuary following John’s death. In the end, it was revealed that the transaction was not in his hands and that the truth had come to light.

Ron Deutschendorf’s Net worth

Deutschendorf is capable of generating a respectable quantity of revenue with the aid of his professional job advancement.

In agreement with several information and data sources, his net worth in 2022 is around $1 million. On the other side, he may make about $56,000 a year.