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Juliane Foxworthy

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Updated On March 31, 2022
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Juliane Foxworthy rose to prominence as the daughter of Jeff Foxworthy, a well-known American comedian. Foxworthy’s father has received multiple Grammy Award nominations and is a best-selling book.

Juliane Foxworthy’s Early Life

Juliane Foxworthy was born on the 13th of March, 1996, in the United States of America. Jules Foxworthy Corley is her second name. Foxworthy, too, is a Pisces with a twenty-five-year-old zodiac sign. Jeff’s daughter is of English ancestry and carries an American passport. As previously said, her father’s name is Jeff Foxworthy, who is well-known in the entertainment sector.

Jeff Foxworthy Welcomes First Grandchild

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Her mother, on the other hand, is Pamela Gregg, and she is a homemaker. She also has a younger sister who is just two years her senior. Jordan Foxworthy is her sister, and she works as a social worker. Juliane has had a tight relationship with every member of her family since she was a child. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University. Her sister, on the other hand, finished her studies at the University of Georgia. Both sisters have a good education and have done well in their jobs.

Juliane Foxworthy’s Career

Jeff Foxworthy’s daughter is a blogger and a chef. Juliane has her own website, corleycooking.com, where she demonstrates her culinary and writing abilities. Juliane’s younger sister traveled to Kenya at the age of ten to work in AIDS orphans. Foxworthy has also published an autobiography, which was published in 1989. “You Might Be a Redneck If…” is the title of her memoirs. Juliane’s art, however, was not the only thing that made her famous across the globe. Instead, it was due to her father, Jeff Foxworthy, paternal bond.

Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy is a comedian who is a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, and Ron White are the other members of the ensemble. Jeff is known for his one-liner “You could be a redneck,” and he has released six main-tag comedy albums. The Recording Industry Association of America certified his first two albums as Triple 3 Platinum.

Juliane Foxworthy Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, &  Career

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He’s also the author of many books on his redneck comedy, as well as his autobiography called “No Shirt, No Shoes… No Problem!” Beginning in the mid-1990s with his own comedy, “The Jeff Foxworthy Show,” Jeff has developed various projects for television. He also appeared in various Blue Collar TV specials alongside Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy, such as on The WB’s Blue Collar TV. Since 2007, the comedian has been the presenter of the quiz program “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” He went on to anchor GSN’s “The American Bible Challenge” for three seasons after that. He subsequently became the host of “The Foxworthy Countdown,” a nationally syndicated radio program, from April 1999 until December 2009. After that, in August 2011, Jeff founded Foxworthy Outdoors. It’s a website that sells shooting and outdoor gear under the Foxworthy name.

Foxworthy also has a web series called “Jeff Foxworthy: Inside & Out” on his website. His friends have also been included in the series as they document hunting trips, fishing vacations, and land preservation on his Georgia estate.

Juliane Foxworthy’s Net Worth

Foxworthy has amassed a sizable fortune from her professional performing and blogging careers. Jeff’s daughter’s current net worth is believed to be about $200,000. Foxworthy’s income and assets, on the other hand, are unknown.

Juliane has undoubtedly had a very happy and affluent life with her family. Juliane’s father, Jeff Foxworthy, on the other hand, has a staggering net worth of about $100 million. Foxworthy’s family is now living in a house valued at $2 million in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Juliane Foxworthy’s Relationship

Juliane Foxworthy is married, and her husband’s name is Brendan Corley. Before marrying each other, the pair had been in a long-term relationship for over twelve years. Juliane and Brendan married on the 19th of May 2018 on Sea Island, Georgia. There were almost 320 persons in attendance for the wedding ceremony. As of 2021, Foxworthy and Corley have been together for fourteen years. She changed her name to Corley following her marriage. The American couple had their first child in March of 2021.

What is Juliane Foxworthy Age? Sibling, Parents Net Worth & Instagram

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Juliane and her husband have decided to keep their kid and private lives away from the public eye and the media for the time being. As a result, there is no further information regarding Juliane’s subsequent relationships or her child. Foxworthy’s parents, on the other hand, have been living together since 1985. At the Punchline in Atlanta, Georgia, her parents were introduced for the first time. On September 18, 1985, the lovely couple married and welcomed their two beautiful children into the world. Jeff’s daughter has never been involved in any scandals or speculations. In reality, she has been away from the media for quite some time.

Social Media and Body Measurement

Juliane’s physical statistics show that she has a healthy body weight of roughly 57 kg. Foxworthy stands at a respectable 5 feet 7 inches tall. Similarly, Jeff has a slender build and a pale complexion. She also has blonde and brown hair, as well as a set of gleaming green eyes. Foxworthy has been worried about her physical appearance and health for a long time. As a result, she has maintained a healthy diet and daily routine. Foxworthy is well-known on social media since she is the daughter of a celebrity.

Jules has a large Instagram following, with over 5,000 followers. However, since she is a private person, she has kept her social media profiles private.

Juliane, on the other hand, has a Facebook account with 4.7 thousand friends. Even Jeff’s daughter has a Twitter account with over 1,000 followers. Jeff, her father, has also gained a lot of attention on social media.