Monica Pretelini

Monica Pretelini

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Updated On April 29, 2022
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Monica Pretelini was Enrique Pea Nieto’s wife. Enrique Pretelini, Monica’s spouse, is a former Mexican President.

Similarly, on January 11, 2007, she died of respiratory arrest after an epileptic incident.

Monica Pretelini’s Early Life

Monica Pretelini was born in Mexico City on November 29, 1962. Hugo Pretelini Hernandez (Father) and Olga Saenz Jimenez (Mother) are her parents (Mother). Her nationality is Mexican. In reality, little is known about her ethnic heritage. When it comes to her educational history, there isn’t much information available.

On January 11, 2007, the 45-year-old lady died of respiratory arrest. Her death was caused by an epileptic seizure. Pea, who was at home at the time, recalls the chain of events that led to her death. She’d stated:

“I chatted with her when she arrived at the government home from the DF (Wednesday, January 10, 2007); as soon as I came, I walked up to our room, went into the toilet, prepared the following day’s clothing, and as I reached the bed, Monica was in total respiratory arrest.”

“She was flown to Santa Fe’s ABC Hospital, where Dr. Paul Shkurovich verified that there was no longer any chance.”

Enrique claims he became insane and sought assistance. And then the emergency room came, and she was sent to a hospital. The medics were able to resuscitate her there. Her CT scan brain indicated that she was brain dead, which was unfortunate.

El matrimonio de Peña Nieto y Mónica Pretelini

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Monica Pretelini’s Career

In looking back on her career, she drew media attention because of her friendship with Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico’s 57th President. Aside from that, she used to be the President of the Tecamachalco Association of Settlers. She used to support and aid him in his political activities after they married.

Monica Pretelini’s Net Worth

Monica Pretelini has a net worth of $20 million as a result of her hard work.

Monica Pretelini’s Relationship

Monica Pretelini started dating Enrique Pea Nieto after meeting him at an El Meson del Caballo Bayo restaurant. She was employed at the Colonos at the time. Bayo was the treasurer of the Tecamachalco’s financial committee, while Colonos was a Tecamachalco association.

However, the pair married on February 12, 1994, after dating for eight months. The chapel of Santa Teresita hosted their wedding ceremony. Paulina, Alejandro, and Nicole were their three children. They were also together till her unexpected death on January 11, 2007. During Pea Nieto’s gubernatorial race, she was a key supporter.

Priceline, on the other hand, was never embroiled in any controversy throughout her career. For most of her career, she kept a low profile. In addition, various rumors circulated after her death. Following her death, her husband admitted in 2012 that he had cheated on his wife.

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And she gave birth to two more children out of wedlock. With his connection with an unidentified lady, he had a kid whose mother was Maritza Daz Hernández and another child who died as a newborn. Mónica’s friends and relatives remarked that she was a lady of character as she moved toward the other hand.

She had always aided and supported her husband’s political career till the very end. Similarly, during Pea Nieto’s gubernatorial race, she had played a key supporting role.

Pena, the late Pretelini’s spouse, began dating Televisa soap opera actress Angélica Rivera, whom he married on November 27, 2010. Televisa, a well-known actress, was formerly married to producer José Alberto Castro, who is Verónica Castro’s brother.

Her previous marriage to Jose began on December 11, 1994, and was terminated in the year 2008. Angélica Sofa (born 1996), Fernanda (born 1999), and Regina were the couple’s three children between these years (born 2005).