Jabez Noel Villalobos

Jabez Noel Villalobos

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Updated On January 29, 2022

Jabez Noel Villalobos is a social media influencer from the United States. Jabez Noel Villalobos is best known for his Instagram account, which he uses to post selfies, images, and videos of his daily life.

Childhood and Early Years

In the year 2020, Instagram Star Jabez will be 19 years old. On January 18, 2001, he was born in Dallas, Texas. Along with him, his family comprises six members: his mother, father, and three siblings.

He, like his siblings Rocky, Brooke, and Hannah, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He enjoys travelling and watching sports.

In terms of his education, he is currently a high school student who aspires to one day play professional basketball. Currently, he is a student at Little Elm High School.


Jabez Noel Villalobos, a social media influencer, began his career on November 16, 2016. He achieved notoriety with his talents and appearance after uploading a video of himself playing basketball three years ago.

Following that, he began uploading pictures, photographs, and selfies, as well as short and amusing films, on Instagram and TikTok. He also has his own YouTube channel with the same name. On March 23, 2018, he made his first post, which was a Q&A video. In addition, he has started his own product brand.

Similarly, his fan base swiftly grew to tens of thousands, and he became a social media celebrity. He currently has more than 316K subscribers and nearly 9 million total views. He’s even teamed up with SneakerCon to market them on his social media platforms. He’s also worked with other social media icons, including Grace Wells.

‘MOM READS DIRTY COMMENTS!!!’ and ‘RATING MY FINE AHH SUPPORTERS!’ are two of his most popular videos, with over 294,000 views and 290,000 views, respectively.


Instagram and his YouTube channel are where he makes his money. His net worth is estimated to be between $250 and $300,000 USD.

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When it comes to his love life, there isn’t much to go on. He hasn’t made his dating and relationship status public yet. Jabez, on the other hand, is thought to be single.

He hasn’t dated anyone before now, in terms of his previous relationship. He is working hard to advance in his career. He simply does not have the time to be in a relationship with anyone.

Body Dimensions

His curly brown hair and brown eyes give him a distinct appealing appearance. Similarly, the well-known YouTuber stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs roughly 65 kilograms.

Social Media

Jabez Noel Villalobos with his mother in a photo posted to his Instagram account. Instagram is the source of this information.

Jabezvill grew his fan base and following through social media. His Instagram handle is @jabez, and he has over 1.3 million followers. As of March 2020, he had 279 posts. His YouTube channel has 296k subscribers, and he has 9.5k Twitter followers under the username @jabezz. In January 2016, he became a Twitter user.