Andrew Silverman

Andrew Silverman

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Updated On June 27, 2022
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New York City

Andrew Silverman is a well-known American businessman, real estate developer, and entrepreneur who was born in New York City. Andrew Silverman is considerably more well-known now that he is Lauren Silverman’s ex-husband. Lauren Silverman is currently the partner of Simon Cowell, the judge and producer of America’s Got Talent.

Early Life and Childhood

The businessman was born in New York City, United States of America, in 1975. As of 2021, he must be 46 years old and born under the sign of Aries. Andrew Silverman, likewise, is an American citizen who practices Christianity. Silverman was born into a business family, with a businessman for a father and a housewife for a mother. As a result, he found it quite simple to enter the commercial world. Even so, he has a brother named Allen Silverman.

Allen is also a businessman, and he and his brother own a company together. In terms of his scholastic history, he attended a local New York City private school. Later, he went to New York University to further his studies in the discipline of Business Administration. The businessman is undoubtedly well-educated, and he must be the school’s best student.

Career and Professional Life

When it comes to Andrew Silverman’s professional life and career, he is a well-known businessman and real estate developer. He is, in reality, a well-known businessman in the United States of America. Since he was a child, he had a strong desire to enter the business world and run his own company. He was actually growing by offering the land company because his father owns the Andalex land firm in New York. Silverman went on to work at his father’s firm alongside his father after completing his higher-level studies.

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Then he made a decision and set a goal for himself and his brother, Allen Silverman, to expand their family business. Currently, he manages and leads his own business, “The Andalex Group.” Similarly, the ex-husband of a celebrity operates a company called “Silver Entertainment and Gaming.” He has also begun to complete substantial agreements, it was discovered. However, after marrying Lauren Silverman, the businessman became more well-known. Prior to that, while being a well-known businessman, he kept a safe distance from the media and the general public.

Following his tumultuous divorce from Lauren, he formed a group with the designer FD Rich to capitalize on an extravagant rental arrangement in Connecticut. They were forming because the family owned a waterfront home in the area. Furthermore, Silverman is expanding his options to Florida, where he plans to buy sports venues and gambling clubs from bankrupt companies. He’s also looking into pouring resources into the casino industry. Silverman is a philanthropist and a member of many charity groups or teams in addition to his commercial career.

Net Worth

He certainly has a lot of money because he is a successful real estate businessman in New York City. He has a net worth of around $30 million, which is more than enough for him and his family to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Silverman’s hard work, which he had planned and carried out since he was a child, has already paid off. And for now, he’s focused on running his company and making it more successful.

Relationship Status

Andrew and Lauren were kindergarten classmates, and their families had a deep and close friendship. Lauren and he began dating in 1997, when Lauren was twenty years old, when Lauren was twenty years old. The couple took a bold step forward after being in a love relationship for some time. Their wedding took place in 2005 at a luxurious resort in New York, USA. Overall, the wedding was a regal affair. They had a baby boy named Adam Silverman less than a year after their wedding.

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Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship was deteriorating as he learned of his wife’s hidden friendship with TV personality “Simon Cowell.” Then, in 2013, he and Lauren divorced each other. In addition, as part of the divorce settlement, he must pay Lauren $2 million. After some time, he began dating Samantha Zimmerman Silverman, his new girlfriend. In fact, the couple is now engaged to be married. They are currently living a wonderful life in New York together. Lauren Silverman, his ex-wife, is also having a nice time with her husband Simon Cowell and their children Adam Silverman and Eric Conwell.

Lauren and Simon became more visible at public events and activities after their divorce. Furthermore, they were present every day, holding each other’s hands and vacationing on a yacht. People regarded him as a third party between Lauren and Simon, despite the fact that he was the one who suffered the most at the end. Later, he expressed his surprise that the media was attempting to obscure Lauren’s flaws just because she was dating a celebrity. As of now, he has returned to his previous employment.

Body Measurement and Social Media

Andrew Silverman stands at a good height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm or 1.75 m) when it comes to the businessman’s physical appearance. He is also around 75 kg (16.34 lbs) in weight. Silverman, too, has brown eyes and dark brown hair. He is concerned about his health as well as his job. In reality, he maintains a healthy lifestyle by adhering to a strict diet that he must follow every day. In addition, the businessman has a medium complexion and a body shape that is slightly larger than average.

In terms of social media, the well-known businessman has never used any social media networks. He is an extremely private person who prefers to keep all of his personal information hidden. Even after his marriage to Lauren thrust him into the spotlight, he maintained a significant distance from the media and the general public. Furthermore, he keeps a low profile in public and dislikes it when strangers pry into his personal life.